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What is the name of the hospital and where are they located? former9thward Dec 6 #1
Excellent Choice! leftieNanner Dec 6 #2
You won't be sorry! My wife and I love our supplemental plans NewHendoLib Dec 6 #3
I'm happy for your choice BlueIdaho Dec 6 #4
I'm pretty sure that freedom of choice is a given on DU. ariadne0614 Dec 6 #8
Yes or No BlueIdaho Dec 6 #10
Why do you think you are owed an answer? nt DURHAM D Dec 6 #11
Why do you think BlueIdaho Dec 6 #28
Geez. Nobody in DU is taking your right to choose away. yardwork Dec 6 #12
Everyone has an absolute right to make a mistake. Scottie Mom Dec 6 #14
I'll take that as a no. BlueIdaho Dec 6 #30
Lol! Scottie Mom Dec 6 #43
I think the pleas of don't buy advantage are coming from a good place...but hey we each interpret things GuppyGal Dec 6 #15
I think anyone who believes they can judge another BlueIdaho Dec 6 #32
Even if the poster doesn't support it (which he or she does) senseandsensibility Dec 6 #19
Do I have the right to participate BlueIdaho Dec 6 #33
Kind of combative, don't you think ? grandpamike1 Dec 6 #21
No really... BlueIdaho Dec 6 #34
Of course. ariadne0614 Dec 7 #45
I think it's fine to warn folks! MissB Dec 6 #13
I think the government has an obligation to protect consumers from exploitation. Voltaire2 Dec 6 #40
What is a ballpark monthy cost for the supplements? senseandsensibility Dec 6 #5
Same here. This is my first year on Medicare. No way I'm getting scammed by advantage plans. we can do it Dec 6 #6
I've had a United Healthcare Advantage plan for 9 years now and it's no scam for me. elocs Dec 6 #18
I've got that plan. Had it for 3 years. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 6 #26
I am still confused and conflicted intrepidity Dec 6 #7
Good for you! llmart Dec 6 #9
How much is level G plan? senseandsensibility Dec 6 #16
Different companies charge different amounts. Native Dec 6 #20
Thanks for the answer senseandsensibility Dec 6 #22
I chose the cheapest company with the best rating. Also, don't forget to check out the high deductible plan G option.... Native Dec 6 #35
Plan G llmart Dec 6 #27
My plan grandpamike1 Dec 6 #24
I believe they have eliminated Plan F. llmart Dec 6 #31
I resigned to keep my Advantage plan because it's been great for me. elocs Dec 6 #17
I've had a simular experience. Haggard Celine Dec 6 #42
I'm lucky because I've gotten no calls or texts, just some mail. I love my Advantage Plan, it's been great for me. n/t elocs Dec 8 #46
I signed up for Medicare part d XanaDUer2 Dec 6 #23
Medicare, rare benefit of aging. surfered Dec 6 #25
GWB was not president in 1997 MichMan Dec 6 #44
MA plans SCAMS imo Iwasthere Dec 6 #29
$600 a month? dpibel Dec 6 #38
So DU skews both old and wealthy dpibel Dec 6 #36
UPDATE - Exactly - and don't forget drug coverage TexasBushwhacker Dec 6 #41
My rheumatologist wants to do an MRI on my back slightlv Dec 6 #37
Ditto here. Good choice. c-rational Dec 6 #39
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