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marble falls

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11. Big failure! ...
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 09:49 AM
Dec 2023
https://www.newsweek.com › marjorie-taylor-greene-book-flop-1847015
Marjorie Taylor Greene's Book Is a Flop - Newsweek
Nov 27, 2023Majorie Taylor Greene talks to reporters in the basement of the U.S. Capitol on September 14, 2023, in Washington, D.C. Greene's recently released book is ranking quite low in the list of...

https://www.msn.com › en-us › tv › news › marjorie-taylor-greene-s-book-mtg-is-not-selling-one-fan-called-it-garbage › ss-AA1kIlAW
Marjorie Taylor Greene's book "MTG" is not selling, one fan called it ...
7 days agoAccording to Amazon, Greene's "MTG" ranked 9,735 on the top sellers list. This is a flop compared to Ted Cruz's book, but even more problematic is that one fan left a review calling it "garbage."
Bwah! Blue Owl Dec 2023 #1
close lapfog_1 Dec 2023 #2
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #3
Missing 3rd diagram: MTG supporters who can read. nt TeamProg Dec 2023 #4
That is a null set in the set of sets not members of the greater set..... lastlib Dec 2023 #8
It's there..... It's just so small that you can't see it! DemocraticPatriot Dec 2023 #25
Probably more accurate than anyone would ever admit liberal N proud Dec 2023 #5
MTG's book isn't selling well? FREAKIN' FABULOUS NEWS!!! calimary Dec 2023 #6
Big failure! ... marble falls Dec 2023 #11
Garbage is the only language she speaks! BlueKota Dec 2023 #20
OMG... it's number 9,735 on the "top sellers list". OUCH! calimary Dec 2023 #22
HAH! ShazzieB Dec 2023 #7
They should have asked me... jmowreader Dec 2023 #9
Gee, whoda thunk there would be a down side to exploiting the most ignorant among us... hlthe2b Dec 2023 #10
Perfect! Lonestarblue Dec 2023 #12
Love it!! birdographer Dec 2023 #13
Funny Old Crank Dec 2023 #14
good news. eggscllent. AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #15
Or perhaps people are just NOT that into her and her toxic Bullshit? ProudMNDemocrat Dec 2023 #16
marble falls............. Upthevibe Dec 2023 #17
It's Not That They Can't Read modrepub Dec 2023 #18
Hah! Niagara Dec 2023 #19
Maybe they should have made it a picture book. milestogo Dec 2023 #21
Lol Demovictory9 Dec 2023 #24
Coloring book with only white crayons underpants Dec 2023 #26
Lol Demovictory9 Dec 2023 #23
I am amused by the number of "books" that MTG has sold LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #27
If she'd only included a box of crayons. marble falls Jan 2024 #28
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