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Limiting the already limited choices for Advantage patients dalton99a Nov 2023 #1
i'm sick to death with the robo calls orleans Nov 2023 #2
I've never listened to them long enough for an introduction Warpy Nov 2023 #8
Now they are trying to suck people in montanacowboy Nov 2023 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Nov 2023 #5
Yes XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #7
It varies with your plan DownriverDem Nov 2023 #10
Thank you XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #13
Mine did several years Rebl2 Dec 2023 #42
Made the Change NowISeetheLight Nov 2023 #4
My traditional Medicare starts at midnight nt XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #6
Same for my dh. ARPad95 Nov 2023 #17
What is dh? XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #18
DH is dear (or damn if it applies) husband. ARPad95 Nov 2023 #19
I became disabled. Nt XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #20
I learned something new... ARPad95 Nov 2023 #23
Yes, I'm coming off ACA XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #24
Thank goodness for OC! ARPad95 Nov 2023 #36
True and Rebl2 Dec 2023 #44
I always thought "DH" stood for "divorced husband". 🤷‍♂️ madinmaryland Nov 2023 #21
That works, too. ARPad95 Nov 2023 #22
thanks for posting Hamlette Nov 2023 #9
It is a problem. I saw it with my mom's coverage. yardwork Nov 2023 #11
Oh come on folks, they are just trying to make a buck... Chainfire Nov 2023 #12
Medicare DISadvantage XanaDUer2 Nov 2023 #14
I am apparently the only person here PoindexterOglethorpe Nov 2023 #15
Do you have a serious illness? Emile Nov 2023 #16
You have not had a serious illness. EOM Scottie Mom Nov 2023 #25
You have not had a serious illness. EOM Scottie Mom Nov 2023 #26
You have not had a serious illness. EOM Scottie Mom Nov 2023 #27
And I am the second person here that is MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #29
I'll share my experience likesmountains 52 Nov 2023 #30
No you are not Ferrets are Cool Nov 2023 #31
Medigap zipplewrath Nov 2023 #35
I am also sick of the robo calls LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #28
I feel like I am being stalked by Humana nevergiveup Nov 2023 #32
If you have not had any business relationship with them for 90 days, they may be violating the TCPA. Read this: Wonder Why Nov 2023 #37
I am checking this out.....thanks so much!!!!!! nevergiveup Dec 2023 #40
https://www.fcc.gov/sites/default/files/tcpa-rules.pdf Wonder Why Dec 2023 #41
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! nevergiveup Dec 2023 #46
The could effectively end it tomorrow. edhopper Nov 2023 #33
+1 leftstreet Nov 2023 #39
My big complaint is that it's sold as Medicare Part C, which leads people to believe likesmountains 52 Nov 2023 #34
The Medicare Advantage Trap: keithbvadu2 Nov 2023 #38
+1. A must read. dalton99a Dec 2023 #43
Kick XanaDUer2 Dec 2023 #45
Kick nt XanaDUer2 Dec 2023 #47
Kick nt XanaDUer2 Dec 7 #48
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