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Trump could end 2024 either the president elect or wearing an orange jumpsuit in jail. n/t Yavin4 Dec 7 #1
All my energy is going for the orange jumpsuit route. iluvtennis Dec 7 #16
Color coordinated. Better fitting than his suits. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #42
Maybe both. sop Dec 7 #17
I got some magnetic bumper stickers Woodwizard Dec 7 #19
Apparently he could wind up both! Solomon Dec 8 #49
Millions of Americans are failing their country Walleye Dec 7 #2
Did I miss the election? NCIndie Dec 7 #4
You'd think so listening to the media. Walleye Dec 7 #7
Hell yes, Media wants Rs in charge for the big tax breaks KS Toronado Dec 7 #10
You know who the job creators are? Mr.Bill Dec 7 #33
Yep, people with money to spend KS Toronado Dec 7 #40
You didn't miss the 2016 election, I presume? Wednesdays Dec 7 #11
None of the criteria in the OP were met in 2016. NCIndie Dec 7 #13
Were you sleep in 2016? Apparently you missed that one. Solomon Dec 8 #50
How many of the points in the OP were true in 2016? NCIndie Dec 8 #53
In those days the horse had to visit every house with the message. Hope22 Dec 7 #8
you can't prove it isn't true soldierant Dec 7 #30
It's been demonstrated that it's the wealth, name recognition, and access to people of influence. NCIndie Dec 7 #3
You pull out two Black people as "proof" that it's wealth over race? intheflow Dec 7 #6
Nope. I gave two examples of not white people who benefitted similarly. NCIndie Dec 7 #9
They were the exception Keepthesoulalive Dec 7 #12
At DU, it's been said a lot. It's still conjecture. NCIndie Dec 7 #14
Your two examples fail badly Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #23
BS. Provably FALSE. Doesn't even help 7 times in one year an affluent black Republican Senator Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #21
How can you possibly conflate racial profiling and avoiding jail despite committing crimes? NCIndie Dec 7 #24
You didn't read the OP, it seems. You conflate avoiding jail with running for office Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #27
.. NCIndie Dec 7 #28
Wonder where that pizza smell is coming from? Solomon Dec 8 #51
Comet Pizza? Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #58
That is not how white privilege works. ismnotwasm Dec 7 #25
Really. NCIndie Dec 7 #26
I thought you said it wasn't white privilege? AZSkiffyGeek Dec 8 #52
Quote that back. Let's see if that's what I said. NCIndie Dec 8 #54
Okay AZSkiffyGeek Dec 8 #55
And you read that as saying "white privilege does not exist"? NCIndie Dec 8 #56
Kind of like going into a thread about white privilege and saying AZSkiffyGeek Dec 8 #57
I would add being male helps too Farmer-Rick Dec 8 #59
I wish I had the money to make this into a billboard. n/t intheflow Dec 7 #5
kpete Upthevibe Dec 7 #15
Maybe Trump can run for office, but he will NOT WIN. Stuart G Dec 7 #18
I'm with you SG n/t BaronChocula Dec 7 #20
Exactly - Chump has no chance of winning and the Repukes are stupid to choose him FakeNoose Dec 7 #22
Yes, Rs are stupid and buttery males Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #29
If Trump wins the most convention delegates Mr.Bill Dec 7 #35
Yes, it's one scenario. GOP would have lots of incentive to Dump tRump Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #36
I'm thinking Mr.Bill Dec 7 #37
Sure. But magats hate and loathe old-line pols like Romney and Bushes Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #38
I won't argue with any of those points, but my scenario would definitely Mr.Bill Dec 7 #39
Yes. Sane people will have to split GOP, go third party or become Democrats. Sane people do not help tRump. . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 7 #41
Although a third party probably can't win the White House now, Mr.Bill Dec 7 #43
But he could be installed again. Irish_Dem Dec 7 #34
I wholeheartedly agree! JanLip Dec 7 #45
Or the most orange, in this particular case peppertree Dec 7 #31
White MALE privilege. Irish_Dem Dec 7 #32
Olberman's A Block says it's crystal clear, 14th amendment isn't argued in court mahina Dec 7 #44
It's a white man's world for sure in America . . . . no_hypocrisy Dec 7 #46
it is realy white MALE privilege Skittles Dec 7 #47
And can utter statements about ending the constitution... Demovictory9 Dec 8 #48
In my perfect world the orange one would have been sent to Supermax a year ago. Hotler Dec 8 #60
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