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34. The Robert Kagan column is brilliant and chilling.
Fri Dec 8, 2023, 10:08 AM
Dec 8

Everything he describes is feasible and within the realm of probability. I would not have read it if I hadn’t seen that JD Vance was hyperventilating about it. Glad I did. One of the few that I’ve shared with several other people.

From JD Vance’s reaction I expected the column to call for rising up or something similar, but it doesn’t. Just a description of what is quite possible, going to happen in our near future. It’s very well reasoned.. Trump has a realistic path to the presidency, and that should terrify us all. It should make us work harder than we ever have before to register voters, have conversations about what’s going on with the rising authoritarianism, and turn out the vote.

Yo Hillbilly! ProudMNDemocrat Dec 8 #1
Nope! They are eager to display their obsequiousness! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 8 #2
"We're not fascists! Lock that journalist up!" (nt) William Seger Dec 8 #17
Fascist pig................................. Lovie777 Dec 8 #3
J. D. Is auditioning to be Trump's VP or for a high-level job in his administration. Lonestarblue Dec 8 #4
I guarantee, NOBODY wants to be Trump's VP! 70sEraVet Dec 8 #10
What a waste of skin this character is. llmart Dec 8 #5
All I can say is... TSExile Dec 8 #6
Myself as well lonely bird Dec 8 #11
Yeah, but Vance is heckles65 Dec 8 #30
Vance confirms Kagan's thesis by asking to investigate a free press bucolic_frolic Dec 8 #7
Oh the irony! 2naSalit Dec 8 #8
Yes, the irony... Ohioboy Dec 8 #18
I think that... 2naSalit Dec 8 #21
I'm amazed at the capacity to ignore real signs in favor of their "woke" fake fears Ohioboy Dec 8 #25
The MAGAt mob is kept in an unthinking rage and frenzy by 24/7 propaganda Hermit-The-Prog Dec 8 #48
Loyalty pledges at rallies? ShazzieB Dec 8 #51
Here's a video Ohioboy Dec 8 #55
Thanks. ShazzieB Dec 8 #59
It's not the worst thing he's ever done, but added to all the other stuff it's weird. Ohioboy Dec 9 #61
About hillbillies AverageOldGuy Dec 8 #9
Yeah, I have trouble believing his Grandma would be proud of him Maeve Dec 8 #12
He is not above his raising. He's a product of it. LastDemocratInSC Dec 8 #22
His upbringing made him easy to manipulate. Freethinker65 Dec 8 #29
I remember that in his book heckles65 Dec 8 #33
His family may have been from Appalachia but Vance grew up in the burbs of Cincinnati tenderfoot Dec 8 #57
JD Vance is an idiot LetMyPeopleVote Dec 8 #13
Vance is a dangerous idiot-He is a danger to ALL the people, esp to those to refuse to riversedge Dec 8 #14
ANOTHER grotesque embarrassment to my once-great state of Ohio. mwb970 Dec 8 #15
JD stand for Just Dumb?? NoMoreRepugs Dec 8 #16
His real name is james david bowman Marthe48 Dec 8 #36
Junior Dick. rubbersole Dec 8 #50
Maybe if Vance raises enough hell gab13by13 Dec 8 #19
exactly gopiscrap Dec 8 #37
Exactly! Wuddles440 Dec 8 #39
Can't blame me I voted for Tim Ryan Ohioboy Dec 8 #20
These traitorous assholes just can't stop projecting their actions and desires on others. canuckledragger Dec 8 #23
They are diluting the meaning of the words while confusing the MAGAts. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 8 #54
Let walk that dictator for a day samplegirl Dec 8 #24
J.D. Vance turned out to be a real 'dick'. Joinfortmill Dec 8 #26
this is still america and we can still say anything we want. so there , too also. AllaN01Bear Dec 8 #27
I wonder if Vance understands what it looks like when he says stuff like this XorXor Dec 8 #28
If Garland doesn't shred this letter than I don't know what. Boomerproud Dec 8 #31
That's one way to apply for the AG job. Ocelot II Dec 8 #32
The Robert Kagan column is brilliant and chilling. summer_in_TX Dec 8 #34
They used the same free speech to tell the truth that you use to incite violence onecaliberal Dec 8 #35
Hillbilly can fuck the right off Aviation Pro Dec 8 #38
Good luck with that Sen. Vance. republianmushroom Dec 8 #40
removed by author republianmushroom Dec 8 #41
Thank you Ohio edhopper Dec 8 #42
What a snowflake Trekologer Dec 8 #43
No way Jack Doff Vance. GreenWave Dec 8 #44
Vance takes the bait Mz Pip Dec 8 #45
Vance needs to get his nose out of trump's ass SouthernDem4ever Dec 8 #46
A couple of comments here. I see that nobody here is mentioning that kagan niyad Dec 8 #47
Hillbilly Nazi spanone Dec 8 #49
Somebody tell that hilljack goober to Captain Zero Dec 8 #52
So he Rebl2 Dec 8 #53
I love when assholes like Vance and Musk make demands, TNNurse Dec 8 #56
If Trump ends up NOT being their nominee.......... DFW Dec 8 #58
Hey Bro, ever heard of the First Amendment? emulatorloo Dec 8 #60
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