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3. Yup I'm rural too but I have StarLink
Sat Jan 6, 2024, 01:05 AM
Jan 2024

I have satellite internet from motherfucker Eloon, but it’s fast and dependable as hell. Expensive as hell too. $120/mo, but NO data caps! I both work from home and do streaming only and never have an issue.

“Fast” means about 150 down and 8-10 up. After the shit service I’ve had before, this is like Cadillac internet.

How do you consume "television"? [View all] LearnedHand Jan 2024 OP
I'd love to stream some motherfuckingsomething... jcgoldie Jan 2024 #1
Yup I'm rural too but I have StarLink LearnedHand Jan 2024 #3
i dont blame you jcgoldie Jan 2024 #8
Hahah I did that too LearnedHand Jan 2024 #14
Yikes! 2naSalit Jan 2024 #13
Welcome to "Can't Do" U.S.A. hunter Jan 2024 #28
I joke with my wife jcgoldie Jan 2024 #36
I've had the same experience in the Caribbean and remote-ish places in Europe LearnedHand Jan 2024 #39
Thanks to the analog to digital conversion, Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #2
I despise Eloon Musk but StarLink is a phenomenal service LearnedHand Jan 2024 #4
AT&T is the only internet service we have in our area. n/t Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #6
Hmmm did you check the StarLink availability map? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #9
Looks like the Sells, AZ area reservation is not getting the service Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #43
Yup I was in one of those dark blue hexagons for quite a while LearnedHand Jan 2024 #45
thanks for replying Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #48
I meant to say I'm glad the digital antenna works for you LearnedHand Jan 2024 #5
The digital antenna does NOT work for us. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #7
Oh sorry I misunderstood LearnedHand Jan 2024 #10
Live TV add on Xolodno Jan 2024 #11
Smart! LearnedHand Jan 2024 #12
I don't. Kali Jan 2024 #15
I still purchase physical media too occasionally LearnedHand Jan 2024 #19
Livestream... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #16
Do you livestream MSNBC from their website? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #17
Subscrition. 2naSalit Jan 2024 #25
Is a 47-second delay "live"? Silent3 Jan 2024 #18
Yep I count that as live TV LearnedHand Jan 2024 #20
Live TV is an option, and, in pseudo-DVR fashion, you can "record" live shows to watch later Silent3 Jan 2024 #29
And LOL for the engineer's view on what "live" means LearnedHand Jan 2024 #21
No cable, no satellite, no broadcast, two or three ad free streaming services, and DVDs. hunter Jan 2024 #22
My "journey" is remarkably similar to yours LearnedHand Jan 2024 #26
Other - Superbox Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #23
What's superbox? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #27
So... Superbox Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #34
So in some respect it's similar to a Roku device LearnedHand Jan 2024 #41
You don't have to add any apps Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #46
Can you get CSPAN with that? Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #47
Yes, it has several CSPAN channels Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #49
If somebody doesn't want me to watch their stuff, or makes it too annoying or too expensive to watch their stuff... hunter Jan 2024 #33
Well... Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #35
My tv has been unplugged for a year or more. I watch TV on my computer Demovictory9 Jan 2024 #24
Kicking for the morning crowd LearnedHand Jan 2024 #30
Streaming AND cable (Frontier fiber to the home) HAB911 Jan 2024 #31
We rotate around streaming services Sympthsical Jan 2024 #32
Cost was the main factor for my leaving cable/satellite too LearnedHand Jan 2024 #42
My bill kept climbing to over $200 Sympthsical Jan 2024 #51
"Streaming services" covers a lot of territory. muriel_volestrangler Jan 2024 #37
I consider that "streaming" LearnedHand Jan 2024 #38
Streaming and cable. Elessar Zappa Jan 2024 #40
What keeps you on cable? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #44
Pro sports and pro-wrestling mostly. Elessar Zappa Jan 2024 #50
it's been more than thirty years since I've owned a TV mike_c Jan 2024 #52
I despise the brainless stuff like reality TV and game shows LearnedHand Jan 2024 #53
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