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32. We rotate around streaming services
Sat Jan 6, 2024, 11:41 AM
Jan 2024

Amazon and Disney/Hulu/ESPN are our staples, because we have Prime and D/H/E is somehow folded into my cell phone plan.

Then we just build up shows/movies we want to watch and might select activating a subscription that month. This past month we've been working through various things on Max. Last month we had Netflix, because I was finishing up the Crown and he was watching Heartstoppers (to my incredulous jeering in the background).

We're honestly both mainly YouTube people with an ad blocker. Partner watches all kinds of cooking shows and home improvement things, and I watch documentaries, gaming things, film/book discussion/criticism, and random nonsense (there can never be too many air disaster shows). We used to have all of the streaming stuff, but then realized we barely watched a lot of them.

I haven't had cable since about 2015. It isn't even a principled "Everything is garbage!" thing - even though it is. It just became wildly expensive for a service I was not really using. Network shows aren't really on our radar. So $60/month for 1TB internet, then $20 baseline streaming and whatever else we add that month. Keeps it simple stupid.

Anything important on this earth eventually ends up on YouTube. Partner is super into NFL and Basketball, but all of the half hour highlight reels are . . . on YouTube.

How do you consume "television"? [View all] LearnedHand Jan 2024 OP
I'd love to stream some motherfuckingsomething... jcgoldie Jan 2024 #1
Yup I'm rural too but I have StarLink LearnedHand Jan 2024 #3
i dont blame you jcgoldie Jan 2024 #8
Hahah I did that too LearnedHand Jan 2024 #14
Yikes! 2naSalit Jan 2024 #13
Welcome to "Can't Do" U.S.A. hunter Jan 2024 #28
I joke with my wife jcgoldie Jan 2024 #36
I've had the same experience in the Caribbean and remote-ish places in Europe LearnedHand Jan 2024 #39
Thanks to the analog to digital conversion, Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #2
I despise Eloon Musk but StarLink is a phenomenal service LearnedHand Jan 2024 #4
AT&T is the only internet service we have in our area. n/t Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #6
Hmmm did you check the StarLink availability map? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #9
Looks like the Sells, AZ area reservation is not getting the service Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #43
Yup I was in one of those dark blue hexagons for quite a while LearnedHand Jan 2024 #45
thanks for replying Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #48
I meant to say I'm glad the digital antenna works for you LearnedHand Jan 2024 #5
The digital antenna does NOT work for us. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #7
Oh sorry I misunderstood LearnedHand Jan 2024 #10
Live TV add on Xolodno Jan 2024 #11
Smart! LearnedHand Jan 2024 #12
I don't. Kali Jan 2024 #15
I still purchase physical media too occasionally LearnedHand Jan 2024 #19
Livestream... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #16
Do you livestream MSNBC from their website? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #17
Subscrition. 2naSalit Jan 2024 #25
Is a 47-second delay "live"? Silent3 Jan 2024 #18
Yep I count that as live TV LearnedHand Jan 2024 #20
Live TV is an option, and, in pseudo-DVR fashion, you can "record" live shows to watch later Silent3 Jan 2024 #29
And LOL for the engineer's view on what "live" means LearnedHand Jan 2024 #21
No cable, no satellite, no broadcast, two or three ad free streaming services, and DVDs. hunter Jan 2024 #22
My "journey" is remarkably similar to yours LearnedHand Jan 2024 #26
Other - Superbox Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #23
What's superbox? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #27
So... Superbox Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #34
So in some respect it's similar to a Roku device LearnedHand Jan 2024 #41
You don't have to add any apps Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #46
Can you get CSPAN with that? Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #47
Yes, it has several CSPAN channels Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #49
If somebody doesn't want me to watch their stuff, or makes it too annoying or too expensive to watch their stuff... hunter Jan 2024 #33
Well... Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #35
My tv has been unplugged for a year or more. I watch TV on my computer Demovictory9 Jan 2024 #24
Kicking for the morning crowd LearnedHand Jan 2024 #30
Streaming AND cable (Frontier fiber to the home) HAB911 Jan 2024 #31
We rotate around streaming services Sympthsical Jan 2024 #32
Cost was the main factor for my leaving cable/satellite too LearnedHand Jan 2024 #42
My bill kept climbing to over $200 Sympthsical Jan 2024 #51
"Streaming services" covers a lot of territory. muriel_volestrangler Jan 2024 #37
I consider that "streaming" LearnedHand Jan 2024 #38
Streaming and cable. Elessar Zappa Jan 2024 #40
What keeps you on cable? LearnedHand Jan 2024 #44
Pro sports and pro-wrestling mostly. Elessar Zappa Jan 2024 #50
it's been more than thirty years since I've owned a TV mike_c Jan 2024 #52
I despise the brainless stuff like reality TV and game shows LearnedHand Jan 2024 #53
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