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28. Hopefully Nance is just recharging the batteries in prep for the coming crucial and critical election coming,...
Tue Jan 16, 2024, 07:44 PM
Jan 2024

November 2024. We don't need any Fascist Dictators in the People's White House such as The Orange Menace.

We need NanceGreggs intelectual fire power to get the point across.

Shout out for NanceGreggs [View all] malaise Jan 2024 OP
She indicated in November that she was lurking while caring for her own health. I hope she sees this. hlthe2b Jan 2024 #1
If Nance sees this while she's lurking Alliepoo Jan 2024 #2
One of the better writers ... Dave says Jan 2024 #3
Nance channels Tom Paine Ponietz Jan 2024 #31
Sending love to you Nance. Hope22 Jan 2024 #4
I hope she is well irisblue Jan 2024 #5
Missing you Nance! Sedona Jan 2024 #6
I love Nance. bluescribbler Jan 2024 #7
I was just thinking about her yesterday. I miss Emile Jan 2024 #8
Her last post. Emile Jan 2024 #9
I'm hoping it's the "bit of a vacation" she spoke of? Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #19
If you are reading this, Nance, we miss you. Holding you in love and light. niyad Jan 2024 #10
Just in time for the elections world wide wally Jan 2024 #11
K&R spanone Jan 2024 #12
Nancy is definitely missed . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #13
K&R Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #14
I hope she's okay, and back on active mode soon! calimary Jan 2024 #15
re-charging batteries. Can't wait for the first salvo! Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #16
See #9 malaise Jan 2024 #18
Hopefully a bit of a respite and will return to slice them to ribbons! Hope to see you soon Nance! Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #20
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2024 #17
Miss you Nancegreggs! Come back when you can.... Upthevibe Jan 2024 #21
DU needs more The Wizard Jan 2024 #22
Missing you -- be well in the new year ❤️ Hekate Jan 2024 #23
Absolutely for sure! 2naSalit Jan 2024 #24
I've saved some of her posts for many many years. flying_wahini Jan 2024 #25
Hoppe she's OK. elleng Jan 2024 #26
You are missed! Mike Nelson Jan 2024 #27
Hopefully Nance is just recharging the batteries in prep for the coming crucial and critical election coming,... magicarpet Jan 2024 #28
Take Care and know you are in our thoughts. JustinBulletin Jan 2024 #29
Missing Nance Greggs too IGoToDU Jan 2024 #30
Get well soon Nance MustLoveBeagles Jan 2024 #32
DEFINITELY MISSING NANCE flying-skeleton Jan 2024 #33
She'll be back samplegirl Jan 2024 #34
I miss Nance too! nightwing1240 Jan 2024 #35
Always great posts fron Nance BSdetect Jan 2024 #36
Yes indeed! CaptainTruth Jan 2024 #37
A real leader in the new civil war The Grand Illuminist Jan 2024 #38
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