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Why would they accept that? Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #1
A two month break? Mosby Jan 2024 #2
The only bargaining chip they have is the hostages. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #3
They slaughtered people in Israel and took hostages JI7 Jan 2024 #7
If Hamas wanted to avoid slaughter, perhaps they shouldn't have started this Amishman Jan 2024 #46
The hostage are human beings mcar Jan 2024 #58
Mahalo for Pointing that out to the Poster Cha Jan 2024 #66
The dehumanization of these people is disgusting mcar Jan 2024 #68
Yeah.. Isreael is the one Offering Humanitarian Cha Jan 2024 #72
That's rich. AloeVera Jan 2024 #97
Human Shields is what the ICC calls them. Coventina Jan 2024 #102
Using the human shield statute as an excuse for indiscriminate bombing, which is also a war crime, is the issue. AloeVera Jan 2024 #111
If you think what the IDF is doing is indiscriminate, that tells me Coventina Jan 2024 #119
Worse than Mariupol. AloeVera Jan 2024 #121
This is clearly not something that we will not agree upon, as I do not see it as you do. Coventina Jan 2024 #123
Two points of agreement! And a question. AloeVera Jan 2024 #137
I think that Hamas was counting Mossfern Jan 2024 #145
Hamas uses them as human shields mcar Jan 2024 #108
See my response #111 above. AloeVera Jan 2024 #112
I think he meant that Hamas Mossfern Jan 2024 #144
Why Should the Gang Rapist Butchers of HAMAS GET A Cha Jan 2024 #60
So, just to be clear, you think Hamas will accept this offer? Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #69
I know this.. the Palestinians Would love to have 2 months of Cha Jan 2024 #74
So we agree that the offer is a non-starter. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #76
I Don't "agree" with you on anything. Cha Jan 2024 #80
Oh. My mistake. So you think Hamas will agree to this. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #84
Hamas Will 'Accept' No Offer But Israel's Surrender The Magistrate Jan 2024 #81
They would likely accept a permanent ceasefire Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #83
Bullshit: There Is No 'Permanent' Cease-Fire Absent Conclusive Defeat Of One Side Or the Other The Magistrate Jan 2024 #89
The slaughter was in large part because of the taken and kept hostages. You're really ok with that? elias7 Jan 2024 #105
Hamas are war criminals. former9thward Jan 2024 #113
Right, but obviously not generous enough for the Hamas fan club. tritsofme Jan 2024 #4
Indeed. The masks are translucent at this point. BannonsLiver Jan 2024 #13
This thread has been enlightening AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #51
It's mind boggling mcar Jan 2024 #59
So concerned about their citizens, Hamas clearly is. NoRethugFriends Jan 2024 #5
Obviously they aren't. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #40
For real? jimfields33 Jan 2024 #6
And that the "Ceasefire Now" crowd isn't interested in the hostages' return AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #8
As we've seen in this thread, that crowd has literally morphed into explicit supporters of Hamas tritsofme Jan 2024 #11
Rgith.. so Cha Jan 2024 #79
That is patently untrue and you know it. Chainfire Jan 2024 #42
So you believe Israel are terrorists AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #45
Yes, they are writing a new chapter in the book on terrorism in Gaza. Chainfire Jan 2024 #48
So please explain to me what Israel should do to get rid of Hamas? Coventina Jan 2024 #73
Civilians die in urban conflicts... Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #118
But not at this ratio. AloeVera Jan 2024 #122
Every war is different Arazi Jan 2024 #127
Or what, Arazi? AloeVera Jan 2024 #131
It's not personal Arazi Jan 2024 #132
The "ratios" are a BS talking point. Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #130
"I don't know of anything recent coming close." EX500rider Jan 2024 #134
If, on Oct 7, Hamas had butchered, raped and abducted a few thousand more Israelis, would that be an acceptable ratio? WDLAL Jan 2024 #135
That's uncalled for and offensive. AloeVera Jan 2024 #136
It Is Neither Uncalled For Nor Offensive The Magistrate Jan 2024 #140
Hard to provide simple answers to your questions. AloeVera Jan 2024 #141
It Was Made Brutally Simple On October 7, Sir The Magistrate Jan 2024 #157
Absolutely. AloeVera Jan 2024 #126
I just came back after Goddessartist Jan 2024 #128
I stand with the Palestinian people too. AloeVera Jan 2024 #138
I am grateful, Goddessartist Jan 2024 #139
You are lucky to have known her. AloeVera Jan 2024 #143
Yes. Goddessartist Jan 2024 #153
It started that way and not much has changed in 100 years. AloeVera Jan 2024 #156
Hopefully it will come Goddessartist Jan 2024 #159
Maybe claudette Jan 2024 #29
And clearly announced no state for Palestinians. AloeVera Jan 2024 #94
Actually for real?? AloeVera Jan 2024 #98
One thing you don't understand is of Gaza goes it alone, jimfields33 Jan 2024 #101
There are gas wells off the coast of Gaza worth billions questionseverything Jan 2024 #103
That's great. Why not start now? jimfields33 Jan 2024 #104
Because Israel has them on lockdown questionseverything Jan 2024 #109
Gaza borders Egypt. Mosby Jan 2024 #110
The rich Arab nations have sat on their hands for decades Coventina Jan 2024 #120
I believe they are supported by international aid. AloeVera Jan 2024 #107
"They would be more self-sufficient if they had their own state.." EX500rider Jan 2024 #133
Honestly ..... Mossfern Jan 2024 #146
You may be right. AloeVera Jan 2024 #147
Only one side ever had a state, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2024 #148
I don't agree Mossfern Jan 2024 #149
If Israel wants to be left alone... AloeVera Jan 2024 #150
I do agree with you regarding the settlements in the West Bank Mossfern Jan 2024 #154
So, your objection is that the offer isn't a permanent end to the incursion? maxsolomon Jan 2024 #9
My objection is that it is a non-starter. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #75
Then Hamas should counter offer. maxsolomon Jan 2024 #78
This response is..... curious..... Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #10
It's pretty simple. They want Hamas to have no restrictions on killing Jews, but also prohibit any response from Israel. tritsofme Jan 2024 #12
Uh no, I personally want the hostages released and Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #17
You are using logic. AloeVera Jan 2024 #99
A permanent ceasefire would work. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #15
There was a permanent ceasefire. Hamas broke it on Oct 7, and subsequently. yardwork Jan 2024 #16
Nah, there was a permanent state of low level Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #19
So to be clear... you are FINE.... Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #23
lol. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #24
So you find the pain of rape victims lol-worthy? Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #25
Nope. I find the endless 'if you don't agree with me you support rape' laughable. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #37
That's Not What Anyone Says, Dear The Magistrate Jan 2024 #90
What a truly repulsive response to a rape survivor's father's pain. yardwork Jan 2024 #35
The 'rape survivor's father' accused me of supporting rape. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #38
Rape is never laughable. yardwork Jan 2024 #85
Lol. Not what I said, of course. Voltaire2 Jan 2024 #88
Your subject line is literally "lol" yardwork Jan 2024 #91
They're becoming more and more like the Hamas monsters they so admire. tritsofme Jan 2024 #39
Fer fuck's sake Redleg Jan 2024 #65
You respond to a post about a daughter's rape with "lol?" mcar Jan 2024 #61
Would it? Of course not. And you know it. Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #20
Why is it pretty clear they are not going to eliminate Hamas? EX500rider Jan 2024 #49
I thought it was kind of odd a few days ago AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #55
Yeah for a urban environment fighting non-uniformed opponents they are doing better job EX500rider Jan 2024 #63
It's a legitimate offer mcar Jan 2024 #57
Fuck GD HAMAS.. fucking Butchers.. Good on Israsel Cha Jan 2024 #71
Testimony from two of the hostages. Mosby Jan 2024 #14
Where is the UN? yardwork Jan 2024 #18
Meh (((they))) are the bad guys, remember? Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #21
Fairly evident that the US Govt cares about Jewish people. maxsolomon Jan 2024 #22
Is that claudette Jan 2024 #30
Good to know who believes terrorists and not their victims AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #47
Since they were Hamas hostages why would I not believe them? EX500rider Jan 2024 #52
So you don't believe the words of actual hostages mcar Jan 2024 #62
I Believe it.. AND HAMAS Started this SHIT and NOW Cha Jan 2024 #82
Wow, as I live and breathe, you seem to believe the Hamas rapists over the actual hostage's accounts MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2024 #117
If Hamas agreed ti this, the pasue would be permanent Johnny2X2X Jan 2024 #26
It should be claudette Jan 2024 #27
So hamas can rebuild and do 10/7 all over again? great plan which means many more dead Palestinians in the long run EX500rider Jan 2024 #64
TALK to GD HAMAS THEN!! They're the ONES Who STARTED Cha Jan 2024 #93
And the usual pro-Pal gang is silent... Arazi Jan 2024 #28
They're not silent AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #77
Well I'm a Pro-Palestinian Jew. Not sure what I'm supposed to post here. I'm not a Hamas supporter if that's Nanjeanne Jan 2024 #92
Thanks Arazi Jan 2024 #100
As opposed to the Anti-Pal gang? Goddessartist Jan 2024 #129
Not sure "Hey, let everybody go so we can kill you all" was ever much of a serious offer Prairie Gates Jan 2024 #31
Who says they were going to "kill your all" AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #32
What happens when they resume the fighting? Prairie Gates Jan 2024 #33
So you don't think Hamas should be eliminated? AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #34
LOL Prairie Gates Jan 2024 #41
Lol - kidnapped Israelis are funny! AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Prairie Gates Jan 2024 #44
It's horrible. We're watching dehumanization in real time. yardwork Jan 2024 #87
It's a nice thought. atreides1 Jan 2024 #70
And, Why the HELL Not Eradicate the Terrorist Cha Jan 2024 #95
That's what war is. One side is destroyed or they surrender Arazi Jan 2024 #36
So... you think Hamas should keep its Israeli hostages? maxsolomon Jan 2024 #56
Post removed Post removed Jan 2024 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author EX500rider Jan 2024 #54
I didn't see the post you're responding to before it was removed. yardwork Jan 2024 #86
It is obvious that Israel is not the one refusing a ceasefire. keithbvadu2 Jan 2024 #67
Because if they revealed they are all dead, there is no longer a bargaining chip? ColinC Jan 2024 #96
That is my fear..hostages may not be alive and that's why the rejection to the offer. Deuxcents Jan 2024 #151
Or have been treated so horribly that releasing them will be a huge PR hit & infuriate the IDF even more EX500rider Jan 2024 #155
Accepting would be the right decision. Hamas would never do that. Turbineguy Jan 2024 #106
Looks like you missed the big news of the week. AloeVera Jan 2024 #125
It seems more than a few people sarisataka Jan 2024 #114
Yup, there never was a concern for the Hostages by the anti Israel side JI7 Jan 2024 #124
this is what i seem to see out there...... Takket Jan 2024 #115
You missed a line sarisataka Jan 2024 #116
TY & 2 Sides For a Cha Jan 2024 #142
Much like Trump and the boarder, hamas wants the issue more than the peace bottomofthehill Jan 2024 #152
KICK Cha Jan 2024 #158
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