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After reading the article, I feel a panic attack coming on. madaboutharry Feb 2 #1
Neither would I. TSExile Feb 2 #2
I've been on 25 cruises. April is the next. jimfields33 Feb 2 #5
I would take the cabin in the woods!! TSExile Feb 2 #6
So true. jimfields33 Feb 2 #7
Me too! llmart Feb 2 #21
A cabin in the woods.... madaboutharry Feb 2 #11
lol Torchlight Feb 2 #15
After watching the movie, k55f5r Feb 2 #16
That's true. Lol jimfields33 Feb 2 #17
I loved pour Alaska cfuise edhopper Feb 2 #20
We kayaked the inside passage. AllyCat Feb 2 #29
Read up on Atlas voyages. Not all cruise ship companies are like that. Not "The Love Boat." CTyankee Feb 2 #30
It would be my idea of Hell. Ocelot II Feb 2 #31
For someone who enjoys having peace during their vacations, this is a bloody nightmare. Chakaconcarne Feb 2 #3
See my post #30. You need more information. They are not all gross. CTyankee Feb 2 #34
Why not just go to disneyland or something like that ? JI7 Feb 2 #4
Thanks for posting BannonsLiver Feb 2 #8
As FLVegan would say: I predict greatness for this thread! Coventina Feb 2 #26
It's well on its way! BannonsLiver Feb 2 #32
I get why people say they can't do this or that thing to help the environment redqueen Feb 2 #9
I don't think giant waves edhopper Feb 2 #19
An overcrowded floating hotel where you could have to deal with everything from highplainsdem Feb 2 #10
Or trapped on a ship Beachnutt Feb 2 #28
Been on the large cruisers. Don't enjoy them. marble falls Feb 2 #12
I like cruises Mz Pip Feb 2 #13
Yep. People make generalizations. There are cruises and cruises. That's why I call the one I like "voyages." CTyankee Feb 2 #38
I'm not crazy about cruising spinbaby Feb 2 #14
My issue is every place that cruise ships go has been ruined by cruise EX500rider Feb 2 #18
I've Been Coming To This RobinA Feb 2 #23
Exhibit A: Venice. Coventina Feb 2 #27
You Bet! ProfessorGAC Feb 2 #37
They buy the land and develop cruiseline "villiages" turning local artisans into retail clerks ... marble falls Feb 4 #46
You don't have to have taken a cruise kcr Feb 2 #22
Sounds awful. Imagine being stuck on a ship with a bunch of other people's children. Goodheart Feb 2 #24
And other people's diseases, Norovirus in particular. Ocelot II Feb 2 #35
Guess everyone has different ideas of vacation. AllyCat Feb 2 #25
On our 21 day voyage from Seattle to Sydney on Royal Caribbean in 2018... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2 #33
My idea of vacation is a fly in fishing trip to Emile Feb 2 #36
I've been on 2. bamagal62 Feb 2 #39
Bingo Goodheart Feb 2 #42
People automatically think all cruises are like edhopper Feb 2 #43
puff piece by a writer who got a free cruise to write the article. dont expect a real review or criticism ZonkerHarris Feb 2 #40
I wonder how gas d_r Feb 2 #41
Nuts and bolts GenThePerservering Feb 2 #44
Meh JustAnotherGen Feb 2 #45
Easy and quick summary jmowreader Feb 5 #47
There are 2 types of cruisers Footay Feb 5 #48
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