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31. Rich men are 'self-made millionaires' and if charitable, 'philanthropists'
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 12:50 PM
Feb 16

Women, not labelled those things very much.

K&R spanone Feb 16 #1
Yes she sure is... Demsrule86 Feb 16 #30
Hey Demsrule86 spanone Feb 16 #42
Hello! Nice to see you. How are you? Demsrule86 Feb 17 #56
Doing well. Hope all's well with you. spanone Feb 17 #57
She's a class act. underpants Feb 16 #2
Nice work Taylor. I'm sure tfg will at least match that chicoescuela Feb 16 #3
TFG will surely double the amount. Such a charitable, caring Fat Donnie! RVN VET71 Feb 16 #29
he has a LOT more on his mind: himself. C Moon Feb 17 #54
Nice work Taylor. I'm sure tfg will at least match that chicoescuela Feb 16 #4
K&R - she's one of the good ones. lark Feb 16 #5
Well done, Taylor! ProudMNDemocrat Feb 16 #6
She is as generous and kind as she is talented. TSExile Feb 16 #7
i sure hope this incident wasnt about taylor, but... mopinko Feb 16 #8
Last I heard, sounded like it wasn't even about the NFL or the parade localroger Feb 16 #20
Argument between juveniles xmas74 Feb 16 #41
Classy malaise Feb 16 #9
She spend her money like it should be spent if you are ultra wealthy. I may not rave about her song but I respect her... usaf-vet Feb 16 #10
Can you believe someone here dismissed her as "a socialite"? Nt spooky3 Feb 16 #26
Rich men are 'self-made millionaires' and if charitable, 'philanthropists' lostnfound Feb 16 #31
"Multi-talented", "entrepreneurial genius", "gifted businessman/woman" spooky3 Feb 16 #33
She is literally not a socialite in any way obamanut2012 Feb 16 #38
Remind me, how much did trump give? mwb970 Feb 16 #11
Twice as much. tavernier Feb 16 #17
I think he gave one of his NFTs........ lastlib Feb 16 #19
he tossed them a few rolls of paper towels ZonkerHarris Feb 16 #49
Many thanks for the soldierant Feb 16 #51
WAY MORE budkin Feb 16 #40
highplainsdem....... Upthevibe Feb 16 #12
She's a fine person Ishoutandscream2 Feb 16 #13
Anxiously awaiting matching donations from NRA and NAGR (National Assoc. for Gun Rights). Yeah, sarcasm! justhanginon Feb 16 #14
Taylor Swift is the best of America LittleGirl Feb 16 #15
Your post reminds me of Swift's song, Long Live. MontanaMama Feb 16 #28
Republicans want everyone to pull themselves up with their own empathy. nt TeamProg Feb 16 #34
I no longer know of a rethug MontanaMama Feb 16 #46
K&R pazzyanne Feb 16 #16
So does mine. calimary Feb 16 #35
the comments on the fox news page about it are what you'd expect moonshinegnomie Feb 16 #18
Thanks Taylor samsingh Feb 16 #21
Uplifting to be reminded of all the good people out there. democrank Feb 16 #22
Excellent! Thank you Ms Swift. n/t iluvtennis Feb 16 #23
I really like Taylor Swift. She and Shaquille leftyladyfrommo Feb 16 #24
Someone else who gives a lot soldierant Feb 16 #52
K&R MustLoveBeagles Feb 16 #25
Tragic ending to fairytale couple of cilla4progress Feb 16 #27
I seriously doubt that. sky_masterson Feb 16 #45
Uh, I'm referring to cilla4progress Feb 16 #47
Waiting for the Trump MAGA idiots outrage over this for em.....some reason. Bengus81 Feb 16 #32
Class act, thank you, Ms. Swift. republianmushroom Feb 16 #36
Very nice bdamomma Feb 16 #37
She did this while on tour in Australia... NorseSaxonCelt Feb 16 #39
As a Kansas City resident, who doesn't know a Swift song sky_masterson Feb 16 #43
Mahalo Taylor Swift.. Cha Feb 16 #44
What would you expect BaronChocula Feb 16 #48
Taylor has a heart and a soul. Dixie Chicks can relate to the crap. What a great combo??? Evolve Dammit Feb 16 #50
Thank you, Taylor Swift! ificandream Feb 16 #53
Taylor Swift is a very generous and kind person LetMyPeopleVote Feb 17 #55
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