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12. WE need to mock them at every opportunity. Hunter has been subject to HELL (reputationally, emotionally, monetarily).
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 12:35 PM
Feb 17

I hope and pray he can SUE those who attacked and lied about him. I hope he can get millions of dollars to help repair some of the damage these monsters inflicted upon him.

Would be great if he can. Also the GOP Reps that continued to push the case. Fla Dem Feb 17 #1
Would be better for him to walk away and let it die with a whimper. marble falls Feb 17 #2
I disagree, sorry. Meadowoak Feb 17 #4
I think picking scabs over this only keeps it alive. marble falls Feb 17 #5
I think just walking away and saying nothing, makes us look weak, and just an Meadowoak Feb 17 #7
I agree. thucythucy Feb 17 #8
That's SOP for the right: tell a lie, invent a scandal robbob Feb 17 #13
Kicking a House GOP majority's ass is a sign of weakness? And I thought being unable to leave sleeping dogs ... marble falls Feb 17 #9
If a tree falls in the forest... thucythucy Feb 17 #14
correct... democratsruletheday Feb 17 #18
Exactly. TSExile Feb 17 #21
OTOH....if you just roll over and let bygones be bygones democratsruletheday Feb 17 #17
WE need to mock them at every opportunity. Hunter has been subject to HELL (reputationally, emotionally, monetarily). AnotherMother4Peace Feb 17 #12
I love this idea. Scrivener7 Feb 17 #3
That was what was in my mind too BigmanPigman Feb 17 #6
My understanding is that Fox can possibly get out of a lawsuit if it apologizes. thucythucy Feb 17 #10
If that's the case BigmanPigman Feb 17 #11
Hunter, go after Sean Hannity!!! no_hypocrisy Feb 17 #15
I'd advise against it. Qutzupalotl Feb 17 #16
It wouldn't be the President suing, thucythucy Feb 17 #19
Ak, OK. Yes, Hunter can and should sue. nt Qutzupalotl Feb 17 #20
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