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Dumbass! nt drmeow Feb 17 #1
What a maroon...... nt getagrip_already Feb 17 #2
At some point, I'm sure he proclaimed: "I'm an AMERICAN!! I know my rights!!!" Oopsie Daisy Feb 17 #3
As Southern citizens 3auld6phart Feb 17 #17
Hmmm wonder who he voted for? MLAA Feb 17 #4
You're assuming he is smart enough to register - and find the right polling place. soldierant Feb 17 #54
And remember his name? MLAA Feb 17 #55
Oh yeah, that too! soldierant Feb 17 #56
Lock him up. Kid Berwyn Feb 17 #5
HE could be there for a while Old Crank Feb 17 #31
Thank you, Canada Deuxcents Feb 17 #6
Did wander over the border? Renew Deal Feb 17 #7
Wow, he's really stupid. n/t gay texan Feb 17 #8
I like it. republianmushroom Feb 17 #9
A country which actually care about its citizens. Irish_Dem Feb 17 #10
I learned from working in Canada gab13by13 Feb 17 #11
Years ago, I had a friend who was a border guard at a very small crossing from Idaho Bev54 Feb 17 #14
Rule to live by..... Old Crank Feb 17 #32
Yep during my horse business days montanacowboy Feb 17 #40
That was delicious. Only watched it four times rurallib Feb 17 #12
Ha Ha, the gun permit was not bilingual. English and French. usonian Feb 17 #13
Once again, words from a lovely person........... twodogsbarking Feb 17 #15
Canadians are much more civilized when it comes to gun ownership dlk Feb 17 #16
Very far Rebl2 Feb 17 #21
Guy has a Deliverance look. USA USA USA! JanMichael Feb 17 #18
Lost his Precious? Good. Thank you, Canada, that's one less idiot we have to worry about. Warpy Feb 17 #19
"Besides, we wouldn't let someone as stupid as you are come into Canada with a gun!" Wonder Why Feb 17 #20
I watched this over and over. Too bad they don't have a "Maggot Gun Confiscation in Canada" marathon on TV. NBachers Feb 17 #22
They should have let him keep it if he shoved it up his ass and turned around. rubbersole Feb 17 #23
What A Dope! ProfessorGAC Feb 17 #24
I feel like I should apologize to the Canadians about this. OldBaldy1701E Feb 17 #25
Excuses acceptes. kedrys Feb 17 #29
Merci... merci beaucoup! (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Feb 17 #34
Rightly so. This is all your fault. Renew Deal Feb 18 #57
A girl can dream, one day to see this here. Bluethroughu Feb 17 #26
Could have been worse. He could have tried to enter Vogon_Glory Feb 17 #27
So the solution to America's gun problem is encouraging gun humpers to travel. RockRaven Feb 17 #28
I'd like to see this guy try that while crossing into Mexico DBoon Feb 17 #30
Yep -- remember this guy from nearly ten years ago? Rocknation Feb 17 #39
Haha! Love Canada! Cha Feb 17 #33
sometimes the video will play. barbtries Feb 17 #35
HOLY SHIT!!! I GREW UP WITH THIS GUY!!! pdxflyboy Feb 17 #36
Wow! progressoid Feb 17 #42
The police determined that sexual assault accusations against a rapper were SO bogus Rocknation Feb 17 #37
What a moron Leith Feb 17 #38
White American gets schooled by Canadians as to where his American white privilege ends. patphil Feb 17 #41
3 years in the pokey seems fitting. nt TeamProg Feb 17 #43
I'm confused about " You do not admit that you're a carrier" Canoe52 Feb 17 #44
He said, "IN THE STATE I'M FROM, you do not admit that you are a carrier" Rocknation Feb 17 #46
Thanks! Canoe52 Feb 17 #50
I'm guessing a concealed firearm. Fozzledick Feb 17 #48
I've been to the Canadian border a few times and it moniss Feb 17 #45
Sounds like if you declare it and it's legally licensed to you, it's a just $25 fee to transport it. ffr Feb 17 #47
Well, that froze my computer. Had to reboot it. niyad Feb 17 #49
I used to work in a very demanding job. LakeArenal Feb 17 #51
Half-expecting him to reply, "but I eat everything I kill so it's okay!" Torchlight Feb 17 #52
Oh no he's a carrier! PurgedVoter Feb 17 #53
Living proof that his state has very low standards Mr.Bill Feb 18 #58
poor dude he came to canada to visit and we socialists seized his gun and destroyed it. dawn5651 Feb 18 #59
I had to forward this to my Canadian neighbor. MOMFUDSKI Feb 18 #60
Canada be like: Don't bring that shit here. live love laugh Feb 18 #61
I've traveled to 64 counties and the only place I was detained at Customs was Canada. sinkingfeeling Feb 18 #62
Idiots armed to the teeth. What could possibly go wrong? Martin68 Feb 18 #63
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