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Sun Feb 18, 2024, 12:26 PM Feb 18

How to spot a Russian troll on social media. [View all]

This is from a reddit sub thread: One hint: they don't care if you insult them but they are total suckers with one weak spot: they cannot stand it when you insult Mother Russia itself. It's fun because they'll often lose their composure and start to gang up when you start cracking on their piss poor smelly beet farm country. End all your posts insulting their country with "Slava Ukraini" just to put the cherry on top.


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They all use the Russian propaganda talking points, for example Walleye Feb 18 #1
So, not all MAGAts are Russian Trolls, but all Russian Trolls are MAGAts kwijybo Feb 18 #40
Yep, so taking money from banks and lying about assets is victimless. PurgedVoter Feb 18 #41
Oh that is brilliant! PatSeg Feb 18 #2
Thank you - I love trolling russian trolls Wicked Blue Feb 18 #3
1+ keithbvadu2 Feb 18 #4
They also don't like it Farmer-Rick Feb 18 #5
I suppose the RW talking points about Biden mwooldri Feb 18 #31
How old is he in dog years? Mopar151 Feb 18 #52
"Under Review" has meant "tombstoned" for a while now. Iggo Feb 18 #35
That's good to know Farmer-Rick Feb 18 #37
I'll get busy EYESORE 9001 Feb 18 #6
Lolol blm Feb 18 #9
they also post in the middle of the night here. mopinko Feb 18 #7
I've noticed that markodochartaigh Feb 18 #8
Yup blm Feb 18 #10
In the case of Russians, there IS a grammar clue they often leave that even Republicans don't make DFW Feb 18 #18
I've noticed that, but AI is probably going to make it more difficult to tell. yardwork Feb 18 #21
Apropos of nothing but articles, Ocelot II Feb 18 #51
I don't think Armenian has them either. LeftInTX Feb 19 #55
Japanese also has a completely different word order. DFW Feb 19 #57
We had someone like that on DU about a month ago LeftInTX Feb 19 #53
On rawstory, they stick out because they are the only ones posting with normal sounding first and last names as user ID. LT Barclay Feb 18 #38
Вы правы William769 Feb 18 #11
They and MAGA trolls also have MAJOR fails when confronted with this fact blm Feb 18 #12
They have spent decades convinced that THEY do all the work blm Feb 18 #13
Yeah, Trumpsters definitely don't contribute as much as they think they do. Aristus Feb 18 #28
That's interesting... Think. Again. Feb 18 #19
Create more states NT anamnua Feb 18 #25
or simply allocate the number of electors by population. Think. Again. Feb 18 #27
The one which is already being worked on is the soldierant Feb 18 #45
I'm hopeful for this... Think. Again. Feb 18 #48
Amen! soldierant Feb 19 #62
This is my specialty! Sugarcoated Feb 18 #14
I'm on Instagram often and MontanaMama Feb 18 #17
Of those listed, I only check the Washington Post DFW Feb 18 #20
I actually catch myself doing that kind of thing also, I'm embarassed to say. Think. Again. Feb 18 #49
We all do it on occasion as a typo when we type too fast. DFW Feb 19 #56
I prefer Putin's trolls... surfered Feb 18 #15
That's how I think of it, too. yardwork Feb 18 #24
I've heard variations willamette Feb 18 #42
Call Putin a bald shrimp/midget and see how the trolls get PO'd meow2u3 Feb 18 #16
You made me spit out Farmer-Rick Feb 18 #30
Good to know! calimary Feb 18 #22
Cicero's 2000 year old spoof unscrambler still holds true: anamnua Feb 18 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 18 #26
Part of me wants to join in the fun and the other wants to cry. GreenWave Feb 18 #29
or "the Crimea belongs to the Ukraine"? Wonder Why Feb 18 #32
The Short, Old dictator, Putin loves history so history bombs work. If you go by history, Russia is owned by Ukraine. PurgedVoter Feb 18 #43
Did you intend for "Short Old Dictator" to be soldierant Feb 18 #46
Bolloxed would have been harder so SOD is good. PurgedVoter Feb 18 #47
Trying and failing to imagine a Nazi being unfortunately killed. Iggo Feb 18 #36
Theyve been active on amatuer radio lately gay texan Feb 18 #33
Russians aren't the only ones. It's pretty easy to spot the 'pinks' as well. pecosbob Feb 18 #34
Responses also don't make sense sometimes JI7 Feb 18 #39
Check their accounts. edbermac Feb 18 #44
They are particularly numerous orangecrush Feb 18 #50
There is a bunch of these motherfuckers with a black person as their profile pic. Some random black person in the car. SoFlaBro Feb 19 #54
K&R red dog 1 Feb 19 #58
You can also use the hashtag #PutinKhuylo. . . DinahMoeHum Feb 19 #59
Also trending now is hashtag #NavalnyHero red dog 1 Feb 19 #60
They're not very good at American vernacular. shrike3 Feb 19 #61
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