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Chicago Tribune article RandomNumbers Feb 18 #1
Agreed, but nobody has the courage to go that route. GreenWave Feb 18 #2
Musk is aiding Russia with his StarLink system to assist battle coordination in Ukraine. He needs citizenship revoked. TheBlackAdder Feb 18 #32
I keep posting that Musk is a national security risk PufPuf23 Feb 18 #34
Doubtful Timewas Feb 18 #3
It's right on the line. We have not declared war on Russia, Qutzupalotl Feb 18 #4
What Russia says is irrelevant. TwilightZone Feb 18 #7
I know, I'm just pointing out how close we are. nt Qutzupalotl Feb 18 #9
Yeah, right; we're good to declare war against another nuclear triron Feb 18 #11
The definition of treason is very, very narrow. TwilightZone Feb 18 #17
The USA doesn't declare wars anymore regardless of how many of our forces or the "enemy" die. PTL_Mancuso Feb 18 #23
Then maybe we need to update slightlv Feb 18 #28
Yep. The US and Russia still have trade relations and diplomatic relations onenote Feb 18 #39
He's right, but for the wrong reasons. Shipwack Feb 18 #5
The January 6th insurrections have not been declared an enemy. TwilightZone Feb 18 #8
I'm curious... Think. Again. Feb 18 #24
Russia is not a declared enemy. TwilightZone Feb 18 #6
It's not the statutory crime of treason Fiendish Thingy Feb 18 #10
Mustn't look political, now. republianmushroom Feb 18 #12
Only if Putin actually does it. Iggo Feb 18 #13
Putin May Have Killed Navalny - But He Had An Assist From...... global1 Feb 18 #14
The way a (Democrat) lawyer explained it to me 8 years ago, after TFG begged Russia to find the email... Runningdawg Feb 18 #15
Just wondering about that NATO creed which basically says that: Jrose Feb 18 #18
Close won't stand up in court. Runningdawg Feb 18 #21
One problem with our justice system. triron Feb 18 #37
Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so, no, the attack on Ukraine by Russia MarineCombatEngineer Feb 18 #22
Right. elleng Feb 18 #27
There's that ", or" in there, as in... Justice matters. Feb 18 #35
Excuses will always be made, regardless. dchill Feb 18 #16
This x1000 and im sick of it. slightlv Feb 18 #29
That's me as well. triron Feb 18 #36
In prison for the rest of his life is just fine with me. LudwigPastorius Feb 18 #19
Hes already a martyr... slightlv Feb 18 #30
Medvedev threatened to nuke us just the other day. Kid Berwyn Feb 18 #20
The entire GOP needs to be tried for treason, not just Tramp meow2u3 Feb 18 #25
Define 'current enemy.' NOT easy to do. elleng Feb 18 #26
Disloyalty is not the same as treason JoseBalow Feb 18 #31
Both.. Justice can Multi task. Cha Feb 18 #33
The US needs to formally declare Russia an enemy to the US and democracy. Initech Feb 18 #38
Do you think Biden will ask Congress to do that? Really? onenote Feb 18 #40
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