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9. I was born in 1968
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 04:49 PM
Feb 18

And remember growing up with 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Star Trek (The Movies, which led me to the series) Battle Star Galactica, etc.etc.etc.

I really thought that we would be a so much more advanced civilization by now. The fact that we are not is mind blowing, and to think that humans are trying to stop that progression just amazes me.


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Well... Ohio Joe Feb 18 #1
It's worse than stupid. It's damned near heartbreaking. Boomerproud Feb 18 #2
It did bring us the way Mr.Bill Feb 18 #6
It brought me early cancer detection; operation by robot; and survival. I'm on my second life now. NBachers Feb 18 #12
Great news! True Blue American Feb 18 #25
Just in time DENVERPOPS Feb 18 #36
the internet changed everything Be The Light Feb 19 #50
And now the movie Idiocracy is a documentary kimbutgar Feb 18 #3
And apparently COL Mustard Feb 18 #16
If I live to age 96 half of my life will be in this century. Things were pretty stupid last century too. twodogsbarking Feb 18 #4
Same thing for me Mr.Bill Feb 18 #5
At least we believed in the reality and power of vaccinations. Kind of a golden age for public health in that regard. Hekate Feb 18 #7
They probably did, actually. yardwork Feb 18 #17
Yes he has. He should be honored in this society, not have to hire security guards. Hekate Feb 18 #22
I agree, wholeheartedly. yardwork Feb 18 #32
Yeah, but he's soooo old and decrepit! llmart Feb 19 #52
96 for me, too. dmr Feb 19 #42
IIRC it was Isaac Asimov soldierant Feb 18 #8
I believe you're thinking of Cyril Kornbluth. ChazInAz Feb 19 #48
I don't believe I'm familiar with Kornbluth soldierant Feb 19 #58
I was born in 1968 sagetea Feb 18 #9
I turned 21 in '68... GiqueCee Feb 18 #13
I agree about this not being happenstance, and we seem to be the same age Hekate Feb 18 #23
I am Rebl2 Feb 18 #21
I was 16 then. The year I realized I was a Democrat. Still am. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 19 #49
I'm relieved bdamomma Feb 18 #10
I feel the same way. TSExile Feb 18 #14
My parents and mom-in-law would have been heartbroken that Hillary lost to an evil monster wishstar Feb 18 #24
remembering that willamette Feb 18 #33
I blame Reagan for failing to win the peace, and Bush for beginning the forever war. Both were fronting for Big Oil Ford_Prefect Feb 18 #11
Reagan was the start of stupid ramapo Feb 18 #35
It was the Reagan _presidency_ more than actual Reagan PTL_Mancuso Feb 19 #55
Yes, rather like W he was the front man for a whole system. Reagan wasn't Nixon but he stood in front of the same Ford_Prefect Feb 19 #60
Born in 1966 djacq Feb 18 #15
I remember when the year changed to 2000 I felt like I was living in the future. Earth-shine Feb 18 #18
Kicked for Firefly! slightlv Feb 18 #37
Would never had expected this much stupid is possible GoodRaisin Feb 18 #19
I was in middle school when Star Trek: TNG started meadowlander Feb 18 #20
In DS9, they go back in time to the 21st century. Earth-shine Feb 18 #39
I'm more than a bit disgruntled that we don't all have our own personal jet packs for transportation by now Mr. Ected Feb 18 #26
Have you seen the Mandalorian? That show will really make you want one. Earth-shine Feb 19 #40
quicksand?? LOL! when i was a kid i was terrified i would get trapped & die in quicksand! orleans Feb 19 #44
the more ya struggle, the deeper ya sink!!! PTL_Mancuso Feb 19 #56
Yep, starting off with two terms of dumb ass W, a respite with Pres O... brush Feb 18 #27
Futuristic depictions rarely allow for human nature Sympthsical Feb 18 #28
Futuristic depictions??? Good sci-fi is entirely about depicting human nature in other contexts. Earth-shine Feb 19 #41
Good science fiction absolutely does that Sympthsical Feb 19 #43
Yeah buddy! Jilly_in_VA Feb 18 #29
The word "stupid" constantly comes to mind as I read about the trump party. mwb970 Feb 18 #30
Ah, The Stupid Ages ThoughtCriminal Feb 18 #31
"What haunts me is that I am just not smart enough... alterfurz Feb 19 #47
What a great quote! calimary Feb 19 #51
The century started with Bush and then 9/11 robbob Feb 18 #34
I remember telling myself... by the 2000's I'd be OLD!!!!!!!! WarGamer Feb 18 #38
Bush orangecrush Feb 19 #45
But why, did he think people would fundamentally change in some way? betsuni Feb 19 #46
Except for the pandemic Roc2020 Feb 19 #53
We have PCs and FaceTime, but not flying cars. Marcuse Feb 19 #54
No flying cars b/c we'uns ignored the Spacely Sprockets IPO back in '88 and it crashed out. PTL_Mancuso Feb 19 #57
George and I are the same age, 60. He's a month older than me. maxsolomon Feb 19 #59
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