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2. Best of luck to you.
Mon Feb 19, 2024, 01:42 PM
Feb 19

I agree, it's a minor procedure but I had to stay overnight. I was so happy when the nurse told me I could get up to pee but then....all of a sudden she ordered me back into bed and was clearly panicked. The nursing supervisor appeared. I didn't know what was happening. The artery had opened when I got up and I was squirting blood. They stopped it with pressure and told me I had to stay in bed for a few more hours. I still had to pee. First time using a bedpan.

I hope you can go home but don't be disappointed if they make you stay. And don't get up too soon!

I messed around with A-fib off and on for 9 years gab13by13 Feb 19 #1
That's great! viva la Feb 19 #3
Yes it seems simple. Demsrule86 Feb 19 #6
They go up through the groin, gab13by13 Feb 19 #9
That is so encouraging...thank you! Demsrule86 Feb 19 #5
One minor thought to tell you, gab13by13 Feb 19 #11
Best of luck to you. QED Feb 19 #2
Thanks for the warning...glad you are OK! Demsrule86 Feb 19 #7
I was absolutely not allowed to get up. I was not allowed to raise my head up. gab13by13 Feb 19 #12
Hope all goes well! 2naSalit Feb 19 #4
Thank you! Demsrule86 Feb 19 #8
Hope all goes well! nt yagotme Feb 19 #10
Thank you so much...fingers crossed Demsrule86 Feb 19 #20
I BeerBarrelPolka Feb 19 #13
They are probably giving you Amiodarone which is used to keep you in rhythm., gab13by13 Feb 19 #15
. BeerBarrelPolka Feb 19 #18
I have low blood pressure too which is why I spent 46 days in the hospital before my Aortic valve Demsrule86 Feb 19 #24
Thank you BeerBarrelPolka Feb 19 #31
Sheesh - sounds like you've been through quite an ordeal of your own. calimary Feb 19 #17
Thanks BeerBarrelPolka Feb 19 #19
Oh no! Well did they put you on Eliquis and Amiodarone and probably Metoprolol ? Demsrule86 Feb 19 #21
. BeerBarrelPolka Feb 19 #23
You too. Try to take it easy and I have used the breathing exercises which do help... Demsrule86 Feb 19 #27
. BeerBarrelPolka Feb 19 #32
Good luck and get well... MiHale Feb 19 #14
My ablation will be done via the groin...if all goes well, I will be home the the same day . There Demsrule86 Feb 19 #29
🙌👍❤️ MiHale Feb 19 #37
I'm A Cath/EP Lab RN GB_RN Feb 19 #16
Talk about good timing Seinan Sensei Feb 19 #22
Ablation Old Okie Feb 19 #25
I had ablation surgery 20 years ago - it was very successful Dave says Feb 19 #26
Wow, that is quite a story...I am so glad you shared it with me. It makes me hopeful. Demsrule86 Feb 19 #33
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #28
Huh? What are you trying to say? GP6971 Feb 19 #30
I have no idea what you mean... Demsrule86 Feb 19 #34
Thanks for this detailed discussion. Demsrule. yorkster Feb 19 #35
I had a successful ablation gab13by13 Feb 19 #39
Another voice from the ablation club. I had the procedure... 3catwoman3 Feb 19 #36
All the best malaise Feb 19 #38
Good Luck To You ProfessorGAC Feb 19 #40
Sending vibes for easy, successful procedure, and swift and complete niyad Feb 20 #41
Best of Healing Good Luck to you, Dems💕💖 Cha Feb 20 #42
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Emile Feb 20 #43
♥️👍🏼 spanone Feb 20 #44
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