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46. At worse - this is a "code of conduct" issue, and I am not really sure that it is. But I would like to point out
Mon Feb 19, 2024, 05:13 PM
Feb 2024

how many of TFG's lawyers have crossed that line. I mean if unethical Lawyering was in the Paris Olympics, the medal stand would be overflowing with his lawyers.

When pukes say look over here, look over there. pwb Feb 2024 #1
Great perspective. Basic LA Feb 2024 #2
OK. So now MOMFUDSKI Feb 2024 #3
She didn't say stuff like that often PCIntern Feb 2024 #9
My wife said something similar regarding terrorists Danascot Feb 2024 #61
You're a lucky man! PCIntern Feb 2024 #62
But I'm not a terrorist Danascot Feb 2024 #63
I'm a little surprised claudette Feb 2024 #4
I agree but PCIntern Feb 2024 #6
. . . and concupiscence concupisces! PTL_Mancuso Feb 2024 #27
I have read that two other candidates turned the position down. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #8
Wade was third True Blue American Feb 2024 #55
Considering her affair has nothing to do with the case... Think. Again. Feb 2024 #10
If that were claudette Feb 2024 #40
I think that's the question that everyone is asking. Think. Again. Feb 2024 #44
Because venial peopl such as Republicans and Trump* lawyers soldierant Feb 2024 #49
So what? paleotn Feb 2024 #22
No. Of course not claudette Feb 2024 #39
All the lawyers in the Georgia bar have replied, if questioned, thatin Georgia it isn't a violation. soldierant Feb 2024 #50
Wonder if Willis considered how her bowel movements would be perceived. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #23
Certainly not the same thing claudette Feb 2024 #41
Perhaps a reporter should investigate to confirm no one else was on the toilet. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #45
Except claudette Feb 2024 #47
Is there evidence of sexual harassment? Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #48
I had forgotten that about Clark and Darden. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #5
Your mother was right, Goddessartist Feb 2024 #7
I'd like to remind EVERYONE that if the lead prosecutor in GA were a white MALE (or probably even hlthe2b Feb 2024 #11
Absolutely. PCIntern Feb 2024 #12
I guess I'm not quite understanding tavernier Feb 2024 #13
I understand... PCIntern Feb 2024 #15
Ok, just read a synopsis and am caught up. tavernier Feb 2024 #19
Hope so too!!! PCIntern Feb 2024 #20
You're a fast reader! I'm in your shoes. LeftInTX Feb 2024 #30
I opened the most recent press link tavernier Feb 2024 #38
u forgot about the pool boy. mopinko Feb 2024 #14
OMG LOL BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #21
Oh jeez...Forgot about him and I forgot his name. Wasn't he the "uncooperative witness"? LeftInTX Feb 2024 #24
Kato Kaelin BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #28
lol. i meant falwell's pool boy, but... mopinko Feb 2024 #33
Ha ha BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #36
Fani Willis wins the day with her quote: BarbD Feb 2024 #16
And that mountain grammy Feb 2024 #17
Solid proof, again, that one should always listen to their mother. jaxexpat Feb 2024 #18
I know the OJ case happened in 1995 or so. LeftInTX Feb 2024 #25
Right, and the outcome of the trial was a verdict of not guilty for the defendant. Barry Markson Feb 2024 #26
No... PCIntern Feb 2024 #32
Thank you for stating it so well wendyb-NC Feb 2024 #29
It's the never ending story. WinstonSmith4740 Feb 2024 #31
KnR Hekate Feb 2024 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2024 #35
No argument there PCIntern Feb 2024 #37
I think MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #42
Have any of those sanctimonious lawyers bothered to ask Chump FakeNoose Feb 2024 #43
At worse - this is a "code of conduct" issue, and I am not really sure that it is. But I would like to point out PaulRevere08 Feb 2024 #46
Apparently, in Georgia, if both spouses are lawyers they can represent opposing sides in a trial. Vinca Feb 2024 #51
Well, Clark and Darden lost a "slam dunk prosecution." Just saying. Silent Type Feb 2024 #52
Causal fallacy much? dpibel Feb 2024 #57
Nope. And I don't read by pointing at -- and mouthing -- each word. Silent Type Feb 2024 #58
So sad dpibel Feb 2024 #60
Home run orangecrush Feb 2024 #53
And Geraldo. Had an affair with Denise True Blue American Feb 2024 #54
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 2024 #56
Lol at your Mom's Wisdom. Cha Feb 2024 #59
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