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22. A couple of thoughts:
Mon Feb 19, 2024, 06:02 PM
Feb 19

1. We need a law that says companies can split the work into as many jobs as they like, but they have to pay benefits proportionately. E.g., if they split one job into 3 part-time jobs, they have to pay each of the 3 workers 1/3 of the benefits they'd have had to pay 1 full-time worker. Ideally, we could structure benefits as well as employment systems to be benefits-per-hour-worked rather than benefits-per-employee.

2. Scale is key to corruption and abuse, regardless of the type of organization. Whether it's a government, religion, corporation, or union, once it reaches a certain size, there's often much bigger amounts of $ available for skimming, less transparency between those at the top and those at the bottom, and the organization becomes a target for hijacking sociopaths.

Obviously, some functions are much more efficiently dealt with on a larger scale; the closest thing to a solution I know of is lots of power reserved to the lower, federated levels, lots of checks and balances, and lots of strong democratic principles built into the system; but I also think it would make sense to simply break up organizations that get too large.

I know this all sounds like pie in the sky, but

"A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias."

– Oscar Wilde (1997). Collected Works of Oscar Wilde: The Plays, the Poems, the Stories and the Essays Including De Profundis, p. 1051, Wordsworth Editions.

My last retail environment was back in the 80s & union. CrispyQ Feb 19 #1
They also schedule like that Bettie Feb 19 #2
No benefits, either. NT Trueblue Texan Feb 20 #27
Well of course not Bettie Feb 20 #29
Unions are the answer dlk Feb 19 #3
++ appalachiablue Feb 19 #5
Yes! That's the sort of thing that lead to unions in the first place. patphil Feb 19 #12
Yes. It has always been my contention to those who complain about unions is that it's companies who create them because Wonder Why Feb 19 #18
At the moment, the Union of Retail EmployERS is unbeatable PTL_Mancuso Feb 19 #17
YES BonnieJW Feb 20 #31
Our grandparents and parents knew the value of unions dlk Feb 20 #32
Plenty of Union workers voted for Reagan BlueNIndiana Feb 20 #33
Unfortunately, true dlk Feb 20 #34
Wonder if Rebl2 Feb 20 #35
Yes, Reagan was a SAG union member and even led them on a strike on 1960 dlk Feb 20 #36
Wow Rebl2 Feb 20 #37
This has been going on for a long time. Also, split shifts. Work 3 hours, off 3, work 4. SharonAnn Feb 19 #4
I hated split shifts ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 19 #10
This is the American way! LittleGirl Feb 19 #6
You can't have Medicare for All, they might raise taxes on the money we made by not giving you health insurance! ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 19 #13
Now that we Boomers are on our way out, the balance will shift back Warpy Feb 19 #7
I worked at I. Magnin in San Francisco leftieNanner Feb 19 #8
Oh, I've heard plenty of stories sakabatou Feb 19 #9
I've lived some of these ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 19 #11
Holy... sakabatou Feb 19 #14
Nope, one placed I worked had 25% (twenty-five percent) turnover monthly ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 19 #19
Shit. I wouldn't be surprised if it went bankrupt, or just skeleton crew sakabatou Feb 19 #23
Nope, it's still there ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #38
They should just all not show up. And find a different job. LiberalFighter Feb 19 #15
And, this is how you get it done! OldBaldy1701E Feb 20 #28
I've only had two retail jobs kimbutgar Feb 19 #16
This is what happens I_UndergroundPanther Feb 19 #20
Getting money out of politics is Step 1 dlk Feb 19 #21
A couple of thoughts: snot Feb 19 #22
My friend works for an airline central scrutinizer Feb 19 #24
Do they think this is new? AwakeAtLast Feb 20 #25
Kick dalton99a Feb 20 #26
it's rampant in academia too et tu Feb 20 #30
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