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Nate, STFU. spanone Feb 20 #1
Perfect advice. Uncluttered and Succinct. Thank you. SalamanderSleeps Feb 20 #30
No it isn't.. it's Stupid "advice " & Cha Feb 20 #58
you might want to rethink that comment, as you clearly did not follow the short comment string correctly Celerity Feb 20 #67
This is complete BS Joe Cool Feb 20 #2
Yeah, I'm sure Biden PatSeg Feb 20 #42
Now He's A Campaign Consultant? ProfessorGAC Feb 20 #3
How stupid to think Biden "standing down" would be anything but an unmitigated disaster Silent3 Feb 20 #4
I clearly remember George McGovern losing 49 states to Nixon Walleye Feb 20 #6
McGovern wasn't an incumbent POTUS with a record of accomplishments to run on ms liberty Feb 20 #9
Actually I was referring, not too clearly, to the fact that McGovern was the one that we on the left wanted. Walleye Feb 20 #18
Ah, I wasn't thinking about it from that aspect! All good! ms liberty Feb 20 #26
Another smartass telling Joe what he needs to do, how many elections has Nate won? Walleye Feb 20 #5
Nate Silver DC77 Feb 20 #7
If voters watch Biden, they should be reassured if they have any doubts. The man Vinca Feb 20 #8
Fuck Nate Silver. marble falls Feb 20 #10
Mr. Silver, pls proceed with self-fornication. lastlib Feb 20 #11
Biden needs to do a TV in depth interview or a town hall Johnny2X2X Feb 20 #12
His State of the Union is coming soon forthemiddle Feb 20 #39
+1. A short interview with a big hug from Taylor Swift would have been a boost. Silent Type Feb 20 #40
Nate Silver: "PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!" maxrandb Feb 20 #13
STFU he is running a campaign! Emile Feb 20 #14
He's an asshole. Always has been. Joinfortmill Feb 20 #15
ummmm..i feel reassured!!! samnsara Feb 20 #16
How about doing the best job of being President that I have ever seen? Botany Feb 20 #17
He's running the fucking country Johonny Feb 20 #19
Yes, Sir!! ?? ecstatic Feb 20 #20
WTF? When did a pollster tell a campaign what they should do publicly? When they cross that JohnSJ Feb 20 #21
This is exactly correct. SalviaBlue Feb 20 #36
I'm going to enjoy watching these people explain how they BootinUp Feb 20 #22
Pennsylvania will come down to turn out.. DemocratInPa Feb 20 #23
Unfortunately that is sad Trump is the most flawed candidate ever Tribetime Feb 20 #64
The idiotic idea that Democrats aren't saying the right magic words and Republicans are. betsuni Feb 20 #24
Well Biden is facing the same guy he already beat once nuxvomica Feb 20 #25
How is betting odds favoring Trump Tribetime Feb 20 #66
Biden reassures voters every day by doing his current job as President and not getting distracted by such nonsense Freethinker65 Feb 20 #27
Hey Nate, why don't you ask Trump to reassure voters he is capable of running a campaign, or stand down? sop Feb 20 #28
To even talk about Biden like this while Dementia Diaper Donnie continues NoMoreRepugs Feb 20 #29
More right wing talking points brought to DU. gab13by13 Feb 20 #31
I stopped listening to Silver Blue Idaho Feb 20 #32
Good news!! I'm reassured! DFW Feb 20 #33
Silver is absolutely right. Climate Crusader Feb 20 #34
Let's not and say we did. BannonsLiver Feb 20 #37
And then maybe sell $300 sneakers we can wear while... Climate Crusader Feb 20 #43
"Whistling past the graveyard" BannonsLiver Feb 20 #44
The "reality" is Biden has been getting up and doing the job every day for the last three years. sop Feb 20 #46
The "morons" you're referring to are called Climate Crusader Feb 20 #47
So why aren't these "voters" demanding Trump give a "Checkers" speech to convince them he's not crazy? sop Feb 20 #48
Because they have been successful in casting doubt. Climate Crusader Feb 20 #50
How are we leaving them on the field? There are moronic Trump voters who will never Demsrule86 Feb 20 #53
Another Keepthesoulalive Feb 20 #35
Remind me: how close were nate's predictions for the last Presidential election? Scrivener7 Feb 20 #38
Sure. He is an expert on election campaigns. LiberalFighter Feb 20 #41
Silver seems like one of those dudes who tans their balls. BannonsLiver Feb 20 #45
Nate STFU...clearly you are not important which is why you were fired...and you last polls Demsrule86 Feb 20 #49
Nate Silver needs to STFU and get a real job. Greybnk48 Feb 20 #51
Fck this guy mcar Feb 20 #52
I think he's doing that by running the country, despite getting shafted by his AG... brush Feb 20 #54
Putin has so many people on the payroll, doesn't he. Eliot Rosewater Feb 20 #55
Fuck that shit. Biden reassure voters he is capable of running a campaign and being president every day with every Autumn Feb 20 #56
My first thought, Nate Silver should go screw himself with a cactus. nt woodsprite Feb 20 #57
Soooooo, how many political campaigns has Nate Silver quarter-backed? ... marble falls Feb 20 #59
I was a fan of Carvelle, then he became a beltway pundit PurgedVoter Feb 20 #60
Biden will be re-elected pfitz59 Feb 20 #61
Say again Nate? Bobstandard Feb 20 #62
Why do these "pundits" maxrandb Feb 20 #63
This fuckin guy redqueen Feb 20 #65
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