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I'm tired of her but I want her to stay in and pester and annoy TFG. Ocelot II Feb 20 #1
Totally agree. He is so ticked at her. He hates the maggots who won't follow him more than he hates the Bidens. Wonder Why Feb 20 #7
Yes, I was thinking the same thing PatSeg Feb 20 #9
EXavtly. TY Cha Feb 20 #20
Not me. dawg Feb 20 #2
I want her to stay bdamomma Feb 20 #16
She's on my teevee all the time if I'm watching local. I'm in NC, in the Charlotte media market ms liberty Feb 20 #3
She rings about as true Red Mountain Feb 20 #4
She said Russia is not our friend, unlike the Trump/MAGA meme. keithbvadu2 Feb 21 #27
As long as she's in limbicnuminousity Feb 20 #5
I don't care how long she stays in as long as she keeps hitting Trump. TwilightZone Feb 20 #6
I'm more tired of the pointless cheerleading for her TheKentuckian Feb 20 #8
Agreed. She has no chance even if trump is convicted. brush Feb 20 #10
Agreed. If her primary opponent wasn't Trump, she would be universally dismissed as a fool for continuing to stay in. Midwestern Democrat Feb 20 #18
Sick and tired of her auditioning for 2028 act! 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 20 #11
I'm fine with her MustLoveBeagles Feb 20 #12
Not me, I hope she stays in. nt Raine Feb 20 #13
I want her to stick around as long as possible telling Republicans how awful Trump is. Don't you? Hekate Feb 20 #14
I guess. But I'm still upset at her dumb blunder over the "Civil War" cause, and her outrageous... brush Feb 20 #17
If I understand correctly, her plan is to get through Super Tuesday... Hekate Feb 21 #21
Maybe they'll destroy each other maxrandb Feb 20 #15
She's on TV instead of him splat Feb 20 #19
I hope she stays in Kaleva Feb 21 #22
I've been sick of her since she first ran for Governor here. GoCubsGo Feb 21 #23
Here's hoping she stays in, I'd rather see her face on tv than Dump's. Talitha Feb 21 #24
Lol. I want her to stay. I like the drama ecstatic Feb 21 #25
I dislike her a lot, but everyday Donny can't control a woman is a good day. Gore1FL Feb 21 #26
She's permanently toast. WarGamer Feb 21 #28
Hope she keeps digging that hole...out of sight and mind. brush Feb 21 #29
Not me. Anytime someone says something negative about tsf, an angel gets its wings. Scrivener7 Feb 21 #30
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