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$8,508?!?? Leghorn21 Feb 20 #1
No worries. He's a billionaire. fierywoman Feb 21 #14
😆 Deuxcents Feb 20 #2
How sad A_Woman_from_MI Feb 20 #3
This number seems a little high to me. Maybe they are inflating their numbers chicoescuela Feb 20 #4
4,000 Big Macs? BOSSHOG Feb 20 #5
Throwing Good Money After Bad..... global1 Feb 21 #6
When I was younger I didn't understand that expression. Now it seems perfectly clear Walleye Feb 21 #26
I thought he didn't pay lawyers KS Toronado Feb 21 #7
I sure would. Upfront too. Bobstandard Feb 21 #9
I hope they're at least smart enough to get paid in advance JoseBalow Feb 21 #13
He is now limiting them to $750/hour..... getagrip_already Feb 21 #33
RNC to the rescue! MadMike47 Feb 21 #8
And every RNC dollar that's spent on tRump Wednesdays Feb 21 #16
We need to let R voters know just how desperately their yellow god needs money. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 21 #21
Yellow god is s good name. The orange has faded revealing his true character, a coward Walleye Feb 21 #28
The RNC doesn't have much money. progressoid Feb 21 #23
A Black Hole at the center of the Republican Party, sucking all money into oblivion. If only all the Pukes fell in too. NBachers Feb 21 #10
That is a perfect analogy if I ever heard one! ShazzieB Feb 21 #24
There has to be a point when the well runs dry pfitz59 Feb 21 #11
Not comeuppance enough for me. n/t aggiesal Feb 21 #12
The Trump 'response' to PJB advertising is obviously going to be severely limited, DemocraticPatriot Feb 21 #15
He spent his life stiffing contractors, then racking up their legal bills when they sued. tinrobot Feb 21 #17
That's how he got Mar a loco. Palm Beach County couldn't afford the legal fees. twodogsbarking Feb 21 #18
Definitely cheery news for the start of the day!!! nt LAS14 Feb 21 #19
Shouldn't Trump be TAXED on all the contributions he uses to pay lawyers? Kid Berwyn Feb 21 #20
I was thinking just the same thing... Blue Idaho Feb 21 #27
I heard there is an irs action pending getagrip_already Feb 21 #34
I don't think shoe salesmen make that much. tavernier Feb 21 #22
Doesn't matter.... Happy Hoosier Feb 21 #25
Jon Stewart told me both candidates are old and demente and poor choices. Gee I think I will vote for jill stien mucifer Feb 21 #30
Meanwhile, Joe's over here with well over $100 million CASH Qutzupalotl Feb 21 #29
Wow... ShazzieB Feb 21 #31
The Republicans, not only can't they govern, they're no good with money Walleye Feb 21 #32
TFG's campaign is significantly underperforming Biden in fundraising, LetMyPeopleVote Feb 21 #35
Happy to see rfk jr is beginning to out spend his campaign cash!! Hopefully he'll have to drop out! PortTack Feb 21 #38
8$k per month? From 70million followers? So much winning. lindysalsagal Feb 21 #36
I love this for him! PortTack Feb 21 #37
Remember when Republicans said they hated "trial lawyers"? Now they spend most of their cash on them (nt) muriel_volestrangler Feb 21 #39
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