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C Moon

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23. I think tfg will chose a male: I remember RWNJs in my area were aghast when McCain chose Palin.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:38 AM
Feb 21

I'm sure the tfg was greatly disappointed in McCain in his decision, and tfg will decide not to do the same.
He'll chose a white male.

No more BJs from Elsie. Chipper Chat Feb 21 #1
What do you mean BJs? Do you actually think she sucks off Trump? obamanut2012 Feb 21 #37
Probably meant "Biden Jokes" KS Toronado Feb 21 #38
Oh, absolutely. Chipper Chat Feb 21 #41
That is a very unflattering photo. madaboutharry Feb 21 #2
She's been looking very NJCher Feb 21 #8
I was going to say she looks like a prison guard, madaboutharry Feb 21 #10
Which is exactly what it comes down to BeyondGeography Feb 21 #27
non-ironic Frumpcore Celerity Feb 21 #33
Well said, Mad. Cha Feb 21 #9
Post removed Post removed Feb 21 #11
That is true sheshe2 Feb 21 #13
That's what she looks like. JI7 Feb 21 #20
It would be pathetic if it wasn't so damned funny! Stinky The Clown Feb 21 #3
Tim Scott is his new pet pfitz59 Feb 21 #4
might want to get that lump just right of her lips checked out RussBLib Feb 21 #5
Who is on his short list? Anybody know? dmr Feb 21 #6
Ingraham said the names...he just agreed. sheshe2 Feb 21 #12
He is talking about a V.P.? Not I, myself, me me, me? question everything Feb 21 #16
To be honest, she mentioned the names... sheshe2 Feb 21 #17
Breaking news: he hasn't been president since 2021 MagickMuffin Feb 21 #22
Trump previously said that Scott, DeSantis and Ramaswany were NOT on his list... brooklynite Feb 21 #35
Out of that group he'd pick Vivek Ramaswamy KS Toronado Feb 21 #39
Did she mention a risen JFK Jr? Because I know people who think it. oldsoftie Feb 21 #28
ES sold her soul to the Devil & the Cha Feb 21 #7
That she did.😱🤣 sheshe2 Feb 21 #19
I think he returned it, along with her money . . . hatrack Feb 21 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author diva77 Feb 21 #14
Aunt Lydia, is that you? EYESORE 9001 Feb 21 #15
I sent them a text, that I am unavailable to be Trump's running mate.... DemocraticPatriot Feb 21 #18
womp womp nt orleans Feb 21 #21
I think tfg will chose a male: I remember RWNJs in my area were aghast when McCain chose Palin. C Moon Feb 21 #23
I can't imagine they will like his choosing a black man either--even one willing to be so subservient like Scott. hlthe2b Feb 21 #25
True. C Moon Feb 21 #42
He likes to hire attractive women; thinks it makes HIM look better. oldsoftie Feb 21 #29
DeSantis on the list shoes how ignorant Trump is. aeromanKC Feb 21 #24
? How would naming DeSantis as his running mate be unconstitutional? hlthe2b Feb 21 #26
maybe he thinks 2 people from the same state cant run oldsoftie Feb 21 #30
That is a misread of the Electoral College System in Article II of the constitution: hlthe2b Feb 21 #34
If he chose DeSatan, Florida's electoral college votes could not go to the GOPee ticket. lastlib Feb 21 #36
Only if it were exceedingly close such that one state's electors decides. See my post above yours. hlthe2b Feb 21 #40
Really rocking that Irma Grese look . . . . hatrack Feb 21 #31
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