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The time has passed for this to stop. Every ruling she makes is a sorry joke. Boomerproud Feb 20 #1
Yours and mine both senseandsensibility Feb 20 #2
She is nothing but a MAGAt hack maxrandb Feb 20 #3
You left off a few words: "She is nothing but a MAGAt hack who doesn't know enough law to be on the fed bench" Wonder Why Feb 20 #20
... trusty elf Feb 20 #21
What a great meme! SergeStorms Feb 20 #27
I may never eat COL Mustard Feb 20 #29
👍 MiHale Feb 21 #36
The steak is hilarious! vapor2 Feb 20 #30
And so is the burned toast on each upper corner! calimary Feb 21 #33
What are the odds that the 11th would intervene? limbicnuminousity Feb 20 #4
Oh, please, please, please, please, please, please, please! ShazzieB Feb 20 #5
So who kicks a judge off a case? Probatim Feb 20 #6
The 11th circuit court of appeals... getagrip_already Feb 20 #9
Thanks - and that procedure starts with a request from either counsel and their acceptance to review? Probatim Feb 20 #13
Smith has to file a motion for recusal... getagrip_already Feb 20 #15
traitortrump's loose Cannon is a threat to the witnesses and the country. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 20 #7
Yes... that's the bottom. the Elephant in the room. Cha Feb 20 #25
The Meidas Touch has been covering this as well barbtries Feb 20 #8
Never going to happen. Smith won't even ask for it to happen. onenote Feb 20 #10
Well, smith does need garlands approval first.. getagrip_already Feb 20 #17
It's not a case of not having the balls. It's a case of not wasting time on a losing motion. onenote Feb 20 #22
Well, that is an opinion... getagrip_already Feb 20 #28
Yep. I won't be holding my breath waiting for this to happen. progressoid Feb 20 #31
She'd probably be relieved to get tossed. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 20 #11
That sounds possible, Mr.Bill Feb 20 #12
She's probably afraid leftieNanner Feb 20 #14
Yep, MUCH better for HER to be tossed than recuse oldsoftie Feb 21 #39
Surely you jest! dchill Feb 20 #19
She is probably on his short list for Give Peace A Chance Feb 21 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 21 #35
Unfuckingbelievable spanone Feb 20 #16
In Jack I Trust. NoMoreRepugs Feb 20 #18
She never should have been reassigned after trying to scuttle the case w the Special Master assignment in the beginning AdamGG Feb 20 #23
Don't tease us, Eisen & Kolb! TY! Cha Feb 20 #24
She's not fit to judge.... SergeStorms Feb 20 #26
"It is almost as if she is intentionally running interference for the former president." BWdem4life Feb 21 #32
Angling for a Supreme Court appointment maybe? calimary Feb 21 #34
It is absolutely ridiculous that Reality Winner could be jailed so promptly Goodheart Feb 21 #37
Put Cannon back in traffic court RocRizzo55 Feb 21 #38
Won't happen, it would look political and Smith's boss won't have any of that. republianmushroom Feb 21 #41
Damage is already done. Witnesses will be afraid to come forward. MadameButterfly Feb 21 #42
Please make it so that Cannon is removed from this case. I'm former US Air Force member and was also a iluvtennis Feb 21 #43
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