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From the GOP? Turbineguy Feb 21 #1
I saw someone on mastodon BootinUp Feb 21 #2
Wasn't that the money that was supposed grumpyduck Feb 21 #3
Let me guess it wasn't from selling vodka nt doc03 Feb 21 #4
THANKS for the giggle, doc03, elleng Feb 21 #10
Why with so many unanswered questions about this guy and his activities... brush Feb 21 #5
Lies that Biden got a $5 million payoff, when he got $6 million tinrobot Feb 21 #6
Putin republianmushroom Feb 21 #7
Or if he's driving a new RV and his mom's house is paid for... rubbersole Feb 21 #22
Perp has admitted to long ties with Russian intelligence. pecosbob Feb 21 #8
I agree that is the likely scenario. Nt BootinUp Feb 21 #9
That's why he had value to the FBI, supposedly. Because he had inside connections. Question is wiggs Feb 21 #17
We know there are some moniss Feb 21 #21
I think there are TWO, yes TWO, TWO FBI's in one! Like Certs! PTL_Mancuso Feb 21 #24
Why do you think the RNC is broke? louis-t Feb 21 #11
Smirnov is a dual Israeli-American citizen. PufPuf23 Feb 21 #12
".... motivated by his dislike for the President"? 70sEraVet Feb 21 #14
Where did he get the money?......hmmm... selling vodka? ashredux Feb 21 #13
In Soviet Russia Diraven Feb 21 #15
His family in Russia is "connected." Warpy Feb 21 #16
Well yeah "Smirinov Vodka" anyone? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #20
Gym Jordan gave it to him? LiberalFighter Feb 21 #18
Maybe same place the moniss Feb 21 #19
Rubles or green backs? paleotn Feb 21 #23
The elephant in the room for me is this question.... KY_EnviroGuy Feb 21 #25
Putin puppets have been installed across the US government and media. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #26
Wasn't he a paid informant? Paid by US tulipsandroses Feb 21 #27
Yes. But not this much. BootinUp Feb 21 #28
Depending on the information and value, some informants are very well paid tulipsandroses Feb 21 #31
I think I heard or saw 100k/year but BootinUp Feb 21 #32
From his comedy act spooky3 Feb 21 #29
Nice long thread gab13by13 Feb 21 #30
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