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7. Good memory of the 1950s, they were regimented and awful.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 05:24 PM
Feb 21

We had the first TV on the block so my mother could watch the HUAC hearings on the old Dumont network, white knuckled, terrified, and furious. She'd been to meetings in the 30s because the Communists were the only ones doing anything about the building crisis in Europe, getting Jews out of Germany, Russia, Poland, and a few other countries and clothing and feeding them and trying to find places that would accept them as immigrants. The US largely would not, although my paternal grandfather got a few out of France.

She was waiting for that knock on the door. I guess we were lucky it never came, but she wasn't a Hollywood figure or in government or any sort of high profile person. They only went after people who were talented and competent so "conservatives" would get a shot.

I was a little kid, not much older than you were. I remember the terror, everybody worried that some vicious gossip with a grudge would drop a dime on them and ruin their lives with a phone call. At the very least, men could lose their jobs if the cops showed up.

The right wing, led by TFG, wants to bring this back and try to bludgeon Democrats into fear and compliance with dictatorship. The rich fund it all. It's going to take a hell of a lot of effort to resist this. We do outnumber them. We need to exercise this reality, along with the reality that they need us a hell of a lot more than we need them.

ETA: The real irony in all of this is that it has never been illegal to be a full fledged member of the US Communist Party.

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