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11. There's an estimated 1.5 MILLION in freezers across the US.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 07:18 PM
Feb 21

And they all need wombs now. Step up ladies.

Yes, it does. CrispyQ Feb 21 #1
Because MOMFUDSKI Feb 21 #2
No Jilly_in_VA Feb 21 #14
Because JoseBalow Feb 21 #21
Them thinking they speak for god is kind of the heart of it. paleotn Feb 21 #29
Yes"rights" are attached to things by people with authority to do so Model35mech Feb 21 #50
Don't tease! dpibel Feb 22 #56
I'm saying the argument isn't about biology Model35mech Feb 22 #58
You aren't classified as a person? ripcord Feb 21 #3
You might need to be more specific in stating your question... SalviaBlue Feb 21 #7
Not with full rights in this country Hope22 Feb 21 #8
I'm female. Apparently as such I'm not even 3/5 of a person. .... Hekate Feb 21 #15
Yep. To give personhood to a fertilized egg Bettie Feb 21 #52
According to the Alabamadingdong supremes, no. paleotn Feb 21 #30
"Alabamadingdongs" -- small chuckle -- that's good Hekate Feb 22 #57
No she's not. stage left Feb 21 #38
Liberal men are not the problem UniqueUserName Feb 22 #59
I never said they were stage left Feb 23 #60
My question is will they be counted in the next census? AbnerBunny Feb 21 #4
There's an estimated 1.5 MILLION in freezers across the US. jmbar2 Feb 21 #11
Not funny Rebl2 Feb 21 #43
Good point, AbnerBunny, but how will we know whether they're Democrats or Republicans? TheRickles Feb 21 #17
Easy. Like kittens, are their eyes open? FailureToCommunicate Feb 21 #31
Really how stupid! Tree Lady Feb 21 #25
Why not? It's only logical. paleotn Feb 21 #32
I'm with you! Hope22 Feb 21 #5
It's a stupid as hell decision, but what rights do you think it has that you don't have? onenote Feb 21 #6
It has the right to kill her Hope22 Feb 21 #10
The lack of understanding is depressing redqueen Feb 21 #12
Ain't that the damn truth. paleotn Feb 21 #34
Amazing the lengths some will go to, to dominate women. calimary Feb 21 #37
The women who fought for our rights would be very pi$$ed Hope22 Feb 21 #49
It has the right to kill me, and in half the states in this country, docs are afraid to intervene Hekate Feb 21 #20
Ummm, because pregnancy in and of itself is one of the most dangerous things a woman can do paleotn Feb 21 #33
Seriously, dude? stage left Feb 21 #40
I'm sad stage left Feb 21 #42
So can you now use them as dependents on AL taxes? n/t tinymontgomery Feb 21 #9
Of course Rebl2 Feb 21 #41
As I understand from another post stage left Feb 21 #44
Okay Rebl2 Feb 21 #53
I will always take your side Marthe48 Feb 21 #13
How does a corpse have more rights than a young woman does? Warpy Feb 21 #16
I don't have much optimism left. Slavery, by whatever name, lasted for centuries. Female subjugation... Hekate Feb 21 #22
One word. Control. paleotn Feb 21 #35
Love the fetus, hate the child Bernardo de La Paz Feb 21 #18
These fundies like to make crap up, especially if it is useful to gain more power. n/t Liberal In Texas Feb 21 #19
In the lawsuit they called them "extrauterine children". 58Sunliner Feb 21 #23
Post removed Post removed Feb 21 #24
Ladies, and men, everyone, remember what party did this come election day in Nov. brush Feb 21 #26
Because.... MuseRider Feb 21 #27
Because of fucking religion. Sky Jewels Feb 21 #28
With many religion is their excuse for their behavior. StarryNite Feb 21 #48
Yet, once those cells are born, they are moochers/deadbeats on society, underserving of medical care, nutrition, housin keithbvadu2 Feb 21 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Feb 21 #39
I hope stage left Feb 21 #45
now texas is arguing a fetus isnt a baby and doesnt have rights keithbvadu2 Feb 21 #46
All Liberal men, stage left Feb 21 #47
Damn straight!!! Speak UP! Make Some NOISE!!! calimary Feb 21 #51
Dead people have more rights than a live woman in this fked-up KKKuntry OMGWTF Feb 21 #54
No Rebl2 Feb 21 #55
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