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What century do this people live in? Irish_Dem Feb 22 #1
The 19th. limbicnuminousity Feb 22 #3
I think they are still in the civil war stage. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #18
19th B.C.E Roland99 Feb 22 #32
What millennium do these people live in? Hugin Feb 22 #9
Human life cannot be wrongfully destroyed? Walleye Feb 22 #2
Bingo! MOMFUDSKI Feb 22 #6
Well, that guy wasn't innocent, you see. CrispyQ Feb 22 #7
Those are post-uterine children... Hugin Feb 22 #12
Bootie straps, I love it Walleye Feb 22 #15
Post-uterine children...I'm literally laughing out loud. CrispyQ Feb 22 #17
He was judged guilty by man, not by God Walleye Feb 22 #14
Where did this idiot come from? Mz Pip Feb 22 #4
Elected limbicnuminousity Feb 22 #13
3 former Republican Alabama Supreme Court justices supported his opponent in his election muriel_volestrangler Feb 23 #42
How to say you have never made it past Genesis... Hugin Feb 22 #5
But thoughts and prayers is all that's needed The Unmitigated Gall Feb 22 #8
*dangerous and deviating from the U.S. Constitution. elleng Feb 22 #10
The FRC thoroughly welcomes theocracy. Boomerproud Feb 22 #35
They are NOT embryos. The frozen items are Zygots. They do not become embryos until they Ninga Feb 22 #11
These fanatics are on the one hand stupid, & on the other hand they have rat-like cunning... Hekate Feb 22 #23
Apparently, for justice Parker, violent death from gun violence doesn't count dlk Feb 22 #16
Americans being mass murdered by military assault weapons is fine with the GOP. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #19
They are seriously twisted in their religious zealotry dlk Feb 22 #20
It is almost like a religious psychosis. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #21
It's definitely something abnormal dlk Feb 22 #22
I think it is a mixed bag of psychiatric diagnoses. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #26
Yes, there's no one-size-fits-all in describing Republican pathology dlk Feb 22 #34
Oh yes it is psychopathology. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #36
15-week bans, no AR-15 bans. sop Feb 22 #27
They can control our sex lives, but cannot control the mass murders. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #28
If there was a god he would be dead. LiberalFighter Feb 22 #24
Want to know how to tell if an embryo is a child? A HERETIC I AM Feb 22 #25
Seven Mountain Mandate- this idiot is pushing an extreme religious nut case theory LetMyPeopleVote Feb 22 #29
You like invoking God, "Chief Justice" Parker? Paladin Feb 22 #30
If God's wrath is invoked, then we don't have to do anything, right? Qutzupalotl Feb 22 #31
Remember, this is the state that kept electing Roy Moore VMA131Marine Feb 22 #33
Actually, the repubs here kept electing him ... Whiskeytide Feb 22 #37
Fuck Tom Parker. SamKnause Feb 22 #38
Unborn children are children? moondust Feb 23 #39
Why isn't he naked? dickthegrouch Feb 23 #40
The Blowback BACKFIRE Has Already Begun! Cha Feb 23 #41
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