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Someone is losing his shit! pandr32 Feb 2024 #1
I assume this is not from 2019 Pinback Feb 2024 #2
They turned against Trump in 2016. speak easy Feb 2024 #8
No they didn't, he got so much free air time from them it helped... brush Feb 2024 #12
The plastic surgery thing was in June of 2017 progressoid Feb 2024 #16
The 'relationship' was dead by June 2017 speak easy Feb 2024 #24
Ok, but I knew it wasn't 2015 or '16 as all their free air time help get him elected. brush Feb 2024 #28
'I wouldn't want Hitler to be on 35 times,' speak easy Feb 2024 #38
I remember Rebl2 Feb 2024 #39
Sorry, you're correct. Pinback Feb 2024 #34
2015 billh58 Feb 2024 #27
Thanks. I forgot the timeline. (nt) Pinback Feb 2024 #35
I'm almost... 2naSalit Feb 2024 #3
Same. MontanaMama Feb 2024 #6
This is from 2015 progressoid Feb 2024 #4
So what if it turns out not to be recent? DinahMoeHum Feb 2024 #5
I guess it is old, but might explain why Trump isn't doing any more phone interviews with MSNBC! OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #7
I'm thinking it's recent. Remember in his first campaign he'd call into... brush Feb 2024 #14
It matters because it indicates Joe is vanlassie Feb 2024 #17
True. progressoid Feb 2024 #21
To show J & M were not 100% horrible back then? Best I remember Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2024 #37
It matters. Boomerproud Feb 2024 #25
How's anybody gonna learn nothing if news people keep hanging up on him? 3Hotdogs Feb 2024 #9
I think this is an old one . . . AverageOldGuy Feb 2024 #10
MSNBC posted it today. William769 Feb 2024 #11
Need more of this! nt TeamProg Feb 2024 #13
I remember in 2016 moniss Feb 2024 #15
Wish he had done that in 2015. Just saying. Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #18
He did. progressoid Feb 2024 #22
Hardly makes up for the countless free hours he gave trump in 15/16... Wounded Bear Feb 2024 #19
Wish more news media would do that appleannie1 Feb 2024 #20
Feb 22, 2024 #MorningJoe #trump 12/08/2015 #MorningJoe #trump elleng Feb 2024 #23
You mean this was today on "Morning Joe?" brush Feb 2024 #29
I think they posted to MJ's internet site today and it was a clip from 2015. Makes sense to me. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author brush Feb 2024 #33
clip from 2015, posted/broadcast today. elleng Feb 2024 #32
BUUUUURRRRRRNNNNN!!!! Richard D Feb 2024 #26
going to break is not a hang up on air orleans Feb 2024 #30
Oh shoot. AND i was just thinking, Kook's got giant balls to go on there. And people diss J & M! Glass half full D's Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2024 #36
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