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get the red out

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55. Dogs can be messed up
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 05:59 PM
Feb 22

Dogs can be as mentally messed up as people. I have a dog that is (I thought) well-bred and I KNOW has never experienced any neglect or abuse but he has fear aggression (not a guarding breed or bred for aggression). I blamed myself until I took him to a behavior vet for over a year, and also behavior trainers. I was told that it is something he was born with, thankfully he isn't aggressive unless a stranger tries to pet him, and he is Hell at the regular vet getting usual shots and exams (muzzle used). I don't get him close enough to others for them to try to touch him, and he is very well behaved on walks, and he can see people, other dogs, even cats and not react. I just can't get him into a close situation with people. He is on some meds for his mental problem (like me!) and I have trained my ass off. I am hoping it never comes to me putting him down, like if it gets worse with age or something. It would be so hard to manage a dog with guarding instincts who takes the initiative to bite. I am certain that I couldn't deal with that situation at all.

I remember a few months back there were seriously people defending the dog, thinking it could sniff out Trump supporters tritsofme Feb 21 #1
That dog sounds like TexasDem69 Feb 21 #2
I am the biggest dog love, but... DemocratInPa Feb 21 #3
they need to ship dog#2 off to where they sent dog#1 BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 22 #17
They have a cat, Willow. StarryNite Feb 22 #28
ok BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 23 #73
Commander has been out of the WH for months, and the Bidens niyad Feb 22 #43
oh ok BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 23 #72
They probably deserved it. Seeking Serenity Feb 21 #4
No they didn't. former9thward Feb 21 #6
That's not how dog bites work. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 21 #8
and here we go .. stopdiggin Feb 21 #13
And in a 'lot of societies' he would have 'put down' the enemies of his master.... DemocraticPatriot Feb 22 #20
So you believe Biden should has his dog attack Republican congressmen? AZSkiffyGeek Feb 22 #31
How so? cloudbase Feb 22 #26
Because Commander only targeted right-leaning agents BeyondGeography Feb 22 #29
No--only if they still smelled like Trump, and Commander picked up the scent n/t DFW Feb 22 #33
I'd be willing to bet John Farmer Feb 22 #34
I somehow don't think that is how a SS agent is trained. Aren't they supposed to be protecting POTUS? Hekate Feb 22 #42
Protect the President John Farmer Feb 22 #49
You lost your bet. former9thward Feb 22 #67
I know that these ..... LenaBaby61 Feb 22 #57
Is CNN trying to rehash old news? LiberalFighter Feb 21 #5
The White House just released the documents. former9thward Feb 21 #10
That dog was set up to fail. I'm amazed he's still alive tbh. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 21 #7
I Agree RobinA Feb 22 #36
I thought the dog was gone from the White House. Biophilic Feb 21 #9
The attacks took place in four other residences. former9thward Feb 21 #11
Think of the timing. niyad Feb 22 #44
I guess they're gonna impeach the dog now DoBW Feb 21 #12
I think the dogs see the secret service as competition JI7 Feb 22 #14
Is this the dog that was eventually removed and sent back to Delaware? Sogo Feb 22 #15
Commander is his third White House dog. catrose Feb 22 #16
Makes me wonder if they dogs weren't being baited in some way to bring out their aggressions. Sogo Feb 22 #18
Truly. But the Bidens are loving, thoughtful, experienced pet owners catrose Feb 22 #21
One or two bites, that might make sense. Mariana Feb 22 #60
Because Gym Jordan and Maga Mike are not invited to the White House--- DemocraticPatriot Feb 22 #19
Do any of the agents have dogs in their homes? LiberalFighter Feb 22 #22
So all 24 agents do not have dogs? former9thward Feb 22 #68
IMPEACH HIM NOW! CTyankee Feb 22 #23
I don't understand people claiming the Secret Service agents are somehow at fault or out to get the Bidens ripcord Feb 22 #24
If that happened anywhere else, the dog would have been removed and euthanized MichMan Feb 22 #46
Lucky dog. Most people would have been shot the first time they attacked a law enforcement officer Jose Garcia Feb 22 #25
I'll only add that all of these occurred while Commander was a puppy Arazi Feb 22 #27
That's a good point about Commander being a puppy BlueKota Feb 22 #47
Their needle baby teeth will easily break skin too Arazi Feb 22 #58
Maybe they should try a completely different breed... DemocraticPatriot Feb 23 #74
They did not take place as a puppy Zeitghost Feb 22 #62
Ah thanks Arazi Feb 22 #65
GOPP North Shore Chicago Feb 22 #30
A biting dog should not be tolerated or kept. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 22 #32
You do know that Commander has been out of the WH for months, yes? niyad Feb 22 #41
Aren't there also Secret Service agents and other staff with the president when he is in Delaware? MichMan Feb 22 #56
Yes, I know. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 22 #66
You do know that there have been attacks in four other residences other than the WH, yes? former9thward Feb 22 #69
Well, Elessar Zappa Feb 22 #35
We know why it is in the news now, don't we? niyad Feb 22 #40
Because the White House issued a report on the biting incidents yesterday NT AZSkiffyGeek Feb 22 #59
Actually, it was the secret service, and cnn, which has apparently had niyad Feb 23 #71
Why is he still kept? Polybius Feb 22 #37
Commander has been out of the WH for months, so think about the timing niyad Feb 22 #39
No, the dog has attacked in 4 other residences. former9thward Feb 22 #70
Nice distraction from the ruzzian psy-op, and wouldn't it be nice if cnn niyad Feb 22 #38
Magical mutt masticates malevolent man meat Sympthsical Feb 22 #45
I understand wanting to have a dog in the WH maxsolomon Feb 22 #48
German shepherds are really protective. leftyladyfrommo Feb 22 #50
Cats are the answer. Ocelot II Feb 22 #51
That dog claudette Feb 22 #52
Is a muzzle a terrible idea? Red Mountain Feb 22 #53
Were they undercover as mailmen?? nt Shermann Feb 22 #54
Dogs can be messed up get the red out Feb 22 #55
Did he bite others, such as WH staff, housekeeping, etc.? Midnight Writer Feb 22 #61
Yes Zeitghost Feb 22 #63
A high line GSD is the last breed I'd recommend for that situation as a home pet. WarGamer Feb 22 #64
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