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Thu Feb 22, 2024, 06:40 PM Feb 22

CNN TV: Report shows evidence of systematic sexual assaults by Hamas [View all]

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"Numerous testimonies and pieces of disclosed and classified information present a clear picture of identical patterns of action repeated in each of the attack zones - the Nova Festival, private homes in the Gaza envelope kibbutzim, and IDF bases."

These assaults included gang rapes carried out in front of the victims' partners, family, and friends to increase pain and humiliation.

This didn't happen in one spot, but many places, which implies they got instructions to harm, shoot, rape, etc.

This was gathered from personal accounts, witnesses, and video made by Hamas.

You can condemn Israel for its politics and for many things, and you can respect the Palestinian cause, but don't just reject this slaughter and deny it because of politics or an agenda.

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel.


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I know this is dropping like a rock... egduj Feb 22 #1
The fact that they cannot even condemn it, including some members of Congress, is a disgrace. JohnSJ Feb 22 #2
Hell, We've Had People Deny It Here, Sir The Magistrate Feb 22 #3
We have trolls and plants among us... getagrip_already Feb 22 #4
Unfortunately, people all over the world are denying it. yardwork Feb 22 #11
If DU is actually better than the average, I am eternally grateful to be here... Hekate Feb 22 #22
... William769 Feb 22 #33
... lapucelle Feb 22 #37
I live in an area with several universities and some people have lost their minds. yardwork Feb 23 #102
Anyone who denies civilian deaths and atrocities on ANY side, has a political agenda JohnSJ Feb 22 #6
Hmmm, so you would agree with the estimimate of near 30, 000 dead Palestinians, mostly women and children? TeamProg Feb 22 #15
30,000 dead, with a substantial portion being Hamas fighters NickB79 Feb 22 #19
So since Hamas had 40000 members Diraven Feb 22 #32
Nobody is encouraging that sort of outcome Hekate Feb 22 #50
Just doing the math Diraven Feb 22 #61
Have not seen that -- but have seen the flip side from Hamas apologists, altho not too recently Hekate Feb 22 #62
What a vile and horrible thing to say. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #74
I agree Palestinian civilians were killed JohnSJ Feb 22 #24
History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #27
But you deny that nearly 30,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel's assaults since 10/7. TeamProg Feb 22 #36
Sometimes I Despair, Sir The Magistrate Feb 22 #39
Yah no thanks. TeamProg Feb 22 #43
Post removed Post removed Feb 22 #45
Um, you did respond to me though. Those Caps Look So Professional! TeamProg Feb 22 #49
You Provided An Opening For Something I Thought Worth Saying, Dear The Magistrate Feb 22 #51
History will be kind to me. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #76
Your thoughtful reasoning is appreciated, Magistrate Hekate Feb 23 #91
I got your number too buddy and where your sympathies lie, and it isn't just JohnSJ Feb 22 #41
You've got the wrong number, buddy. I have called Hamas' doings as 'atrocities', but myself, and apparently much of the TeamProg Feb 22 #47
That is what this thread is about, but you ignore that in this thread. You want to expand on JohnSJ Feb 22 #52
Brushing the rape and endless Hamas fuckery of killing babies is fucking disgusting. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #77
Actually, it's not meant to be "justice". It's meant to be war. It's meant to defeat Hamas * Oopsie Daisy Feb 23 #96
Many of these deaths are due to Hamas using civilians as human shields LetMyPeopleVote Feb 23 #98
TY for this, LMPV! Cha Feb 23 #109
I'm kicking it Hekate Feb 22 #28
Recommended sheshe2 Feb 22 #5
Thank you for posting this. KPN Feb 22 #8
She needs to be primaried vercetti2021 Feb 22 #10
Yeah, Tlaib is In Denial.. so she gets others to deny it, too. Cha Feb 22 #12
Voting 'Present' is just that, neither supporting nor opposing. It could be a matter of facts. Either way: TeamProg Feb 22 #14
History WIll NOt BE Kind To those who Suppress the Vote for Pres Biden! Cha Feb 22 #23
Small potatoes. TeamProg Feb 22 #34
History Will NOT Be KIND to those Who SUPPRISS the VOTE AGAINST PJB. Cha Feb 22 #40
Small potatoes. History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #72
"Fetterman to Democrats who criticize Biden: "Might as well just get your MAGA hat, because you now are helping Trump." Cha Feb 22 #73
History will not be kind to brushing aside the rape of hundreds of innocent civilians. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #79
Rec TY Cha Feb 22 #86
I love these excuses, er justifications about those who won't admit that JohnSJ Feb 22 #46
Yeah, it's Crystal CLEAR Cha Feb 22 #56
It was on CNN TV Jake Tapper who was interviewing the head of the organization that helps rape victims. I will JohnSJ Feb 22 #63
Thanks! That part is Good to know Cha Feb 22 #64
Found it JohnSJ Feb 22 #65
Mahalo, John!! Cha Feb 22 #67
Jack Tapper was the first to discuss these horrendous crimes, several months ago question everything Feb 23 #88
I see threads all over xmas74 Feb 22 #75
You have said you condemn Hamas' atrocities TexasDem69 Feb 22 #66
It Is Odd, Sir The Magistrate Feb 22 #70
Thank you, Cha. sheshe2 Feb 22 #60
That is untrue, she voted "present", not "No". Please be accurate with the info you share. TeamProg Feb 22 #29
Which is just as good as a no. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 22 #53
Thank you. sheshe2 Feb 22 #59
Thanks.. Cha Feb 22 #83
Voting present is the same as voting no, IMHO. sheshe2 Feb 22 #54
She didn't vote yes to condemn the rape and mutilation then there are some here trying to fucking justify that ugly vote SoFlaBro Feb 22 #80
Terrible. Elessar Zappa Feb 22 #7
That is just tempering the adulation and celebration TheKentuckian Feb 22 #9
I actually cannot figure out the thrust of your comment. Care to parse it a bit? Hekate Feb 22 #25
The excuses for the barbarians and handwaiving their vile shit are just cover for cheerleading their actions TheKentuckian Feb 22 #31
Yes, thank you Hekate Feb 22 #35
Excuses for it? Huh? Where? Please elaborate. TeamProg Feb 22 #30
Any pushback on using this as justification Diraven Feb 22 #38
AFTER the fact? That makes no sense, I'm sorry but I haven't seen that nor do I believe your claim. Further, TeamProg Feb 22 #42
Not just here xmas74 Feb 22 #82
What is numerous? And this is odd, on "IDF bases." Hamas was committing atrocities on IDF bases? TeamProg Feb 22 #13
On Oct 7, Hamas attacked several IDF bases close to the border NickB79 Feb 22 #16
I hope that is clear enough Hekate Feb 22 #26
Not clear enough for that one NoRethugFriends Feb 22 #84
K&R betsuni Feb 22 #17
NOTHNG Justifies "These assaults included gang rapes carried out in front of the victims' partners, family, and friends Cha Feb 22 #18
Well said JohnSJ Feb 22 #48
Thank you! Cha Feb 22 #57
Thank you for this. William769 Feb 22 #20
KnR Hekate Feb 22 #21
That this actually happens in the 21st century is something I just can't wrap my head around. Torchlight Feb 22 #44
Wow! jimfields33 Feb 22 #58
Agree, it's incomprehensible TexasDem69 Feb 22 #69
Rape has been used in wars since forever, and too many, feminists, tried to dismiss it as just question everything Feb 23 #89
Rape's part of the trained-in toolkit of the Russian Army, & how they announced themselves in Ukraine Hekate Feb 23 #92
I guess you missed the news about women in Ethiopia redqueen Feb 23 #100
My brain is aware it's happening worldwide. Torchlight Feb 23 #103
That's the error in your logic redqueen Feb 23 #104
And that's a war crime. Iggo Feb 22 #55
Shocking, I tell you. /s Oneironaut Feb 22 #68
Was the murder of 30,000 Palestinian also 'systematic'? marble falls Feb 22 #71
War is not Murder Bad Thoughts Feb 22 #78
"Murder"? Just because people, even civilians died, doesn't make it murder. Do I need to grab a dictionary for you? SoFlaBro Feb 22 #81
It's WAR & your trying to Distract from the HORROR o the OP is NOT WORKING Cha Feb 22 #85
As I read through these replies, there are some folks for whom my respect and admiration grows * Oopsie Daisy Feb 23 #97
K&R Arazi Feb 23 #87
Some folks have trouble believing this sarisataka Feb 23 #90
I've seen it posted on here that since they didn't see it that it isn't confirmed. "30000 dead!" is their only reply. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #93
If you want to be one of the cool kids, you gotta cheer for Hamas. RandySF Feb 23 #94
I'm still waiting for some ideas on dealing with Hamas ripcord Feb 23 #95
The hostages need to be returned LetMyPeopleVote Feb 23 #99
This is the last picture we have of Naama. nocoincidences Feb 23 #105
Deniers need "proof" sarisataka Feb 23 #106
It is heartbreaking that this has become necessary redqueen Feb 23 #101
It's Jews and they deserve it. It was just "resistance" Arazi Feb 23 #107
You have to redqueen Feb 23 #110
Those were hideious, heneious actions by Hamas... electric_blue68 Feb 23 #108
K & R rollin74 Feb 23 #111
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