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39. I don't know how things were run in your area or how long ago your 20s were, but
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 07:49 AM
Feb 2024

no one asked me to sign a proxy, my county committee holds regular meetings, and we are instrumental in getting Democrats on the ballot, organizing phone banks and canvassing events for local, state, and national candidates, and then getting out the vote for their elections.

My question to anyone sneering at folks who have earned what is essentially a pretty humble seat at a not very grand table is

"What are you doing to get Democrats elected"?

Good luck! 🍀 Drum Feb 2024 #1
Good luck, I know you will do a good job Walleye Feb 2024 #2
Ah, TY for all you for us Democrats!!! bluestarone Feb 2024 #3
Good for you and good luck mountain grammy Feb 2024 #4
Best of luck to you. sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #5
Where can I sign the petition? Beastly Boy Feb 2024 #6
Not clear if you have to be in Brooklyn or in AD 52. brooklynite Feb 2024 #8
K&R WarGamer Feb 2024 #7
That's wonderful! Alliepoo Feb 2024 #9
Good luck, fingers and toes crossed. I know you will do a great job. emulatorloo Feb 2024 #10
K&R spanone Feb 2024 #11
Let me know if Queens can sign !! LOL nt GuppyGal Feb 2024 #12
Good luck to you and please keep us updated on how the campaign is going. n/t SheilaAnn Feb 2024 #13
Congratulations and best of luck. BadgerMom Feb 2024 #14
How many signatures do you need? Mossfern Feb 2024 #15
All extremeties crossed for you! niyad Feb 2024 #16
Bonne chance! Mme. Defarge Feb 2024 #17
Great! Do good and make us all proud of you! reACTIONary Feb 2024 #18
Good Luck! LuvLoogie Feb 2024 #19
All the best! You go!! You've got a great party with a track record to back you up. ancianita Feb 2024 #20
I sincerely hope that you get it! nt TeamProg Feb 2024 #21
What's your platform? diva77 Feb 2024 #22
Good question. live love laugh Feb 2024 #44
Oh well, I guess he doesn't want to tell us. diva77 Feb 2024 #57
Break A Leg, Sir! The Magistrate Feb 2024 #23
"committee seat" aka district leader?. . . DinahMoeHum Feb 2024 #24
Bless you and if I lived there you moniss Feb 2024 #25
Great! Guess you mean NY. Good luck!!! Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2024 #26
Good luck. I'm not sure how it works in Brooklyn, but when I ran in Nassau county, lapucelle Feb 2024 #27
My son and DIL are registered Democrats in NYC FakeNoose Feb 2024 #28
I'm a local Democratic committee person Danmel Feb 2024 #29
We have disagreed many times, but... Orrex Feb 2024 #30
Good luck edhopper Feb 2024 #31
You're running against Aaron Ouyang? SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #32
No, she's District Leader. brooklynite Feb 2024 #33
Post removed Post removed Feb 2024 #36
New Kings Democrats is trying to change that... brooklynite Feb 2024 #37
It's still a nothing position SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #38
I don't know how things were run in your area or how long ago your 20s were, but lapucelle Feb 2024 #39
That's great SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #40
"They would fill those positions with homeless if they could get away with it." lapucelle Feb 2024 #41
They are the District leaders and SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #45
Why did you post that "the first thing they have you to do is sign a voting proxy"? lapucelle Feb 2024 #46
Brooklyn or Kings county SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #47
Do we really want to be edhopper Feb 2024 #42
No SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #43
I wasn't aware that I or anyone else said it was an "important position". brooklynite Feb 2024 #50
Shame on your behavior bluestarone Feb 2024 #52
That was my first thought senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #51
Cool. ecstatic Feb 2024 #34
Best wishes BlueSpot Feb 2024 #35
Good Luck. nt LoisB Feb 2024 #48
I wish bdamomma Feb 2024 #49
The best of luck! Wishing you success! Ninga Feb 2024 #53
Good luck to you. I am sure BootinUp Feb 2024 #54
Oh, how nice. Good luck. Oopsie Daisy Feb 2024 #55
Nice! Best wishes Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #56
I was elected to a local County Committee when I was in my mid 20's Polybius Feb 2024 #58
I assume this is the same as a Precinct Chair. I'm one in Texas. LeftInTX Feb 2024 #59
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