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69. If they perjured themselves about the relationship's timeline, it makes their other testimony less reliable.
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 03:17 PM
Feb 23

I believe that Fani Willis did not receive a financial benefit from their relationship, but Trump's lawyers' odds of successfully arguing that her testimony about reimbursing Wade with cash isn't credible goes up if they can prove that she lied under oath about this.

But even if it's true that she lied under oath, I'm still somewhat hopeful that she won't be disqualified, unless she would be disbarred that quickly. I say this because if I remember correctly, the burden of proof is on Trump's side to show that Willis had a financial interest in prosecuting the case.

I don't care. yardwork Feb 23 #1
Absolutely true. I hope they said when it started in the stand at least jimfields33 Feb 23 #4
Nope. Kingofalldems Feb 24 #169
Really? As you read more of the thread, you'll see I jimfields33 Feb 24 #171
No again. Kingofalldems Feb 24 #175
Alright. jimfields33 Feb 24 #184
You don't care about its possible impact on the Georgia trial??? LAS14 Feb 23 #5
Exactly. ismnotwasm Feb 23 #19
+ agree. The judge had accepted they had a sexual relationship per their filings. Only issue here (per the judge) is iluvtennis Feb 23 #37
Is the defense literally accusing them Mad_Machine76 Feb 23 #59
yes, because that's the only chance they have given the standards for spooky3 Feb 23 #63
Yes. Ms. Toad Feb 23 #67
Interesting Mad_Machine76 Feb 23 #119
The allegation is that this case, for which Willis hired Trump, gives her a financial benefit Ms. Toad Feb 23 #122
To me, a big so what? Don't think it has anything to do with case. sinkingfeeling Feb 23 #2
If they lied at the hearing and it's provable it could have a big impact on the case. nt LAS14 Feb 23 #6
Do you remember how many times you went to the mall or church or what ever from 3 years ago? All sinkingfeeling Feb 23 #13
It's not just the number of visits Zeitghost Feb 23 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author sinkingfeeling Feb 23 #16
I believe they DID tell the truth. sinkingfeeling Feb 23 #17
The cell phone data Zeitghost Feb 23 #20
False relationship and intimate relationship are different and this is also conflating the two uponit7771 Feb 23 #75
The cell phone data places him where exactly? SomedayKindaLove Feb 24 #158
The cellphone data appears to just indicate that he was in the area -- and it's apparently a busy area fishwax Feb 24 #178
It's really frustrating to see how little this has to do with the subject at hand and Dyedinthewoolliberal Feb 23 #41
It had nothing to do with the case Zeitghost Feb 23 #45
They made no conflicting statements under oath, adults understand difference between lovers and friends and when ea uponit7771 Feb 23 #94
He testified Zeitghost Feb 23 #130
And he's right records show he was gone before dawn uponit7771 Feb 23 #149
Agree. But then there was the lawsuit that coulda been thrown out? Not Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #77
Exactly. Just reading this. Hope its not true. Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #74
Nope Kingofalldems Feb 24 #167
Not telling the truth in court Zeitghost Feb 23 #9
Dont get it though. Why not just say you dont remember how many Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #87
Was this information provided by a Russian operative? DURHAM D Feb 23 #3
Probably triron Feb 23 #73
It's their private life and I don't care. StarryNite Feb 23 #7
So? limbicnuminousity Feb 23 #8
The issue Zeitghost Feb 23 #12
The question is whether they misrepresented the initiation date of their activities. Tickle Feb 23 #103
The records are from a time period Zeitghost Feb 23 #21
They already claimed they knew each other before having an intimate relationship. uponit7771 Feb 23 #76
Exactly! live love laugh Feb 23 #28
Seems like they took a cruise & other trips that he paid for womanofthehills Feb 23 #128
It's worth digging deeper. Hoping the thread title is misleading. LAS14 Feb 23 #10
This FreeState Feb 23 #32
Grasping at bdamomma Feb 23 #62
Here's the link. LAS14 Feb 23 #72
It is, misleading MAGA is conflating intimate relationship with relationship and they know it uponit7771 Feb 23 #78
I'm almost impressed how quickly this became a shitshow Sympthsical Feb 23 #11
Willis said in her 2020 campaign that she would not date anyone who was under her. elocs Feb 23 #15
So what? pwb Feb 23 #18
It has everything to do Zeitghost Feb 23 #22
They said they knew each other from way back when, intimate relationship is different than relationship. You know that! uponit7771 Feb 23 #79
2,000 phone calls and 12,000 text messages between them before Wade was hired. Cattledog Feb 23 #23
What "facts" are you talking about? maxrandb Feb 23 #46
This is the correct answer Ohio Joe Feb 23 #50
Any single data point is easy to explain away Zeitghost Feb 23 #54
Really? You've seen the cellphone data? maxrandb Feb 23 #64
Right ?!? This is so freakin creepy that this needs to be explained!!! Here in DU!! uponit7771 Feb 23 #84
He testified under oath Zeitghost Feb 23 #144
Maybe he just left his phone there Walleye Feb 24 #177
The clearer picture is the conflation of intimate relationship and friends uponit7771 Feb 23 #83
"Appears to be true" if you listen to the fucking MAGA shitstains take on this nonsense. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #97
No Zeitghost Feb 23 #129
Evidence of what? They were in the same vicinity? There is a giant fucking leap to romance based on cell data. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #135
And those times and locations Zeitghost Feb 23 #136
Contract what? Be specific. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #138
Mr Wade testified Zeitghost Feb 23 #139
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 23 #82
So far mostly MAGQ believes they're lying, The other adults understand a difference between friendship and lovers uponit7771 Feb 23 #86
Hello. Back again I see. GP6971 Feb 23 #99
False, they had a relationship BEFORE it was intimate uponit7771 Feb 23 #80
FFS Patton French Feb 23 #85
I just checked my text messages. I have over 51,000 messages to and from one person ecstatic Feb 24 #163
Where and why are they getting cellphone data? tinrobot Feb 23 #24
Good question Cattledog Feb 23 #25
They did subpoena the records from AT&T Sympthsical Feb 23 #29
That was my question was there a warrant? Is there a crime, probable cause Walleye Feb 23 #55
That's evidence of nothing. bucolic_frolic Feb 23 #26
Left cell phone in a restaurant and went back to get it? maxrandb Feb 23 #44
People. SalamanderSleeps Feb 23 #27
Such crap being slung bdamomma Feb 23 #143
This is not a good look. nt LexVegas Feb 23 #30
First world problems, I'm sure the newspapers in Ukraine are stunned by Fani & Nathan's behavior. SalamanderSleeps Feb 23 #35
Thanks for that one.... Boxerfan Feb 23 #56
What a great song for these times..... usedtobedemgurl Feb 23 #113
Mostly to MAGA the rest of America's adults understand the difference between a friendship and a romance uponit7771 Feb 23 #88
lol Torchlight Feb 23 #118
The beginning of a relationship is not always clear which Willis said. So what if he was in the area. live love laugh Feb 23 #31
It matters if it began before he was hired Sympthsical Feb 23 #34
If they perjured themselves about the relationship's timeline, it makes their other testimony less reliable. femmedem Feb 23 #69
So you have proof they lied? Kingofalldems Feb 23 #70
Which part of what I said was unclear to you? Sympthsical Feb 23 #71
They've already admitted their friendship began before he was hired, Why is this even on DU?! uponit7771 Feb 23 #89
We're talking about their romantic relationship Sympthsical Feb 23 #95
Which phone logs prove none of that , even if they were sexting still proves the intimate relationship didn't begin uponit7771 Feb 23 #96
The court very much gets to define it legally, though Sympthsical Feb 23 #101
This is false on its face. The court doesn't get to say when you're in an intimate relationship and when you're not uponit7771 Feb 23 #106
The law is not whatever you prefer it to be Sympthsical Feb 23 #112
Being married or not is obviously clear cut. That's not necessarily so otherwise. live love laugh Feb 23 #124
Yeah, I didn't super love my example either Sympthsical Feb 23 #125
No it's not, individuals get to define "intimate" relationship not anyone else. uponit7771 Feb 23 #151
RIGHT!! uponit7771 Feb 23 #150
I get tired of the "why is this HERE?" stuff. Its HERE because its NEWS oldsoftie Feb 24 #181
A lie by itself is not perjury. The testimony has to be germane to the proceedings. This fails on relevance to the case. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #137
The testimony was germane to the proceedings Sympthsical Feb 23 #140
Besides the fact that it isn't germane at all. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #146
The legal system generally holds prosecutors and officers of the court to a much higher standard than other witnesses MichMan Feb 24 #185
George Conway's take was the Judge had to MOMFUDSKI Feb 23 #33
It's not the affair. It's trying to cover it up. SarahD Feb 23 #36
Hey did Wade work on trump case in 2021? He worked Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #108
Jesus Christ is nothing private?!! Tickle Feb 23 #38
I agree Kaleva Feb 23 #57
Anything, anyone else in that neighborhood? Do the records pinpoint the actual condo? Freethinker65 Feb 23 #39
This inquiry carries as much weight and legitimacy to me as the Hunter Biden hearings. Torchlight Feb 23 #40
Clearly Trump isnt guilty because adults have sex Johonny Feb 23 #42
They were asked about a romantic relationship marshall Feb 23 #43
This is a solid effort to destroy her case against Trump. If the Trumpistas succeed... Hekate Feb 23 #47
When I was on Recruiting Duty, the last day of the month maxrandb Feb 23 #48
I could be wrong on this but... agingdem Feb 23 #49
Exactly. Unforced error. Raven123 Feb 23 #53
No, it's about actual impropriety. If they can't prove it, it is meaningless. If it WERE about the Scrivener7 Feb 23 #61
Very well said -- exactly obamanut2012 Feb 23 #68
what irks me is Judge McAfee... agingdem Feb 23 #102
I agree. My hope is that by giving it a hearing he thinks he can prevent it from metastisizing and Scrivener7 Feb 23 #105
I don't trust the asshole judge. triron Feb 23 #133
Fannie Willis gets to have friendships and consensual lovers as much as she wants,none of our business uponit7771 Feb 23 #90
The firehouse of meaningless distractions dlk Feb 23 #51
This is serious.. Permanut Feb 23 #52
Again bdamomma Feb 23 #58
Gasp! Just kidding. Who gives a shit? Scrivener7 Feb 23 #60
Lots of online commentators have criticized the judge for spooky3 Feb 23 #65
This is starting to look like Bill Clinton all over again. Ms. Toad Feb 23 #66
MAGA is conflating professional acquaintance with lovers and they know it uponit7771 Feb 23 #91
What do you make of the overnight cell phone data Ms. Toad Feb 23 #98
Let's say they were up in that house doing the horizontal marble all night uponit7771 Feb 23 #100
The data is not cell data; it is the physical location of the phone. Ms. Toad Feb 23 #107
What we dont get is how we laymen know full well that Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #109
My initial thought was that mine mostly can't be - Ms. Toad Feb 23 #115
Thanks for explaining. Think latest info qualifies Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #134
Correct. Ms. Toad Feb 23 #141
I was tracked within 50 ft of my location 15yrs ago oldsoftie Feb 24 #182
That's not what the article states maxrandb Feb 23 #142
None of that conflicts with anything I said. Ms. Toad Feb 23 #145
"vicinity of her condo " means little in context and you know that. He never claimed he wasn't in vecinty of her condo uponit7771 Feb 23 #154
That is sufficient for a judge to want to inquire more. Ms. Toad Feb 24 #159
Obvious question - Where did he live? How many miles away? Laura PourMeADrink Feb 23 #147
Wade lives in Cobb County Georgia a good 25 miles from Willis. Beginning to think Silent Type Feb 23 #156
Thx, I knew there was some one-sided info being put out on DU uponit7771 Feb 23 #152
This Thing Takes On A '2000 Mules' Air, Sir.... The Magistrate Feb 24 #162
The sky is falling! H2O Man Feb 23 #81
The MSM is purposely conflating friendship with lovers to claim purjery uponit7771 Feb 23 #93
Of course. H2O Man Feb 23 #110
I think this is what trump will do to anyone speaking out against him IcyPeas Feb 23 #92
Trump and his co-defendants absolutely have investigators working for them Sympthsical Feb 23 #117
Saw this on RW Twitter- cell tower hits and raw speculation underpants Feb 23 #104
How were they able to even get it ? Historic NY Feb 23 #111
AT&T was served a subpoena and complied DVRacer Feb 23 #120
Subpoena? She's not under police investigation mainer Feb 23 #126
No, not by anyone Zeitghost Feb 23 #131
Standards for disqualification per Norm Eisen spooky3 Feb 23 #114
Where is a conflict when both are playing on the same team. Historic NY Feb 23 #121
I don't see one. Nt spooky3 Feb 23 #123
Don't Care WiVoter Feb 23 #116
And? flying_wahini Feb 23 #127
Fani Willis has a net worth of $8 Million. sop Feb 23 #132
Excellent point! Thanks for posting that. DemocraticPatriot Feb 23 #155
The Express is a right-wing rag with a dubious record of accurate reporting. madaboutharry Feb 23 #157
From Law Pro blog: sop Feb 24 #164
Law Pro is a. blog. madaboutharry Feb 24 #165
Ali Raza has been looking into Willis' financial situation, here are a couple of links: sop Feb 24 #166
Rebuttal from the DA's office. LAS14 Feb 23 #148
More rat-fucking. If the defense has proof of a conflict of interest, struggle4progress Feb 23 #153
Fani Willis and Team are NOT Having Any of this SHIT. Cha Feb 24 #160
Thanks! Kingofalldems Feb 24 #168
Really. I couldn't believe all I Cha Feb 24 #173
Hapeville is 2.5 square miles and has 8,494 residents SomedayKindaLove Feb 24 #161
They are Conflating sex with being in a romantic relationship marshall Feb 24 #170
The relationship should have been disclosed to the judge gulliver Feb 24 #172
Thats all that needed to be done & there'd be nothing here. oldsoftie Feb 24 #183
this is a neighborhood with a lot of residences, bars, nightclubs, hotels, etc. ... and close to the airport, I think fishwax Feb 24 #174
Response? FHRRK Feb 24 #176
Nope. Lunabell Feb 24 #179
Can phone records be fabricated? Or altered, Sogo Feb 24 #180
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