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I would read the article to see who they are building those 3,300 new settlement homes for but I know Autumn Feb 23 #1
More war crimes for Israel who clearly doesn't want to "just live in peace" RAB910 Feb 23 #2
The US should not be supporting or shielding an ethnic cleansing agenda. David__77 Feb 23 #3
How is building apartments and houses ethnic cleansing? Mosby Feb 23 #14
link David__77 Feb 23 #18
HRW is extremely biased against Israel. Mosby Feb 23 #20
Uh no, that is not their recommendation. Voltaire2 Feb 23 #27
You skipped over almost all of their recommendations for Israel Mosby Feb 23 #29
True, their foremost concern is not "racial integrity". David__77 Feb 23 #32
So in summary, if all Palestinians under Israeli Voltaire2 Feb 24 #36
The difference being, the ANC never said they wanted to genocide the white Afrikaners NickB79 Feb 24 #39
There are always justifications. Voltaire2 Feb 24 #40
In this case, Hamas has openly called for the genocide of the Jews NickB79 Feb 24 #42
Most Of This, Sir, Depends On A 'Get Out Of Context Free' Card The Magistrate Feb 24 #43
The muslim conquest of Roman palestine was 636CE. Voltaire2 Feb 24 #47
Conquest Is Conquest, Sir, And I Will Pass Over Your Poor Arithmetic --- We Are Not In The Twenty-Third Century The Magistrate Feb 24 #48
The problem with that example Zeitghost Feb 24 #56
One Hates To Say It, Sir The Magistrate Feb 24 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 23 #4
Not that long ago they were called multigraincracker Feb 23 #5
Settler enid602 Feb 23 #6
This is why bibi let the attack happen in October. Lunabell Feb 23 #7
What land is being taken? Zeitghost Feb 23 #9
Hmm Lunabell Feb 23 #10
Nothing in the Oslo accords legalizes existing or new settlements. David__77 Feb 23 #11
Oslo gives control of some parts of the West Bank Zeitghost Feb 23 #12
All the new housing units are being built in existing settlements. Mosby Feb 23 #15
You're kidding, right? Gaugamela Feb 23 #16
Not at all Zeitghost Feb 23 #17
So they're doubling down on their illegal occupation of land that doesn't belong to them. Gaugamela Feb 23 #19
The land doesn't belong to anyone. Mosby Feb 23 #22
"The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal under international law." Gaugamela Feb 23 #23
It is Israeli Land Zeitghost Feb 24 #57
It is called the "Occupied" West Bank for a reason. It is not Israel's land any more than Poland was Germany's. Chainfire Feb 24 #52
The West Bank Zeitghost Feb 24 #55
For context lapucelle Feb 25 #65
Jordan occupied and then annexed the West Bank as a result of the 1948 war against Israel. lapucelle Feb 25 #66
Thats nonsense Mosby Feb 23 #21
Nope. Lunabell Feb 23 #28
What "reliable sources"? former9thward Feb 23 #33
Oh, come on! Lunabell Feb 24 #35
Except no one can give a cite to this "common knowledge". former9thward Feb 24 #37
Wow. Lunabell Feb 24 #44
If you're making a claim, citing reliable sources is your homework. Sympthsical Feb 24 #45
It's The Usual Sort Of Grouse, Sir The Magistrate Feb 24 #50
Arrogance and hubris are so common a failing as to be rendered boring Sympthsical Feb 25 #71
I thought you were better than that questionseverything Feb 24 #54
You're Repeating What I Said: There Were Warnings, They Weren't Taken Seriously The Magistrate Feb 24 #58
Wasn't what I was responding to Sympthsical Feb 24 #59
Settlers - Why "settle" for anything when you can just take it? Earth-shine Feb 23 #8
One cannot be a 'settler' outside of a system of Voltaire2 Feb 24 #41
Forced "Voluntary Migration" is real. It seems kind of clear now that Israelis, in their support for Netanyahu TeamProg Feb 23 #13
Salt in the wound. maxsolomon Feb 23 #24
What could possibly go wrong? H2O Man Feb 23 #25
Palestinians murder isrealis Mountainguy Feb 23 #26
Blinken says it is against international law. David__77 Feb 23 #31
Two things can be bad/wrong at the same time XorXor Feb 25 #72
Building new settler homes in close proximity to the Jordanian border... pecosbob Feb 23 #30
Jordan has a long history of killing Palestinian militants. former9thward Feb 23 #34
Taking Your Hypothetical Seriously For A Moment, Sir The Magistrate Feb 24 #46
More land grabbing malaise Feb 24 #49
Who would want to live there if it is a hostile takeover of what little land Palestinians call home? Freethinker65 Feb 24 #51
There seems to be no solution to conflict in a Theocratic Democracy. walkingman Feb 24 #53
Look what you made me do. Iggo Feb 24 #60
That's Bullshit, And I Expect You Know It The Magistrate Feb 24 #62
Amen JustAnotherGen Feb 24 #63
Building settlements is a military response? redqueen Feb 25 #67
PLEASE... we can dissect, analyze, evaluate, investigate, scrutinize, etc. and go back cornball 24 Feb 24 #61
No one disagrees with that JustAnotherGen Feb 24 #64
This thread is about what is happening in the West Bank. redqueen Feb 25 #68
And? Nothing about the West Bank will be settled until Hamas is out of Gaza. lapucelle Feb 25 #70
Hamas needs to release the hostages and get out of Gaza, lapucelle Feb 25 #69
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