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38. It took a week to raise the first Million
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 07:30 PM
Feb 23

Last edited Sat Feb 24, 2024, 02:32 PM - Edit history (1)

At that rate only 454 weeks to go!
hold on, doing the hard math…
That’s 8 years, 8 months + 3 weeks to go!

Gofundme must be excited! chowder66 Feb 23 #1
Latest GoFundMe update: $1.1M down, so only $454M to go. Woot, woot! TheRickles Feb 23 #7
That's $31.9k for Gofundme! chowder66 Feb 23 #8
they charge 30%? spooky3 Feb 23 #44
lol. My mistake. $31.9k chowder66 Feb 23 #47
it's still a lot! spooky3 Feb 23 #49
It is especially when you think of what it could be which is chowder66 Feb 23 #51
Yea, I have been able to take that button and move it back to the left. They are taking in a windfall Maraya1969 Feb 24 #70
GoFundMe is shooting themselves in the pocket book. It (was) a great program to help those in need. That does..... usaf-vet Feb 23 #27
The kicker is, Smellvis won't even get a dime of that Gofundme money. Wednesdays Feb 23 #35
A grifter getting grifted COL Mustard Feb 23 #36
GoFundMe is ghoulish erodriguez Feb 24 #64
Yes, but some deserving people are helped. In a neighborhood a few spooky3 Feb 24 #71
It took a week to raise the first Million Canoe52 Feb 23 #38
Most likely the donations will drop by the week after that. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 24 #55
Gotta remember, there's compounding interest too. 4lbs Feb 24 #74
Fools! Oopsie Daisy Feb 23 #42
Yeah - SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! MyOwnPeace Feb 24 #72
I am going to start a GO FUND me campaign on behalf of Trump then.. Playingmantis Feb 24 #52
I bet he doesn't dweller Feb 23 #2
Love That Nickel, Sir.... The Magistrate Feb 23 #3
I know, that cracked me up.... Irish_Dem Feb 23 #17
A nickel, a dime, pretty soon we're talking real money here! bluesbassman Feb 23 #39
Money, Man? You Talkin' Wine The Magistrate Feb 23 #41
Made me laugh Hekate Feb 24 #53
that's a catchy tune -- never heard this one before (and i've heard a lot of songs; used to buy orleans Feb 24 #68
millions plus a nickel. what a hoot! riversedge Feb 23 #4
So The 30 day clock starts Ohio Joe Feb 23 #5
On March 25th if he has not paid in full by then Beachnutt Feb 23 #10
I'm not certain Ohio Joe Feb 23 #14
it's a whole other court case. mopinko Feb 23 #15
Yes Meidas Touch podcast said it is compounded interest. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #18
I posted below how it was done in Wisconsin moniss Feb 23 #21
Oh yes I forgot that part. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #29
Yes and the important thing moniss Feb 23 #30
They are going to have to watch the Trumps like a hawk. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #31
Hope somebody gets video of Heckle and Jeckle in coveralls ripping the golden toilets out of the floor. bluesbassman Feb 23 #40
They'd stoop... SergeStorms Feb 24 #61
I think so too. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #62
They're dumb too. SergeStorms Feb 24 #66
They are a mixed bag in terms of intelligence. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #67
The interest True Blue American Feb 24 #54
tick, tick, tick, tick..... Think. Again. Feb 23 #6
Man, that's a huge chunk of change. Aristus Feb 23 #9
For the money addicted, no amount is ever enough. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #19
Only too much is ever enough. TheRickles Feb 23 #48
But there is never too much money in their minds. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #56
That 3 cent check he cashed decades ago... liberalmuse Feb 23 #11
‼️Trumps deadline to pay New York $454million plus interest is 24th March On 25th March his 1st criminal trial starts l riversedge Feb 23 #12
It's official: Trump is an adjudicated fraudster. Something for his resume. Sneederbunk Feb 23 #13
I'm loving this. llmart Feb 23 #16
Maybe a legal beagle here could expand on the basics moniss Feb 23 #20
Interesting leftieNanner Feb 23 #22
Yes indeed and moniss Feb 23 #24
You are an individual... druidity33 Feb 23 #46
I think you miss the point of the discussion. moniss Feb 23 #50
What i'm saying, which I think you miss the point of... druidity33 Feb 24 #63
I'm not missing it at all moniss Feb 24 #65
....and five-cents! Grins Feb 23 #23
NY wants every nickel of these particular ill-gotten gains from traitortrump. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 23 #25
I see a small problem here jmowreader Feb 23 #26
Seems like a lot of money... dchill Feb 23 #28
Stinky Don needs some help here. How much is that in rubles? rurallib Feb 23 #32
Vlad is going to let the answering machine pick up from now on. rubbersole Feb 23 #33
STILL not enough. calimary Feb 23 #34
Judgment in Trump civil fraud case officially entered at $464 million LetMyPeopleVote Feb 23 #37
Building Repo: NYC Edition, coming to MTV Kennah Feb 23 #43
Probably what his trial cost SouthernDem4ever Feb 23 #45
I'll bet he finds some super rich patsy to put up a bond for him. Kablooie Feb 24 #57
I think there are fewer Mike Lindells out there intheflow Feb 24 #58
I'll be glad to cover the nickle. Least I could short of nothing. marble falls Feb 24 #59
Hey, Cheeses Christ EYESORE 9001 Feb 24 #60
Appreciating the Catchphrase of Barry the Baptist. Kid Berwyn Feb 24 #69
Oooooooooh BABY!!! calimary Feb 24 #73
increases by almost 100k a day moonshinegnomie Feb 24 #75
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. 🤣 LetMyPeopleVote Feb 24 #76
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