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Sat Feb 24, 2024, 12:27 PM Feb 24

"OK. For every bro who has EVER taken issue with the term MANSPLAINING. Bros. Here it is." [View all]

OK. For every bro who has EVER taken issue with the term MANSPLAINING. Bros. Here it is. 100% right here. He makes my blood boil. She calmly gives this guy rope and he just keeps hanging himself.

Like most mansplainers, he'll never know how MADDENINGLY FRUSTRATING he is.

Here's the video from the tweet:

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I get -splained by both men and women constantly. AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #1
From recent articles I've read, more & more Americans feel the same & it's especially prevalent with young people. -nt CrispyQ Feb 24 #5
How does not holding doors for anyone MorbidButterflyTat Feb 24 #12
"I don't need any man to hold a door for me." Been told that alot AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #13
That's not splaining. It's someone asserting their boundaries. meadowlander Feb 24 #16
it's called being nice. i know it's not common today. AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #36
If you want to be nice, hold the door open for everyone. meadowlander Feb 24 #49
i used to. i got it from both sexes, but more from females. AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #57
Men have said this to you? MorbidButterflyTat Feb 24 #82
No. men have questioned my heterosexuality when i held a door open for them AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #113
So, did they mansplain opening doors for people? obamanut2012 Feb 26 #212
Agreed. I'm a woman in my mid-60s, I hold doors for everyone, and I've never once gotten a negative response. yardwork Feb 25 #150
Ditto, though some people sail through without a "thanks" spooky3 Feb 25 #175
Ouch. herding cats Feb 25 #125
when you spend fifty years doing nothing but demonizing, harping "stranger danger," AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #127
Who is the "you" in your first sentence meadowlander Feb 26 #192
#NotAllMen revival. betsuni Feb 26 #194
"you" is society in general. AZLD4Candidate Feb 26 #195
So what is your point in this thread? Tree-Hugger Feb 26 #204
The only men considered to be creeps by women are creeps and creepy "nice guys" obamanut2012 Feb 26 #211
Women, not females obamanut2012 Feb 25 #134
Calling women "females" is a dead giveaway. betsuni Feb 25 #137
100% this obamanut2012 Feb 25 #161
It sure is Tree-Hugger Feb 25 #172
And the problem is there is zero learning going on for this person, only arguing louder Eliot Rosewater Feb 26 #220
"Here, Little-Lady! Lemme help you with that! Come on through! There ya go!" Oopsie Daisy Feb 25 #173
Straight out of the "but I'm a nice guy" playbook. meadowlander Feb 26 #188
Which is really creepy. betsuni Feb 26 #197
What's the opposite of virtue-signaling? Oopsie Daisy Feb 26 #198
You nailed it. I am a woman of colour and many times a White guy will hold the door for a White female and let it go as akbacchus_BC Feb 24 #77
I can honestly say I've never done that. It's called not doing to other things you do hot want others to do to you AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #121
I'm so sorry that happens to you. yardwork Feb 25 #151
Do you actually think this man was being nice? AwakeAtLast Feb 24 #64
didn't watch. don't watch. all i know is to not help or try to help. AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #72
I had to think about Samuel L Jackson line in Pulp Fiction Walleye Feb 24 #99
or the bumper sticker I have seen: "When I want your advice I'll beat it out of you" EX500rider Feb 24 #100
There used to be a sign where I worked and that said, "when I want any shit from you,I'll kick it out of you" Walleye Feb 24 #102
violence is always the answer. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #114
violence is always the answer. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #115
which is the reason i've pretty much told humanity to go to hell. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #116
Because you are mansplaining what mansplaining is obamanut2012 Feb 26 #210
I sincerely dont know about anyone else, but the posts I look forward to the most on message Eliot Rosewater Feb 26 #222
Didnt even watch the video, he admits. Wow... Eliot Rosewater Feb 26 #221
u might want to watch it. mopinko Feb 25 #142
Well, you high jacked this thread to make it all about you. yardwork Feb 25 #152
Didn't watch the video kcr Feb 26 #206
If a man holds the door for a woman in a way that suggests he's doing it BECAUSE she's a woman RandomNumbers Feb 25 #147
It's their problem, not ours. yardwork Feb 25 #154
Larry David's door-holding rule: type + distance. betsuni Feb 26 #193
Or some demand others be nice to them. But don't reciprocate. LiberalFighter Feb 26 #223
One of the rules to dating me usedtobedemgurl Feb 24 #18
My Wife Hasn't Touched A Door Handle... ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #41
Oh, My, God! How did this come to be about opening doors?? Scrivener7 Feb 24 #87
She Expects ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #97
That would be a deal breaker for me, too GenThePerservering Feb 24 #75
Some women ask for flowers.... usedtobedemgurl Feb 24 #76
Guess you may be GenThePerservering Feb 24 #110
I am 76 years old and have never anciano Feb 24 #22
hold it open. smile. let person pass. AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #37
Yep, how you do it. When i was in my hot 20's, i opened a big glass door but saw a guy right behind txwhitedove Feb 24 #50
Same here malaise Feb 24 #80
Yeah, I'm sure it happens aaaaaall the time.... Shit! It just happened to me as Carlitos Brigante Feb 24 #24
it doesn't anymore. i don't hold doors for anyone. AZLD4Candidate Feb 24 #35
That's hilarious! nt Carlitos Brigante Feb 24 #38
Smile at them and say "Yes, you are absolutely right!" Bernardo de La Paz Feb 24 #55
In Canada, people automatically hold doors for the next person, no matter gender or age Bernardo de La Paz Feb 24 #19
that's pretty much how it is in the South.....their politics suck but they got manners prodigitalson Feb 24 #23
That's how it is here in the northeast too. This raging door-holding controversy is not really a thing anywhere. Scrivener7 Feb 26 #224
Many Times, I've Held The Door For Someone... ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #40
Same in Ohio. n/t Ms. Toad Feb 24 #44
They do in the US, too obamanut2012 Feb 25 #162
You must live in a very odd place. Ms. Toad Feb 24 #43
I love how dismissive people are when they say "well that never happened to you." AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #117
Since the experience of the on point comments in this thread are very different from your experience, Ms. Toad Feb 25 #126
Open, smile, let person pass, close and then go about my business. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #128
Well said, Ms Toad obamanut2012 Feb 25 #163
She didn't say that. yardwork Feb 25 #155
How long ago were you in university? Scrivener7 Feb 25 #171
Sounds rather serious. Torchlight Feb 24 #53
Thanks. I just had a novel published and getting a movie produced this year. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #118
I do not understand what that has to do with the door discussion obamanut2012 Feb 25 #164
What? 😂 AkFemDem Feb 26 #184
yep. edisdead Feb 24 #73
BAHAHA!!!! You seem upset! Scrivener7 Feb 24 #86
and you're reaction and comment is borderline cyber-bullying. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #119
. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #139
No, it isn't obamanut2012 Feb 25 #165
Well have a little sympathy for us, I know you've never had it happen to you Walleye Feb 24 #98
I've had women come up to me and tell me how to teach my class or how to do a bench press. AZLD4Candidate Feb 25 #120
I will resist the urge to womansplain to you why that's not the same thing Walleye Feb 25 #122
Wow. I don't have that reaction at all. yardwork Feb 25 #149
And the OP, which the poster openly admits he has not watched, has nothing to do with one guy's door opening traumas. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #170
In his defense, though, he wouldn't know because he didn't watch the video. yardwork Feb 25 #174
That isn't being considerate of anyone, man or woman. Lonestarblue Feb 25 #153
Mansplainging Bro should've been minding his own damn business MagickMuffin Feb 24 #2
I was blown away PatSeg Feb 24 #30
Guarantee she has experienced this many times. Mariana Feb 25 #148
That is probably true PatSeg Feb 25 #169
Golfers should NEVER give swing advice PJMcK Feb 24 #3
I've had the same goddamn experience. Too many "experts" on the golf course who are just fucking weekend duffers. SoFlaBro Feb 24 #21
The worst duffers seem to be the ones quickest to give advice. rubbersole Feb 24 #27
I NEVER Give Swing Advice ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #48
I do an 'Arnold Palmer" swing obamanut2012 Feb 25 #166
Yup, I took a session of training at Golftec, and would often come in with questions robbob Feb 25 #168
How not to flirt. SarahD Feb 24 #4
Was just thinking limbicnuminousity Feb 24 #10
... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 24 #6
To protect my poor kitty's sensitive system, I will not watch the video. But I niyad Feb 24 #7
😬👜🧱🤕 Floyd R. Turbo Feb 24 #11
Exactly! niyad Feb 24 #15
😁 Floyd R. Turbo Feb 24 #17
Good to see you FRT moniss Feb 24 #29
That's pretty funny. My favorite Rodney Dangerfield was what he said Walleye Feb 24 #103
Thank you! Floyd R. Turbo Feb 25 #138
I (F) was once practicing lobs using the tennis ball machine, when spooky3 Feb 24 #8
K&R - nt Ohio Joe Feb 24 #9
I watch the LPGA. They are outstanding. Fun too. twodogsbarking Feb 24 #14
I prefer the LPGA moniss Feb 24 #31
Biggest Reason For Me To Watch The Women... ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #51
Ex-hubby was a 5 handicap golfer and said the pro women's technique spooky3 Feb 24 #58
I Agfee With Him ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #63
Excellent analysis moniss Feb 24 #74
Also, With No Stats... ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #85
Unbelievable short games. rubbersole Feb 24 #61
She is more than kind. I don't know how she took multiple doses of that moron! Hope22 Feb 24 #20
Hey, at least he's not a Karen. He wasn't all over her with anger and mean accusations, probably thought he ws being TeamProg Feb 24 #25
Are you mansplaining right now???? AKwannabe Feb 24 #26
Mansplaining a mansplainer? cate94 Feb 24 #28
Woosh! Torchlight Feb 24 #54
That's a little vague, probably meant to be offensive. Is that the sound of my comment going over your head? TeamProg Feb 24 #62
Yes some random bloke must most certainly be better than a woman professional player. Hope22 Feb 24 #78
Wow! This thread encompasses ALL the butthurt!!! Scrivener7 Feb 24 #89
It's certainly filled my bingo card! yardwork Feb 25 #156
Right? SunSeeker Feb 26 #189
He was monumentally oblivious. limbicnuminousity Feb 25 #129
If in doubt, ask yourself if the person I want to advise spooky3 Feb 25 #177
Please say this is sarcasm 😂 AkFemDem Feb 26 #185
that's a derogatory and sexist term and should be banned from DU. Red Raider 85 Feb 24 #32
Men are not being bashed... Ohio Joe Feb 24 #45
Agreed, so then call it "Misogynistic douchebag-splaining". TeamProg Feb 24 #101
Spare meat part log Ohio Joe Feb 24 #104
Missed it by that much. TeamProg Feb 26 #215
There is nothing wrong with mansplaining -- and mansplaining why it shouldn't be called that is something else obamanut2012 Feb 26 #214
It's not man bashing, but an accurate observation Mosby Feb 24 #47
The term correctly notes that the explainer is typically male and spooky3 Feb 24 #59
Thanks for mansplaining it to us. johnp3907 Feb 24 #60
Welcome to DU - GoneOffShore Feb 24 #65
Just Silly ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #66
If that is the way you mercuryblues Feb 24 #70
It must be so difficult for you. Scrivener7 Feb 24 #90
It describes a certain type of behavior. It's not "bashing" all men. Sky Jewels Feb 25 #158
yes it does. right in the term! it's sexist and derogatory. Red Raider 85 Feb 26 #208
lolz obamanut2012 Feb 26 #209
lol obamanut2012 Feb 26 #205
Too bad she didn't "accidentally" Sky Jewels Feb 24 #33
Where does a mansplainer get his water? central scrutinizer Feb 24 #34
What A Dick! ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #39
I misread the tile for manscaping Polybius Feb 24 #42
Demetri Martin mac56 Feb 24 #46
I don't get the drama around opening and holding doors. Demobrat Feb 24 #52
Same. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 24 #81
This is not about opening doors. SalviaBlue Feb 24 #83
Thank you for the clarification. Demobrat Feb 24 #88
Seems like a subject some people REALLY want to talk about. Even though it has NOTHING Scrivener7 Feb 24 #92
unsolicited advice darbus Feb 24 #56
There are probably times it's okay, if you see someone visibly struggling... Silent3 Feb 24 #68
Not real mansplaining till he spoons up behind her and guides her swing Bucky Feb 24 #67
No, that's assault. llmart Feb 24 #69
Wow, that guy's just a bag of whoosh (empty, stale air in this context). Torchlight Feb 24 #71
Oh! I see where I went wrong! Aussie105 Feb 24 #79
This not about opening doors. SalviaBlue Feb 24 #84
Poor dear. Scrivener7 Feb 24 #93
I see where you went wrong too. johnp3907 Feb 24 #96
Why are they always attractive? Iggo Feb 24 #109
You seem to be the common denominator GenThePerservering Feb 24 #112
I get the same shit at the shooting range vercetti2021 Feb 24 #91
Lordy, this thread! You did it this time, redqueen! You showed a blatant example of stunningly Scrivener7 Feb 24 #94
It is flabbergasting obamanut2012 Feb 25 #167
Classic kcr Feb 26 #207
The killer here is that the solution to this behavior is super simple. Jedi Guy Feb 24 #95
A man needs his chat-up lines. Aussie105 Feb 24 #106
"A man needs his chat-up lines." Jedi Guy Feb 24 #108
No. That's actually not what mansplaining means at all. Scrivener7 Feb 24 #111
No, you're describing a bore. Anybody can be a bore. betsuni Feb 25 #133
That is 100% not what mansplaining is obamanut2012 Feb 25 #135
I'll go a tiny step further. meadowlander Feb 26 #190
Did you hear about the mansplainer who drowned in a puddle? Iggo Feb 24 #105
Ok that's good redqueen Feb 24 #107
Oh good grief Chuuku Davis Feb 25 #123
And there you have it. SHE kept saying NO by indicating non-interest... Hekate Feb 25 #130
Wow obamanut2012 Feb 25 #136
Yes. This is a common approach. And that's why so many Scrivener7 Feb 25 #140
Unbelievable. nt redqueen Feb 25 #141
It's hilarious some people still get touchy about the word mansplaining. betsuni Feb 25 #124
Beautiful, just beautiful Hekate Feb 25 #131
A clear, easy-to-understand example of mansplaining. Like an elephant turd on the carpet. betsuni Feb 25 #132
Thanks for that. redqueen Feb 25 #143
And the one who hijacked the thread and Scrivener7 Feb 25 #144
That subthread infuriated me obamanut2012 Feb 25 #160
You summed it up perfectly. SunSeeker Feb 26 #191
I read that earlier obamanut2012 Feb 25 #159
Yes, but... Tree-Hugger Feb 25 #157
But laughing at mansplaining usually works, too. lindysalsagal Feb 25 #145
Has the male golfing "expert" ever been identified, to see his reaction when he learned who the woman golfer was? TheRickles Feb 25 #146
The ultimate in mansplainin'... lapucelle Feb 25 #176
Omg, I still grind my teeth every time I see that clip. 😆 MerryBlooms Feb 25 #178
In case you've never read the origin story... lapucelle Feb 25 #179
Thanks for refreshing my memory. I have read that piece. MerryBlooms Feb 25 #182
Thanks. I quoted Solnit from her book in an above comment but didn't think to find a link! betsuni Feb 26 #187
Guaranteed trumper. Eliot Rosewater Feb 25 #180
Meh- I've had plenty of men AkFemDem Feb 26 #186
Yes, my comment was off base. You are right. Eliot Rosewater Feb 26 #219
This thread shows us it crosses political lines. Scrivener7 Feb 26 #199
Yes it does, absolutely, as most examples show. betsuni Feb 26 #200
I see that now... Eliot Rosewater Feb 26 #218
Maybe not Tree-Hugger Feb 26 #202
I stand corrected, so far the posts arguing are newbies...maybe they are trumpers...I havent Eliot Rosewater Feb 26 #217
The thing that's funny is he probably thinks he's flirting n/t TexasBushwhacker Feb 25 #181
It looked like dad-splainin to me. ecstatic Feb 25 #183
Dickbag JI7 Feb 26 #196
This thread is a trip. The subthreads, the ridiculous excuses. Wow. n/t ms liberty Feb 26 #201
This thread proves.... Tree-Hugger Feb 26 #203
Whinesplaining on that sub-thread nt GenThePerservering Feb 26 #213
Reading the entire thread kind of validates the original premise a bit in places. Torchlight Feb 26 #216
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