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Weird reading the obituaries and [View all] cilla4progress Feb 24 OP
When you first read the obituaries, you see people your grandparent's age. yagotme Feb 24 #1
My mother said she would read the obituaries and say; he was old, she was old.... and then realize: but I'm older. keithbvadu2 Feb 24 #2
But keep in mind that "you" have been the constant starring back at a changing reflection sanatanadharma Feb 24 #4
Did you write that? keithbvadu2 Feb 24 #11
Yes, I wrote what I likely have heard from many saints sanatanadharma Feb 24 #14
I like it. (You made me look up "effulgent".) ... Always something new to learn. keithbvadu2 Feb 24 #15
I graduated from high school, in 1966, with 53 others. We've lost 16 already. At my 55th. reunion, sinkingfeeling Feb 24 #3
Already lost two or three old boyfriends. calimary Feb 24 #10
No fewer than eight women who I have dated PCIntern Feb 24 #24
Perhaps dating should not be one of your activities Bumbles Feb 25 #37
My wife would tend to agree with you. PCIntern Feb 25 #38
Your class is doing better than average. Old Crank Feb 24 #20
I Get It ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #26
Two friends and an acquaintance were buried in the past week malaise Feb 24 #5
I wake up every morning... GiqueCee Feb 24 #6
Boy, ain't that the truth. calimary Feb 29 #40
Well, I woke up this a.m., and had a phone msg. from an old friend of mine, whom I just chatted w/ the other day. So, SWBTATTReg Feb 24 #7
Whenever I hear of a death on the news PatSeg Feb 24 #8
Had 2 friends pass away in the past 7 months. Fla Dem Feb 24 #9
It's the celebrities sab390 Feb 24 #12
When I got an addendum to my high school class update, I saw that 35 guys out of about 200 had died DFW Feb 24 #13
I guess I wasn't looking closly at the obits, Riverman100 Feb 24 #16
For some reason in my adult life, Mr.Bill Feb 24 #17
Nice thoughts indeed. twodogsbarking Feb 24 #18
my late moms gram hated this time . she was loosing a lot of her frends and relations . AllaN01Bear Feb 24 #19
I know mgardener Feb 24 #21
Perception of time Desert Dog Feb 24 #22
As far as music, no one has replaced the artists of my youth. Boomerproud Feb 25 #31
I'm still coming to terms with two Beatles gone. calimary Feb 29 #41
From My Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went--- Jimmy Driftwood retread Feb 24 #23
Lost relatives and friends lately jumptheshadow Feb 24 #25
I admit to reading the obits of my local papers (free and weekly), first. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 24 #27
When I Rebl2 Feb 24 #28
I buy sympathy cards "in bulk" at Amazon. Recently, I send one or two every month * Oopsie Daisy Feb 25 #29
Name in the obits GAJMac Feb 25 #30
For me it is not so much the 'near age' ones... OldBaldy1701E Feb 25 #32
It is enough for me to have been alive, whatever that is or was. I'm facing the end with a sense of joy. NNadir Feb 25 #33
I'm just happy reading the obits COL Mustard Feb 25 #34
When the age 70 is next to the name, I think "So young to die". appleannie1 Feb 25 #35
Not as weird as reading your own! Wonder Why Feb 25 #36
I dread seeing people that I knew and liked. There have been times that I felt good to have outlived some MF though. twodogsbarking Feb 25 #39
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