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58. Yeah, Reagan didn't finish us off.
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 02:00 PM
Feb 25

This shambling pestilence and his henchpersons would gladly burn the country to the ground if they could profit personally from it.

Yet another “most important election of our lifetime” and “democracy is on the line,” both of which are glaringly true. I hope to live long enough to see elections where the biggest drama is how much better things could get with the next administration.

The repubs will just "Weekend At Bernie's" him...a propped up babbling tool. MiHale Feb 25 #1
I'm convinced that the... Hugin Feb 25 #2
The Ancient King of Babble-On....... lastlib Feb 25 #40
Love it malaise Feb 25 #48
Dementia is too good for him. Shipwack Feb 25 #98
...nah.. thomski64 Feb 26 #110
Like El Cid central scrutinizer Feb 25 #62
Of course, the difference being... Hugin Feb 25 #65
Kind of what they're doing now. paleotn Feb 25 #8
It would seem so PatSeg Feb 25 #18
He's a means to an end for people who think the ends justify any means. paleotn Feb 25 #23
It almost makes me believe all that anti-Christ crap. CrispyQ Feb 25 #35
Ha, ha! PatSeg Feb 25 #55
Word. Spending eternity with these sanctimonious jerkholes is not the selling point they think it is. OMGWTF Feb 25 #60
If i did believe in a literal antichrist, I'd definitely think TSF was the fulfillment of that prophecy. ShazzieB Feb 25 #105
Also the end-timers PatSeg Feb 25 #54
THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DENVERPOPS Feb 25 #70
And the rest of us PatSeg Feb 25 #78
George Carlin said it best: DENVERPOPS Feb 25 #83
And a way to control the masses PatSeg Feb 25 #95
Some one once said: DENVERPOPS Feb 27 #117
Rethugs DGAF. And the dude is essentially a propped up babbling tool now. LymphocyteLover Feb 25 #21
LOVED that BlueMTexpat Feb 25 #30
And the MAGAts would still vote for him Chili Pepper Feb 25 #33
Why not? They did that with Reagan DBoon Feb 25 #106
Ghosts of Ronald Reagan n/t pazzyanne Feb 26 #112
Maybe?............................... Lovie777 Feb 25 #3
I had liver failure in the pool. I'm still hoping but it may be Alzheimer's. Look at interviews from before brewens Feb 25 #4
I recall during McChimp's terms in office --- D.U., every few weeks, a post about him going off his rocker. 3Hotdogs Feb 25 #5
The thing about the boy who cried wolf. Sometimes he's right. paleotn Feb 25 #9
Still waiting for Fitzmas....... Hope22 Feb 25 #32
and an un-redacted Mueller report... Evolve Dammit Feb 25 #82
However, the difference in age is more than 15 years. Wednesdays Feb 25 #67
Trump sounds just as unhinged and confused as he did in 2016. All Mixed Up Feb 25 #93
I didn't say Trump had dementia or alzheimers gab13by13 Feb 25 #104
An expert who has not properly evaluated Trump personally. All Mixed Up Feb 26 #109
No doubt Trump's brain is as fit as it ever was. Torchlight Feb 26 #116
Damn you, would you just stroke out!!! paleotn Feb 25 #6
MAY IT BE SO!!! niyad Feb 25 #10
I wake up and look at the news every morning hoping I'll see that headline.... Diamond_Dog Feb 25 #13
Same here! niyad Feb 25 #15
I believe that he has VGNonly Feb 25 #66
There was that mysterious trip to the hospital late in his term. yardwork Feb 25 #96
My favorite fantasy demise for the orange menace is a fatal lightning strike on the golf course. Dark n Stormy Knight Feb 25 #87
Early stages? More like full blown dementia. Joinfortmill Feb 25 #7
yes, at least mid -level bucolic_frolic Feb 25 #22
Well, they tolerated Reagan.... TNNurse Feb 25 #11
The christofascists just need to get him across the finish line to take over. jmbar2 Feb 25 #12
Let it be, Lord. And make it fast. (nt) Paladin Feb 25 #14
And why isn't MSM showing him slurring his words more often? KS Toronado Feb 25 #16
David Packman shows a fair amount ... LenaBaby61 Feb 25 #59
Don't want Trump to lose his marbles too soon aeromanKC Feb 25 #17
Me, too! Besides dmr Feb 25 #27
Yes. rubbersole Feb 25 #52
↑↑↑ This. ↑↑↑ nt. Wednesdays Feb 25 #68
His MAGA loons are as bad as he is, maybe worse. sop Feb 25 #19
Not to mention calling your wife Mercedes.... Liberal In Texas Feb 25 #20
Yeah, Reagan didn't finish us off. Pinback Feb 25 #58
The most complete analysis of the Previous Guy is Bandy X. Lee's The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump ificandream Feb 25 #24
Remember this? CrispyQ Feb 25 #38
I remember that one! wolfie001 Feb 25 #47
The thing with the filthy-rich Farmer-Rick Feb 25 #25
The audacity of him to tell his cult that if he beat Covid they could too. CrispyQ Feb 25 #41
You really think he'll live to be 97? Wednesdays Feb 25 #69
I smell another legal defense. Kid Berwyn Feb 25 #26
Then he gets locked up in an asylum. sheshe2 Feb 25 #73
Press for debates -- SEVERAL DEBATES! Auggie Feb 25 #28
I'd prefer to hear he's . . . RobertDevereaux Feb 25 #29
Timing is everything Desert Dog Feb 25 #31
Ectopic pregnancy should be part of the Tree Lady Feb 25 #39
Timing is everything .. EmmaLee E Feb 25 #71
Doesn't matter Diraven Feb 25 #34
BS. Rethug talking point. cayugafalls Feb 25 #45
Per Mary Trump, TSF mocked his father as he started succumbing to Alzheimer's disease in last 6 years of life iluvtennis Feb 25 #36
Or if the whole world mocked him. NH Ethylene Feb 25 #42
Twitter link to spread for maximum coverage: Native Feb 25 #37
For the Twitterless ... FakeNoose Feb 25 #46
Early? n/t wryter2000 Feb 25 #43
Or as turdump would say, "Alzahimmerss" cayugafalls Feb 25 #44
Dementia Don LetMyPeopleVote Feb 25 #49
And God bless the United Stesh. Qutzupalotl Feb 25 #50
This question nees to be asked a million times, and then a million more. Create a drumbeat. c-rational Feb 25 #51
I hesitated to post this because I believe in karma, gab13by13 Feb 25 #53
Would it be wrong to make a montage ad of him slurring words? Bayard Feb 25 #56
Meidas Touch has a collection of clips here... Wednesdays Feb 25 #72
This is probably why Nikki Haley keeps hanging on... (nt) Pluvious Feb 25 #57
Maybe not so early. elleng Feb 25 #61
Very Stable Genius JoseBalow Feb 25 #63
He needs to go to assistive living/memory care LeftInTX Feb 25 #64
Kind of "fortunate" that it coincides with 91 indictments. live love laugh Feb 25 #74
"I have the best Alzheimer's anyone has ever had. My doctor told me Wonder Why Feb 25 #75
He's been there for awhile Jilly_in_VA Feb 25 #76
Maybe bdamomma Feb 25 #77
Someone (like Dr. Ronny Feelgood?) should pass it on to TSF that Buns_of_Fire Feb 25 #79
I want this on a bumper sticker: ShazzieB Feb 25 #80
There are online sites that produce bumper stckers Funtatlaguy Feb 26 #108
Please stop it Nasruddin Feb 25 #81
Have a link to back that up? gab13by13 Feb 25 #107
Tell us something we don't know. sakabatou Feb 25 #84
Didn't Fred have dementia? Evolve Dammit Feb 25 #85
Yes. He was diagnosed at the age of 86. All Mixed Up Feb 25 #94
Thanks! Evolve Dammit Feb 26 #115
Early stages?? samplegirl Feb 25 #86
Early stage Alzheimer . . . Aussie105 Feb 25 #88
All the stress must be speeding it up too. Hopefully his brain just becomes overloaded and breaks down. nt Quixote1818 Feb 25 #89
The brain overload and breakdown happened a while back. Aussie105 Feb 25 #90
I really do hate saying this but if true I hope it moves quickly oldsoftie Feb 25 #91
I hope this too BlueKota Feb 25 #97
If you've dealt with someone who suffers from Alzheimer's misanthrope Feb 25 #101
My mom was "getting there"; but was still able to live alone almost till the end oldsoftie Feb 26 #113
Trump has earned no sympathy from me. lpbk2713 Feb 25 #92
Early?!?! evolves Feb 25 #99
They propped up Strom Thurmond... raising2moredems Feb 25 #100
I can't wait until God hits paydirt and we get the final stage. SoFlaBro Feb 25 #102
I don't know anything about dementia, but I was thinking that maybe he's on some heavy anti-anxiety meds. C Moon Feb 25 #103
"Early" stages? I disagree he in advanced stages. W T F Feb 26 #111
Alzheimer disease runs in the Trump family genes. Emile Feb 26 #114
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