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3. Tell them you'll buy it if they take that off.
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 06:10 PM
Feb 25

They'll squawk about it, saying whatever they can think of to get you to think it's mandatory. It's all lies. When you start to walk out, they'll change their tune.

And be sure to reject everything they try to "add on" in the "manager's office." They're all up-sells that you don't want or need and are 100% profit to the dealer.

Never forget that, even if they sell the car for what "they paid for it" (i.e., "dealer invoice," ) they still make a profit from the "holdback" from the manufacturer, usually at least 3%.

Dealers are still doing that? check out of state or look at Certified Pre-Owned Shellback Squid Feb 25 #1
Slightly used like you but maybe a little less mileage! Haha. MLAA Feb 25 #2
Carvana seems to specialize in clouded titles, stolen and flood-recovery cars. PSPS Feb 25 #4
Good to know. Delphinus Feb 25 #13
Thanks, didn't know that! MLAA Feb 26 #53
My brother in law just bought a Kia maxrandb Feb 25 #25
I bought a Kia in 2007 - best car I've ever owned. jmbar2 Feb 25 #33
I am on my third new Kia. I fully agree. The current one has over 100K and has not seen the shop except for a brake Chainfire Feb 26 #52
I've been noticing some really good looking KIAs on the road. MLAA Feb 26 #54
What I like about them is that they just work. Chainfire Feb 26 #56
Loved mine Lurker Deluxe Feb 26 #59
Damn, that's customer service! MLAA Feb 26 #65
I'm going to need a second car in a few years and KIA is now on the list! MLAA Feb 26 #66
Someone sideswiped my car last year, requiring door replacement jmbar2 Feb 26 #60
"Always be ready to walk away". Aristus Feb 26 #67
KIA - depends where you live Jimbo S Feb 26 #69
Tell them you'll buy it if they take that off. PSPS Feb 25 #3
I remember in the 70s car dealers tried to get you to buy the undercoating. Supposedly to keep the car from rusting Liberal In Texas Feb 25 #11
Threaten To Walk.... global1 Feb 25 #18
I have time, so I can look around maxrandb Feb 25 #28
Thats how it used to work when there was an ample supply Zeitghost Feb 25 #39
I'm going tomorrow to turn in my Sentra. Lease is up. CTyankee Feb 25 #5
He traded his PT Cruiser? Wow. There's one in excellent condition in our apartment complex GoneOffShore Feb 26 #47
Lease MotownPgh Feb 26 #57
Ya know, it doesn't look so bad now that I look at my choices. We'll get the newest model which is everything the one we CTyankee Feb 26 #58
Maybe look at a pre-owned vehicle coming off lease but maintained by the dealer... brush Feb 25 #6
Gouging because they can. Old Crank Feb 25 #7
I worked at a Chevrolet dealership in '01. Mr.Bill Feb 25 #8
I have a Camry hybrid, it is great. Now pwb Feb 25 #9
Don't you love the hybrid?? I feel bad for people when gas prices go haywire, but I don't feel it myself. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #12
I gave my 15 year old Civic to my niece. The car served me so well, I priced another one. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #10
"Found a little hybrid Lexus" That's what I'm looking at also. One year old and less than a Prius... mitch96 Feb 25 #19
I brought mine to my mechanic before I bought it. He said, "Either you buy it or I will." Scrivener7 Feb 25 #21
?? UX250?? nt mitch96 Feb 25 #23
No. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #38
Cool little ride but a bit too low for these old bones. I need someting I can get out of easy and the mitch96 Feb 25 #42
Good luck with it! Hope you're as pleased as I have been. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #44
Sounds like we had the same car philosophy. Basic LA Feb 25 #14
I just brought a new Hyundai Sonata hybrid kimbutgar Feb 25 #15
My husband mentioned he spoke with a MOMFUDSKI Feb 25 #16
Back in the good old days, only car dealers were sleazy. PufPuf23 Feb 25 #17
I've been window shopping for a newer vehicle. Niagara Feb 25 #20
If you can afford it just get the new car JI7 Feb 25 #22
No idea why some people are willing to pay it redqueen Feb 25 #24
Have never experienced that...have also never spent more than 20 minutes buying a car... brooklynite Feb 25 #26
Tried with the Costco plan and the dealership said they add on crap to make the money they "lose" with the discount? Freethinker65 Feb 25 #27
I don't know where you live... WarGamer Feb 25 #29
Thanks! Good to know maxrandb Feb 25 #30
We bought a car late last year... WarGamer Feb 25 #32
I've owned 7 cars in my life leftieNanner Feb 25 #31
There are a lot of used and "Certified Pre Owned" cars available TexasBushwhacker Feb 25 #34
I remember that from the eighties Conjuay Feb 25 #35
Don't pay it rwild1967 Feb 25 #36
Yep. Many cars have 6 months to over a year of back inventory. Dealers are trying to fleece as much as possible. TheBlackAdder Feb 25 #45
Yup, except for a few makes and models like the Ford Maverick, plenty of inventory obamanut2012 Feb 26 #70
Ahhhh...the good ol' ADM/ADR A HERETIC I AM Feb 25 #37
Some dealers are still hanging on the "market adjustments" Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #51
Always negotiate out the door price. Happy Hoosier Feb 25 #40
I think the way young people buy cars today is finally going to change that process maxrandb Feb 26 #48
Yeah, I never enjoyed haggeling.... Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #49
My husband just bought JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #41
I used to call them "newsed" cars. Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #50
For me - it's always a new car JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #64
I hope this is the last car I finance.... Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #68
I tend to keep cars for awhile, ten years plus ... cliffside Feb 25 #43
Toyota and Toyota products are off the menu due to JCMach1 Feb 26 #46
Edmunds.com car forums - you can get real time assistance and advice ecstatic Feb 26 #55
Keep in mind the insurance costs. jimfields33 Feb 26 #61
It is like how they used to charge more for Prius in some markets... JT45242 Feb 26 #62
My only suggestion about buying a new or gently used car: Lunabell Feb 26 #63
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