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Dealers are still doing that? check out of state or look at Certified Pre-Owned Shellback Squid Feb 25 #1
Slightly used like you but maybe a little less mileage! Haha. MLAA Feb 25 #2
Carvana seems to specialize in clouded titles, stolen and flood-recovery cars. PSPS Feb 25 #4
Good to know. Delphinus Feb 25 #13
Thanks, didn't know that! MLAA Feb 26 #53
My brother in law just bought a Kia maxrandb Feb 25 #25
I bought a Kia in 2007 - best car I've ever owned. jmbar2 Feb 25 #33
I am on my third new Kia. I fully agree. The current one has over 100K and has not seen the shop except for a brake Chainfire Feb 26 #52
I've been noticing some really good looking KIAs on the road. MLAA Feb 26 #54
What I like about them is that they just work. Chainfire Feb 26 #56
Loved mine Lurker Deluxe Feb 26 #59
Damn, that's customer service! MLAA Feb 26 #65
I'm going to need a second car in a few years and KIA is now on the list! MLAA Feb 26 #66
Someone sideswiped my car last year, requiring door replacement jmbar2 Feb 26 #60
"Always be ready to walk away". Aristus Feb 26 #67
KIA - depends where you live Jimbo S Feb 26 #69
Tell them you'll buy it if they take that off. PSPS Feb 25 #3
I remember in the 70s car dealers tried to get you to buy the undercoating. Supposedly to keep the car from rusting Liberal In Texas Feb 25 #11
Threaten To Walk.... global1 Feb 25 #18
I have time, so I can look around maxrandb Feb 25 #28
Thats how it used to work when there was an ample supply Zeitghost Feb 25 #39
I'm going tomorrow to turn in my Sentra. Lease is up. CTyankee Feb 25 #5
He traded his PT Cruiser? Wow. There's one in excellent condition in our apartment complex GoneOffShore Feb 26 #47
Lease MotownPgh Feb 26 #57
Ya know, it doesn't look so bad now that I look at my choices. We'll get the newest model which is everything the one we CTyankee Feb 26 #58
Maybe look at a pre-owned vehicle coming off lease but maintained by the dealer... brush Feb 25 #6
Gouging because they can. Old Crank Feb 25 #7
I worked at a Chevrolet dealership in '01. Mr.Bill Feb 25 #8
I have a Camry hybrid, it is great. Now pwb Feb 25 #9
Don't you love the hybrid?? I feel bad for people when gas prices go haywire, but I don't feel it myself. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #12
I gave my 15 year old Civic to my niece. The car served me so well, I priced another one. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #10
"Found a little hybrid Lexus" That's what I'm looking at also. One year old and less than a Prius... mitch96 Feb 25 #19
I brought mine to my mechanic before I bought it. He said, "Either you buy it or I will." Scrivener7 Feb 25 #21
?? UX250?? nt mitch96 Feb 25 #23
No. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #38
Cool little ride but a bit too low for these old bones. I need someting I can get out of easy and the mitch96 Feb 25 #42
Good luck with it! Hope you're as pleased as I have been. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #44
Sounds like we had the same car philosophy. Basic LA Feb 25 #14
I just brought a new Hyundai Sonata hybrid kimbutgar Feb 25 #15
My husband mentioned he spoke with a MOMFUDSKI Feb 25 #16
Back in the good old days, only car dealers were sleazy. PufPuf23 Feb 25 #17
I've been window shopping for a newer vehicle. Niagara Feb 25 #20
If you can afford it just get the new car JI7 Feb 25 #22
No idea why some people are willing to pay it redqueen Feb 25 #24
Have never experienced that...have also never spent more than 20 minutes buying a car... brooklynite Feb 25 #26
Tried with the Costco plan and the dealership said they add on crap to make the money they "lose" with the discount? Freethinker65 Feb 25 #27
I don't know where you live... WarGamer Feb 25 #29
Thanks! Good to know maxrandb Feb 25 #30
We bought a car late last year... WarGamer Feb 25 #32
I've owned 7 cars in my life leftieNanner Feb 25 #31
There are a lot of used and "Certified Pre Owned" cars available TexasBushwhacker Feb 25 #34
I remember that from the eighties Conjuay Feb 25 #35
Don't pay it rwild1967 Feb 25 #36
Yep. Many cars have 6 months to over a year of back inventory. Dealers are trying to fleece as much as possible. TheBlackAdder Feb 25 #45
Yup, except for a few makes and models like the Ford Maverick, plenty of inventory obamanut2012 Feb 26 #70
Ahhhh...the good ol' ADM/ADR A HERETIC I AM Feb 25 #37
Some dealers are still hanging on the "market adjustments" Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #51
Always negotiate out the door price. Happy Hoosier Feb 25 #40
I think the way young people buy cars today is finally going to change that process maxrandb Feb 26 #48
Yeah, I never enjoyed haggeling.... Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #49
My husband just bought JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #41
I used to call them "newsed" cars. Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #50
For me - it's always a new car JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #64
I hope this is the last car I finance.... Happy Hoosier Feb 26 #68
I tend to keep cars for awhile, ten years plus ... cliffside Feb 25 #43
Toyota and Toyota products are off the menu due to JCMach1 Feb 26 #46
Edmunds.com car forums - you can get real time assistance and advice ecstatic Feb 26 #55
Keep in mind the insurance costs. jimfields33 Feb 26 #61
It is like how they used to charge more for Prius in some markets... JT45242 Feb 26 #62
My only suggestion about buying a new or gently used car: Lunabell Feb 26 #63
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