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This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Feb 26 #1
So..what to do..shiver in fear about the "what if" or Deuxcents Feb 26 #2
If it's AFU soldiers... give them what they need. WarGamer Feb 26 #3
If that had been the attitude 80 years ago, we'd all be speaking German now. PSPS Feb 27 #9
There was no NATO in WW2... WarGamer Feb 27 #10
Read up on why NATO was created after the war. It was to avoid just what we're witnessing now. PSPS Feb 27 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Feb 27 #13
I don't know if I have ever seen you post a source for all the conservative leaning stats BootinUp Feb 27 #14
I call it factual. WarGamer Feb 27 #15
The problem is you are characterizing BootinUp Feb 27 #16
I think I'd characterize it as... WarGamer Feb 27 #17
So what u are saying is you want to slash BootinUp Feb 27 #19
But Putin has global ambitions NickB79 Feb 27 #26
It's expensive to be the hegemon Dave says Feb 27 #31
Yeah...paying NATO dues and the amount of military expenditures are two different things. BlueGrimmy Feb 27 #21
Ukraine is part of and critical to the future Europe, not to China and N. Korea. brush Feb 27 #29
Yeah, that's not a wise position, IMO. Happy Hoosier Feb 27 #20
We've given an awful lot..... Red Mountain Feb 27 #25
The good thng is all the US weapons are made here...jobs,jobs, jobs. brush Feb 28 #34
China wouldn't waste their resources and I doubt North Korea has many to send ColinC Feb 26 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Feb 26 #6
What does China have to gain? Happy Hoosier Feb 27 #22
Because the threat itself probably stops it from ever happening... WarGamer Feb 27 #23
Foreign fighters already in Russia cbabe Feb 26 #5
that's correct... WarGamer Feb 26 #7
Fun thought for a game Red Mountain Feb 27 #28
It is certainly not a silly thought. Irish_Dem Feb 27 #30
China can't get to Ukraine Red Mountain Feb 27 #32
I am speechless at your response. Irish_Dem Feb 27 #33
Doubtful..... Red Mountain Feb 27 #24
They will still need artillery. I think this is just talk though. nt BootinUp Feb 27 #8
This is likely angrychair Feb 27 #12
Slovak PM talking out his ass: maxsolomon Feb 27 #18
NATO may have no choice if the US drops the ball on funding. Irish_Dem Feb 27 #27
It won't be NATO, but a possibe coalition of European nations as Ukraine is not... brush Feb 28 #35
Yes of course, the US is seen as unreliable and untrustworthy. Irish_Dem Feb 28 #37
Well, it is interesting. EndlessWire Feb 28 #36
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