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70. Joe runs the hospital. He makes it a great place to work.
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 04:17 AM
Feb 27

He has made sure the paramedics are trained up, and have a state of the art defibrillator.
We need executive functionality, for a large organisation. We got "stent men" that are f'n heroes, we need to use them better!

Thank you JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #1
Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to write this. Raven Feb 26 #2
Age is relative. Trump may be physically younger than Biden, but he is mentally far older and far less knowledgeable. Lonestarblue Feb 26 #3
Those fonts of free press gave us G. Bush in 2000. jaxexpat Feb 26 #40
Never underestimate your adversary. Wednesdays Feb 26 #64
Just below that average age, but get it. However, I'm not sure majority of 30, 40, 50 year-olds do. Silent Type Feb 26 #4
That's fine if I'm attending a dinner party Barry Markson Feb 26 #5
How young? KS Toronado Feb 26 #14
Why? snowybirdie Feb 26 #19
They want a Butterflylady Feb 26 #45
The best is what we all want. They needed DeBakey's intellect and guidance. May the Force Be With You. Joinfortmill Feb 26 #28
From your post Barry Markson Feb 26 #39
any post including 'just saying' stopdiggin Feb 26 #41
Good point! ShazzieB Feb 26 #63
*Chortle* NBachers Feb 26 #44
Joe runs the hospital. He makes it a great place to work. Mopar151 Feb 27 #70
The qualities of wisdom and experience BonnieJW Feb 26 #6
Thank you for this thoughtful post Wild blueberry Feb 26 #7
It was remarkable. Thanks! PCIntern Feb 26 #23
Beautifully said karynnj Feb 26 #8
TSF can't hire or retain good staff, because he's a crappy boss. ShazzieB Feb 26 #62
Thank you! niyad Feb 26 #9
Hear, hear! Hekate Feb 26 #10
As I wrote in another post, Bumbles Feb 26 #11
Yes but,... our media needs an exciting horse race where,... magicarpet Feb 26 #12
Thank you! Jean Genie Feb 26 #13
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Feb 26 #15
I hope your dinner companions are now DU readers. :-) TheRickles Feb 26 #16
K&R onecaliberal Feb 26 #17
Thank you for this important post. Paper Roses Feb 26 #18
Age has little to do with mental fitness. littlemissmartypants Feb 26 #20
Thank you for your post on older experts. True Blue American Feb 27 #71
Happy to be the 100th rec AKwannabe Feb 26 #21
As an added bonus!!! Kamala Harris!!! wolfie001 Feb 26 #22
The media has invested in the fantasy that there are two rational choices. hay rick Feb 26 #24
Amen, Doc. And keep on truckin'. Joinfortmill Feb 26 #25
Thank you for sharing wisdom matters for our President. dlk Feb 26 #26
Like everything America is in the process of becoming Marthe48 Feb 26 #27
Many years ago when email was relatively new housecat Feb 26 #29
How old are the Justices of the Supreme Court? applegrove Feb 26 #30
Only 2 of them (Thomas and Alito) are over 70. ShazzieB Feb 26 #59
Thanks. applegrove Feb 26 #66
Yes! And there are many much younger that have problems with both health and their memories. LiberalFighter Feb 26 #31
That is not what Carter says. former9thward Feb 26 #65
Thank you for writing this -- beautifully put! fierywoman Feb 26 #32
I read your first sentence... Trueblue Texan Feb 26 #33
Thanks for this post PC! Quakerfriend Feb 26 #34
A lovely tribute to age's wise brilliance and can-do. But ancianita Feb 26 #35
Perfect!..... KnR...nt MiHale Feb 26 #36
Warren Buffett is 97 SCantiGOP Feb 26 #37
Formidable! Mme. Defarge Feb 26 #38
Thank you. limbicnuminousity Feb 26 #42
Somene should write a book or better yet Prairie_Seagull Feb 26 #43
82 is the new 62, cilla4progress Feb 26 #46
Wonderful (not really correct, not WONDER, but FULL of fine and good things!) elleng Feb 26 #47
I very much appreciate this post Mira Feb 26 #48
Exactly. My husband is 81 and just had ... Chalco Feb 26 #49
Love it! PCIntern Feb 26 #50
Or at least, at the very least. SarahD Feb 26 #51
I could not agree more! Yes, YES, and YES AGAIN!!! calimary Feb 26 #52
Great post. Totally agree. I grew up with Depression ERA, WWII parents. Never forget. Evolve Dammit Feb 26 #53
I as well... PCIntern Feb 26 #54
And the stark difference between now and then; they came together for the common good. nt Evolve Dammit Feb 26 #61
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story, and man, I want to go to your parties!! Ha ha heh. SWBTATTReg Feb 26 #55
Democracy or Dictatorship. That's what's on the menu for 2024. TigressDem Feb 26 #56
Need a Constitutional Amend to Give Biden a third term. Edwcraig Feb 26 #57
I truly wish DENVERPOPS Feb 26 #58
I used to have on file a meme soldierant Feb 26 #60
Joe is too old. I am 71 and I am too old. I worked in a high stress high intensity cardiology lab for many years. I know Handler Feb 26 #67
Thank you, PCIntern wendyb-NC Feb 27 #68
As promised... soldierant Feb 27 #69
Yep, I'm currently visiting a couple and the husband is 89! He taught sinkingfeeling Feb 27 #72
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