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Silent Type

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14. Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely the case will occur before election. It was unlikely even before this distraction.
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 06:05 PM
Feb 27

trump is still likely guilty. But considering this is a big case, the distraction shouldn't have happened.

Now that it has and the judge didn't handle it in chambers weeks ago, there is a real question whether trump will ever go to trial in Georgia. This should have been a slamdunk because we have trump on tape. But now it's a mess.

MAGA hates black people. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #1
And TSF said that's okay central scrutinizer Feb 27 #10
I gotta tell you, DENVERPOPS Feb 27 #35
People of color have much on the line this coming November. SoFlaBro Feb 28 #53
If Trump gets elected, I'm leaving anyway. God help us. flying_wahini Feb 28 #60
If we didn't have great kids and grandkids DENVERPOPS Feb 28 #61
Seems like the white folk want to be entertained by the DURHAM D Feb 27 #2
Absolutely cilla4progress Feb 27 #37
.. Cha Feb 27 #3
That dude needs to make up his mind MustLoveBeagles Feb 27 #6
Perhaps he's holding out for incentive$ peppertree Feb 27 #23
My take dweller Feb 27 #4
It really is disgusting! Judge will be reviewing Quakerfriend Feb 27 #5
Lied about what? MustLoveBeagles Feb 27 #7
It was reported yesterday that Wade had visited Quakerfriend Feb 27 #17
All the phone records show is that his cell phone ms liberty Feb 27 #20
Good to know. Thank u! n/t Quakerfriend Feb 27 #31
Need to be more accurate kwijybo Feb 28 #55
She wasn't even at home for several of those "times" and can prove that she was out of state and at a conference. onecaliberal Feb 27 #39
I'm pretty sure the court's law clerks are reviewing them now .................................... Lovie777 Feb 27 #8
Lied about what? Zero proodf of a lie obamanut2012 Feb 27 #12
As I understand it, maybe, the phone records do not Ninga Feb 27 #13
Not so fast. oldmanlynn Feb 28 #51
Weisman just said the judge is inexperienced MOMFUDSKI Feb 27 #9
I've never had a good feeling about this judge. triron Feb 27 #15
Sounds like Weissman is changing his tune? cilla4progress Feb 27 #38
He should have ruled last week that, worst case scenario, they took a couple vacations together Hassin Bin Sober Feb 27 #43
Fani isn't going anywhere gab13by13 Feb 27 #11
Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely the case will occur before election. It was unlikely even before this distraction. Silent Type Feb 27 #14
THIS malaise Feb 27 #16
I disagree 100% with racial aspect. This is strictly a matter of a maniac and his high paid lawyers using any tactic Wonder Why Feb 27 #18
"Trash"? What kind of trash are you talking about? Biophilic Feb 27 #25
Right? LuvLoogie Feb 27 #30
When someone says "trash" I immediately want more information. It's all sleazy and slimmy. Biophilic Feb 27 #34
Trump has attacked Smith, the white judges, everyone. Paxton is not a Trump target, not because Wonder Why Feb 27 #45
You think this is admissible? dpibel Feb 27 #50
As I have said elsewhere moniss Feb 28 #52
When Trump's lawyers try to use it to get him off, the judge, unfortunatelt, has to cross every "t" Wonder Why Feb 28 #58
Believe me the black people living in those moniss Feb 28 #59
Lighten up, Francis. LuvLoogie Feb 27 #26
No. ShazzieB Feb 27 #32
My way of thinking, The judge has to be shown 100% proof of wrongdoing. bluestarone Feb 27 #19
my take also et tu Feb 27 #21
Yeah... i think we'll get the results we want out of this Chakaconcarne Feb 27 #28
It is a preponderance of evidence in a hearing like this MichMan Feb 27 #29
If indeed Fani and Wade lied under oath, it's escalating into a criminal matter. Tickle Feb 27 #33
Sorry. Kingofalldems Feb 27 #47
Gee--is speculating considered evidence? Kingofalldems Feb 27 #48
I'm attempting to explain that 100% proof is not the legal standing in a hearing like this. MichMan Feb 28 #56
The Georgia nut show in a shitshell. calimary Feb 27 #22
Just more of Donny managing to duck and dodge birdographer Feb 27 #24
JFC, this is STILL going on? ShazzieB Feb 27 #27
Thats what I heard cilla4progress Feb 27 #36
Unfortunately, most of the people I know that vote for trump use racism and/or bigotry as their first reason SouthernDem4ever Feb 27 #40
K&R orangecrush Feb 27 #41
God Damn! GAJMac Feb 27 #42
Federal troops need to march through the MAGAt half of Georgia, AGAIN.... DemocraticPatriot Feb 27 #44
ANYTHING to delay by diaper donnie. pansypoo53219 Feb 27 #46
who said that? Amaryllis Feb 27 #49
Not about Race shwanrob Feb 28 #54
Sounds serious. Torchlight Feb 28 #57
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