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Tom of Temecula

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Wed Feb 28, 2024, 10:19 AM Feb 28

Boebert post on 'Biden Crime Family' comes back to haunt her when son arrested hours later [View all]

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) accused President Joe Biden of running a "crime family" mere hours before her own son was arrested on a multitude of charges. Writing on Twitter on Tuesday, Boebert declared that "the Biden Crime Family will go down as the most corrupt political family in American history."

Shortly afterward, her 18-year-old son Tyler Boebert was arrested and charged with four counts of criminal possession of a financial device, four counts of criminal possession of ID documents, and a count of conspiracy to commit a felony. Many of Boebert's Twitter followers were quick to pounce on her attack on Biden after news of her son's arrest began to spread.

"I guess Lauren Boebert posted this before the police station called her to come bail out her son," wrote one follower. "She put this out on the same day her 18 year old son was arrested and charged with 20 plus criminal acts (again)," commented another. "But do go on, Congresswoman." Another follower commented that Boebert's post on the "Biden Crime Family" "aged like a bowl of milk on a Death Valley trailer roof."

Boebert's personal life has been under the microscope over the last several months after she was ejected from a Denver performance of the "Beetlejuice" musical for vaping and groping her date in the theater.


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She really is quite a piece of work. ificandream Feb 28 #1
As is her family, too. LakeArenal Feb 28 #2
Yes, it is long past time for Colorado voters to wheel that trash out to the curb. Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 28 #13
Maybe if she spent more time worrying about her son and his behavior. And less time....... usaf-vet Feb 28 #38
She sure is! A real class act. calimary Feb 28 #44
I guess it's fortunate it wasn't armed robbery? tanyev Feb 28 #3
That photo. limbicnuminousity Feb 28 #5
2nd oldest son looks to be contemplating action to take out the oldest Attilatheblond Feb 28 #28
The next three boys might follow in the eldest's footsteps and start a family car theft ring. sop Feb 28 #23
Seems like another group of GOPper kids that like to play toy soldier 4lbs Feb 28 #34
It ain't like that at all jmowreader Feb 28 #37
Is that Boebert or... Boob-Ert? 4lbs Feb 28 #39
The modern Ma Barker ornotna Feb 28 #43
Sometimes the stars align limbicnuminousity Feb 28 #4
Maybe he bought her lunch with some of his ill gotten gains? Gotta be a charge in that for her. Please?!?!?!?! dutch777 Feb 28 #6
I predict a future stint on OnlyFans for Boebert. Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 28 #16
"criminal possession of a financial device"? Stolen checkbook? Something else? n/t FSogol Feb 28 #7
My guess: unblock Feb 28 #9
OOOOOOoooooooh...bet that's it. Trashy little bastid. nolabear Feb 28 #33
Is a credit card a "financial device"? TheRickles Feb 28 #15
Yes. n/t Harker Feb 28 #24
Well a card skimmer certainly would be unblock Feb 28 #40
Probably credit or debit cards appleannie1 Feb 28 #35
Credit cards and debit cards are "financial devices" whopis01 Feb 29 #55
Whose cars were being knocked off? bucolic_frolic Feb 28 #8
Something about . . . AverageOldGuy Feb 28 #10
Bimbo Barbie needs to get her trailer in order. SoFlaBro Feb 28 #11
i hate you , u hate me , were a dysfunctional family. shot in the dark and on the floor lies a purple diansor. AllaN01Bear Feb 28 #12
Ooohh.. baaahahahahaaaaa Oh, dear! electric_blue68 Feb 29 #49
Is this the same son who made her a grandma? hauckeye Feb 28 #14
Yes and she's got three more waiting in the wings for Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 28 #20
My question too Rebl2 Feb 28 #21
I'd recommend she finds a new job where WA-03 Democrat Feb 28 #17
FlawedStory is a poor source, orthoclad Feb 28 #18
Gone soon...yes karma is real PortTack Feb 28 #19
I feel bad for the kid. He is totally unprepared for life in the real world. I hope he gets rehabilitated. Midnight Writer Feb 28 #22
His father abused him Farmer-Rick Feb 28 #27
Oh... well, that's disgusting! Sometimes people can go either way... electric_blue68 Feb 29 #50
So true Farmer-Rick Feb 29 #56
He IS the one... BigOleDummy Feb 28 #25
Is it the one who was beaten by his dad, and then coerced by mom to lie to police about the abuse? 58Sunliner Feb 28 #26
Reminds me of the Sarah Palin family... walkingman Feb 28 #29
Does her kid have a laptop? Comer, where are you when we need you? Wonder Why Feb 28 #30
Here is the tweet from Dipsy Barbie ... aggiesal Feb 28 #31
Children learn basics from their parents behavior more than their words. appleannie1 Feb 28 #32
Grandma Lauren SpankMe Feb 28 #36
Do we need to start up a hashtag for the Boebert crime family? lastlib Feb 28 #41
Isn't the trump family somewhat corrupt? mwb970 Feb 28 #42
EVERYTHING is the most corrupt, worst... GenThePerservering Feb 28 #45
Boebert Crime Family struggle4progress Feb 28 #46
"I keep getting Lauren Boebert and Lorena Bobbitt mixed up. sop Feb 28 #47
Baaahahahahaaaaa* electric_blue68 Feb 29 #48
Ah, yes.... ShazzieB Feb 29 #51
Honestly, it's getting more and more difficult TlalocW Feb 29 #52
I commented on her tweet underpants Feb 29 #53
Raise your hand if you have sexually fondled your date in a public theater with children present. keithbvadu2 Feb 29 #54
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