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Lock up this lunatic malaise Mar 2 #1
The tweet is fake, per a Reuter's fact check last November. pnwmom Mar 2 #55
Good malaise Mar 2 #61
Is this for real?? Ocelot II Mar 2 #2
Sure looks like it Fiendish Thingy Mar 2 #6
I wonder what else is going on that we don't know about. Ocelot II Mar 2 #11
At this point, he probably doesn't see a need for threats Fiendish Thingy Mar 2 #33
Told my Rebl2 Mar 2 #36
I don't know that it exactly meets the threshold of an outright bribe, but it's certainly Texin Mar 2 #31
It's fake. TwilightZone Mar 2 #68
The article you posted is from last November whopis01 Mar 2 #69
They just faked the date and reposted it. TwilightZone Mar 2 #71
Yep. I should have read the whole article you posted. whopis01 Mar 2 #73
I figured that was coming Bayard Mar 2 #3
Funny, I had that on Give Peace A Chance Mar 2 #26
What was the ruling? edhopper Mar 2 #4
She hasn't ruled yet. StarryNite Mar 2 #45
It's the wisdom of King Solomon and he came after David. tanyev Mar 2 #5
He invoked David because that's who MAGAts use intrepidity Mar 2 #27
Wouldn't it be something if someone got a picture of her at Mar a Lago with him? kimbutgar Mar 2 #7
Or found celltower pings of either one of their phones in the other's nieghborhood? Think. Again. Mar 2 #58
We are so fucked. bluestarone Mar 2 #8
Yep, he'll get away with it Beachnutt Mar 2 #28
Aw, yes, her master's voice. republianmushroom Mar 2 #9
That statement does not generate a requirement for Loose Cannon RockRaven Mar 2 #10
It wouldn't work with Chutkan because she *hasn't* ruled in his favor Ocelot II Mar 2 #12
Because it woyld be an edhopper Mar 2 #13
Is this like loaning you the money for an RV and later, cancel the loan payoff ? republianmushroom Mar 2 #14
Luxury Motor Home! SergeStorms Mar 2 #40
Good christ 3auld6phart Mar 2 #15
Methinks it's a fake. ificandream Mar 2 #16
Hard to know any more but ought to be looked into. Ocelot II Mar 2 #20
Fake. I checked. brooklynite Mar 2 #24
Thanks. I would have done so myself but I don't have accounts Ocelot II Mar 2 #32
Mentioning anything from the bible.... SergeStorms Mar 2 #41
He's never read the Bible, but he is tight with Dominionists who believe TSF is their god's gift Hekate Mar 2 #53
and his dad et tu Mar 2 #64
TY for checking. If this is for real I'm gonna lose my lunch. If it's fake, Musk's hobby really needs to be shut down. Hekate Mar 2 #50
I don't think it even came from Twitter/X. femmedem Mar 2 #57
Anything she does or says is tainted from this point forward bucolic_frolic Mar 2 #17
Because someone posted a fake tweet? MichMan Mar 2 #74
Didn't know it as fake when I commented. /nt bucolic_frolic Mar 2 #75
Get thee to the 11th Circuit C_U_L8R Mar 2 #18
THIS malaise Mar 2 #19
Fortunately or unfortunately, this is looking like a fake C_U_L8R Mar 2 #22
He still disgusts me malaise Mar 2 #25
What a desperate sick fuck. spanone Mar 2 #21
This is fake. brooklynite Mar 2 #23
I had to wonder if even TFG could have been *that* stupid. Ocelot II Mar 2 #29
You Really Think Someone Would Do That? JoseBalow Mar 2 #30
There was a give-away C_U_L8R Mar 2 #34
That we even think he would say something like this StarryNite Mar 2 #48
Misinformation or Disinformation... WarGamer Mar 2 #49
darn I was hoping it was real..but I would have had so many breaking news beeps.. samnsara Mar 2 #35
To end this whole charade the tape of Steve rainy Mar 2 #37
Shocking stupidity. But ... dchill Mar 2 #38
He wouldn't remake the courts...he would do away with them! PortTack Mar 2 #39
Not True! Raggaemon Mar 2 #42
Recommended. H2O Man Mar 2 #43
It seems to be fake. See the other posts in the thread. Ocelot II Mar 2 #44
i hope this sicko looses by 100000000000 votes . AllaN01Bear Mar 2 #46
Cannon has to be thinking "would you shut the fuck up? I'm doing everything I can to help you. don't give anyone Takket Mar 2 #47
Obviously FAKE... WarGamer Mar 2 #51
Please take this down. It's a fake, per a Reuter's fact check last November. pnwmom Mar 2 #52
Yes, please Hekate Mar 2 #54
... pnwmom Mar 2 #56
🪷 Hekate Mar 2 #60
We should get it by now. It doesn't matter what Trump says or does...he has Presidential immunity. Chainfire Mar 2 #59
Turns out it's from a fake account. Elessar Zappa Mar 2 #66
Fuck off and die you fat piece of shit Blue Owl Mar 2 #62
Please self-delete the fake. Post-and-run strikes again: OP has not responded to any of this Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2 #63
It's another fake. Not that the asshole wouldn't bribe a judge. He would. CousinIT Mar 2 #65
Please spend two minutes checking into things like this before posting. TwilightZone Mar 2 #67
Yea FAKE BUT bluestarone Mar 2 #70
Bag of stale chips DoBW Mar 2 #72
I KNEW IT!!!!! calimary Mar 2 #76
Good Luck flying-skeleton Mar 3 #77
This is a fake canetoad Mar 3 #78
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