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Trump sure knows how to build a coalition PJMcK Mar 3 #1
A great Trumpian strategy for solidifying LDS support Zambero Mar 3 #7
Complete takeover. What will critical thinking Conservatives do? They should all be out campaigning and voting for Biden Freethinker65 Mar 3 #2
Isn't critical thinking conservatives a tad bit oxymoronic? GreenWave Mar 3 #3
True Tom of Temecula Mar 3 #6
It wasn't. Freethinker65 Mar 3 #10
Moronic for sure chicoescuela Mar 3 #21
They will vote for Trump and put up with his nonsense because.... Yavin4 Mar 3 #18
And pwn teh libs durablend Mar 3 #20
The purging of Rona Romney McDaniel no_hypocrisy Mar 3 #4
Which is strange because she supported Trump and was right of Mitt. marble falls Mar 3 #15
And Americans are getting rid of the the "republican" party. onecaliberal Mar 3 #5
Why don't they just call it the Whig Party? Norbert Mar 3 #8
There is no republican party anymore, Donald only the MAGA party. Republicans need to reclaim their name RKP5637 Mar 3 #9
he did that years ago mucifer Mar 3 #11
This is fascinating. I've never seen a campaign - for *any* office - that Buns_of_Fire Mar 3 #12
They earned this malaise Mar 3 #13
Who's running in the GOP general election ... marble falls Mar 3 #14
The hijacking of the Republican Party's infrastructure is almost complete. CrispyQ Mar 3 #16
I thought the whole purpose of political campaigns Ocelot II Mar 3 #17
There's a serious danger that Trump's MAGA flying monkeys might literally do away with the Romneys. Mister Ed Mar 3 #19
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