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Mister Ed

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19. There's a serious danger that Trump's MAGA flying monkeys might literally do away with the Romneys.
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 11:16 AM
Mar 3

Mitt has said that he's been spending thousands of dollars per day for security for himself and his family these past few years, ever since he voted in the Senate to convict Trump on one of his impeachment charges.

Trump sure knows how to build a coalition PJMcK Mar 3 #1
A great Trumpian strategy for solidifying LDS support Zambero Mar 3 #7
Complete takeover. What will critical thinking Conservatives do? They should all be out campaigning and voting for Biden Freethinker65 Mar 3 #2
Isn't critical thinking conservatives a tad bit oxymoronic? GreenWave Mar 3 #3
True Tom of Temecula Mar 3 #6
It wasn't. Freethinker65 Mar 3 #10
Moronic for sure chicoescuela Mar 3 #21
They will vote for Trump and put up with his nonsense because.... Yavin4 Mar 3 #18
And pwn teh libs durablend Mar 3 #20
The purging of Rona Romney McDaniel no_hypocrisy Mar 3 #4
Which is strange because she supported Trump and was right of Mitt. marble falls Mar 3 #15
And Americans are getting rid of the the "republican" party. onecaliberal Mar 3 #5
Why don't they just call it the Whig Party? Norbert Mar 3 #8
There is no republican party anymore, Donald only the MAGA party. Republicans need to reclaim their name RKP5637 Mar 3 #9
he did that years ago mucifer Mar 3 #11
This is fascinating. I've never seen a campaign - for *any* office - that Buns_of_Fire Mar 3 #12
They earned this malaise Mar 3 #13
Who's running in the GOP general election ... marble falls Mar 3 #14
The hijacking of the Republican Party's infrastructure is almost complete. CrispyQ Mar 3 #16
I thought the whole purpose of political campaigns Ocelot II Mar 3 #17
There's a serious danger that Trump's MAGA flying monkeys might literally do away with the Romneys. Mister Ed Mar 3 #19
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