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Sun Mar 3, 2024, 05:41 PM Mar 3

Democrats Should Go on the Offensive Against the Supreme Court - The Rude Pundit [View all]

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Last week, the Supreme Court not only decided to hear Trump's appeal of the ironclad, unanimous ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals that "no, you motherfucker, you're not fucking immune from crimes because you were president, what fucking bullshit is that, get the fuck out of our court, fuck" or words to that effect, while legal scholars across the political spectrum agreed, adding "Go fuck yourself. You're not a king." But the high court took over two weeks to make that decision and, instead of saying, "We know both sides are ready to go. Let's do this," set the week April 22 as when they'll hear the case. Then it might not rule until some fuckin' time in June.

It was such obvious election interference in Trump's favor that you almost have to respect how blatant the whole thing was, like a coordinated effort to bring a dictatorship into being. They are doing everything they can to push the January 6 case back as far as possible, to after the election, if they can, because they've put a hold on the case progressing until they rule. It's fucked beyond fucked, and I'm kind of pissed that liberal Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson didn't at least issue a dissent, if not spill all the tea about what the hell is going on.

So, fuck it. The Judiciary is co-equal, right? Democratic leaders should act like it and go on the attack. They should call into question the ethics of all of the conservatives, especially that dick Clarence Thomas, whose wife was literally coordinating with people during the insurrection. They should demand an explanation for why the case was taken, since none was given. They should organize protests and behave like the court has gone rogue because the court has fucking well gone rogue against democracy. (Although, for fuck's sake, don't show up at their houses or SWAT them. Just fucking don't.)



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There's very little doubt in my mind that BlueKota Mar 3 #1
Totally agree, GigiLeigh! BComplex Mar 3 #2
Chicken Supremes peppertree Mar 3 #3
Garnish with Coke Can Clarence's pubes. rubbersole Mar 3 #4
Of course - I forgot refreshments peppertree Mar 3 #9
No matter what Republicans say markodochartaigh Mar 3 #14
Banana Republicans peppertree Mar 4 #28
"We had some big pukers." Brian's frat beach rental buds. SCOTUS is not credible. Evolve Dammit Mar 3 #21
These people are like something out of the Roman Empire peppertree Mar 4 #29
Long Dong Silver. Evolve Dammit Mar 3 #19
Corrupt treason porn. rubbersole Mar 3 #23
part of Anita Hill's testimony. Evolve Dammit Mar 4 #33
I see no immediate solution to the Supreme Court problem. Those chickens have gone home to roost. Chainfire Mar 3 #5
it'd b great to get a big enough house majority to impeach that motherfucker. mopinko Mar 4 #30
Time to picket outside the Supreme Court KS Toronado Mar 3 #6
Degree Absolute Kid Berwyn Mar 3 #7
Yep, they've let themselves be corrupted -- not caring what pubic harm ensues, or what the optics of its delay are. ancianita Mar 3 #8
13 at a minimum. On January 20th after the blue tsunami. rubbersole Mar 3 #12
Works for me. ancianita Mar 3 #13
It's the Subversive, Corrupt Court of the United States. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 3 #10
Consider all legal ideas to change the political composition of scotus. NowsTheTime Mar 3 #11
Since we have control of the Senate, appoint and ratify X numbers of new Supreme Court Justices. SWBTATTReg Mar 4 #32
No. brooklynite Mar 3 #15
Advocating a free pass? Evolve Dammit Mar 3 #22
Advocating an effective campaign strategy brooklynite Mar 3 #25
Maybe someone in the building will leak the Supreme Court's decision, like they did before the Dobbs case. sop Mar 3 #16
Yes, that would make a lot more sense than picketing Jill Biden. nt SunSeeker Mar 3 #17
Kick dalton99a Mar 3 #18
It seems there is a cabal orangecrush Mar 3 #20
Nixon Must Be Turning Over In His Grave DallasNE Mar 3 #24
Which attorney did Smith unsuccessfully try to subpoena? onenote Mar 3 #26
See excellent article/polemic by Elie Mystal on the same topic 4dog Mar 3 #27
The Conservative 6, not the more sensible Progressive 3. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 4 #31
Add more Liberal justices - make it a court of 13 and appoint 4 more liberals to the court onetexan Mar 4 #34
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