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2. Critics said the formula artificially inflated charter schools' performance for political reasons.
Sat Nov 24, 2012, 11:23 AM
Nov 2012

Or was that for profit reasons? Silly me - same difference!

That's what Rhode Island does and it works well. nt hack89 Nov 2012 #1
Critics said the formula artificially inflated charter schools' performance for political reasons. summerschild Nov 2012 #2
Philadelphia charters have been extremely corrupt Patiod Nov 2012 #5
It's just a matter of time until your Philadelphia story begins to unfold here. summerschild Nov 2012 #12
You need to send those vibes our way.... Wounded Bear Nov 2012 #3
Oh ya... SoapBox Nov 2012 #8
villagarosa (sp?) is definitely in their pockets. HiPointDem Nov 2012 #19
+1 HiPointDem Nov 2012 #18
lmao. lmao Baitball Blogger Nov 2012 #4
That is the unfairness of the charter school system silhouete2 Nov 2012 #6
If student success truly were the charter system's intent this wouldn't even be a story. Ed Suspicious Nov 2012 #7
QFT........nt Wounded Bear Nov 2012 #14
k&r Starry Messenger Nov 2012 #9
Parochial and private schools are still exempt. Just sayin'. WinkyDink Nov 2012 #10
Since they aren't funded by tax dollars proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #11
Voucher schemes sulphurdunn Nov 2012 #15
True proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #16
Here is another nuance that is involved in all of this.... Klukie Nov 2012 #24
Here is a link that lists the "underperforming" public schools Klukie Nov 2012 #25
Yes they lose funding when kids go elsewhere proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #26
Kind of figured that...Corbett needs to go! Klukie Nov 2012 #27
That's okay with me because they don't take public funding. FourScore Nov 2012 #13
they do get public funding gristy Nov 2012 #20
I am saying PRIVATE schools don't get public funding. Of course charter schools get it. n/t FourScore Nov 2012 #28
Sure, maybe...UNTIL VOUCHERS COME TO TOWN! n/t savebigbird Nov 2012 #22
K&R! hrmjustin Nov 2012 #17
BREAKING: Feds Set Higher Standards for Charter Schools in PA RomneyLies Nov 2012 #21
Good work by the feds. They want the money, they have to be regulated. Eliminate the cronyism. freshwest Nov 2012 #23
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