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12. It's just a matter of time until your Philadelphia story begins to unfold here.
Sat Nov 24, 2012, 01:00 PM
Nov 2012

The first jack-out-of-the-box here, the former mayor (who lost re-election just before the posse was let lose) announced he was applying for 90+ charter school licenses. He had been heavily implicated in dozens of nefarious "deals" during his too many years in office. Tried his best to cut a deal to sell our utility company, profited from real estate sales made possible by rezonings and city redevelopment plans..... it went on and on.....

So he was just among the first to smell the money and jump in.... I think he wound up with several licenses but not the huge number he intended to.

I've no doubt there's a substantial number of other crooks we just don't know about yet, but I've no doubt his will surface as problems soon. It's that old "leopards and their spots" thing.

Help me remember. Did we really have a problem with teachers before Bush's No Child Left Behind? Seems that's when teachers and their unions became demons as the Republicans created a problem to sell their "fix".

I'm just afraid a large number of our citizenry doesn't understand how vital public education is to this nation.

That's what Rhode Island does and it works well. nt hack89 Nov 2012 #1
Critics said the formula artificially inflated charter schools' performance for political reasons. summerschild Nov 2012 #2
Philadelphia charters have been extremely corrupt Patiod Nov 2012 #5
It's just a matter of time until your Philadelphia story begins to unfold here. summerschild Nov 2012 #12
You need to send those vibes our way.... Wounded Bear Nov 2012 #3
Oh ya... SoapBox Nov 2012 #8
villagarosa (sp?) is definitely in their pockets. HiPointDem Nov 2012 #19
+1 HiPointDem Nov 2012 #18
lmao. lmao Baitball Blogger Nov 2012 #4
That is the unfairness of the charter school system silhouete2 Nov 2012 #6
If student success truly were the charter system's intent this wouldn't even be a story. Ed Suspicious Nov 2012 #7
QFT........nt Wounded Bear Nov 2012 #14
k&r Starry Messenger Nov 2012 #9
Parochial and private schools are still exempt. Just sayin'. WinkyDink Nov 2012 #10
Since they aren't funded by tax dollars proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #11
Voucher schemes sulphurdunn Nov 2012 #15
True proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #16
Here is another nuance that is involved in all of this.... Klukie Nov 2012 #24
Here is a link that lists the "underperforming" public schools Klukie Nov 2012 #25
Yes they lose funding when kids go elsewhere proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #26
Kind of figured that...Corbett needs to go! Klukie Nov 2012 #27
That's okay with me because they don't take public funding. FourScore Nov 2012 #13
they do get public funding gristy Nov 2012 #20
I am saying PRIVATE schools don't get public funding. Of course charter schools get it. n/t FourScore Nov 2012 #28
Sure, maybe...UNTIL VOUCHERS COME TO TOWN! n/t savebigbird Nov 2012 #22
K&R! hrmjustin Nov 2012 #17
BREAKING: Feds Set Higher Standards for Charter Schools in PA RomneyLies Nov 2012 #21
Good work by the feds. They want the money, they have to be regulated. Eliminate the cronyism. freshwest Nov 2012 #23
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